by Old_Anime_Lady, March 10, 2021

The 2013 Chinese drama Hot Mom will get a Japanese remake starring Nishino Nanase  (formerly of Nogizaka46 )
and Chiba Yudai .  

Featuring three episodes delivered weekly from March 19th, it will have 12 episodes total. It was announced that the drama series will be exclusively distributed on Amazon Prime Video. 

Hot Mom, which was broadcast in China in 2013 and caused a social phenomenon, was remade into the Japanese version as a joint project between Japan and China. It will be distributed on the Chinese distribution platform bilibili at the same time as Japan.

The main character Natsuki Matsuura, works in the women's division of the apparel company Avril and dreams of becoming a world-class fashion director. One day, Natsuki is suddenly told to move to a new baby department led by Toko Kijima, a great influencer in the fashion industry. Around the same time, she reunites with her college classmate Motoya Mimura, and they have a good time together overnight. A few months later, she discovers that she's pregnant.   

Nishino, who plays Natsuki, and Chiba, who played Motoya, were challenged by their roles in this drama. 

Nishino said, 

"When I first read the script, I couldn't imagine myself playing a woman named Natsuki. However, after I started shooting, I rushed toward my dream of work, and even got pregnant, married, gave birth and raised children. I think I was able to create Natsuki, who works hard, together with the staff. ",

Chiba said,

I was very happy to be able to play the role of dad, and when I actually held my child in my hands, I remembered feelings I had never experienced before. I think that there are various forms of human relationships, but I hope that you can see how you live as an option through this work. It may be unreasonable, but one day I may think that this choice was right, and I feel that I have learned the importance of seriously dealing with the people and things in front of me. Please take a look.

In addition, Yuka Itaya plays Toko, a talented boss, while Ryosuke Mikata plays Natsuki's ex-girlfriend Kojiro, Mayu Yokota and Toshihisa Hagiwara are juniors, and Koji Yano also appears in the drama. Ryo Miyawaki of the TV drama "First Class" and Hitomi Kitagawa of "Cheet ~ Scammers, please be careful ~" are directing, and Rie Yokota, Keiko Kanome, and Akihiko Takaishi are in charge of the script. The theme song was decided to be "ever after" sung by Aimer .

Hot Mom (2021)

Amazon Prime Video
March 19, 2021 (Friday) 20:00 1 to 3 episodes
March 26, 2021 (Friday) 20:00 4 to 6 episodes
April 2, 2021 (Friday) 20: 00 Episodes
7-9 delivered April 9, 2021 (Friday) 20:00 Episodes 10-12 (final episode)
* 19:00 release in China

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