by Tae, March 4, 2020

A few months ago, I wrote an article on Falling In and Out of Love With Kdramas and was quite surprised by the awesome response I received. In fact, it was truly incredible that so many of you guys had shared your experiences with finding Korean dramas and what they mean to you. 

If you're curious as to know whether I had come out of my slump or regained that love for kdramas, sadly the answer is no. 

This only applies to the new kdramas. It's been 6 months, and I've still yet to find another kdrama that goes to my list of favorites. 

Here's what's funny though. I took a chance and watched a few of my favorite kdramas from the past and would you believe? Those dramas are WORTH EVERYTHING!

I still get those feels that kick you in the face and make you feel mushy on the inside. 

When last have you had this particular moment?

(By the way, I could watch Strong Woman Do Boog Soon a 1000x and still fall head over heels for it)

The newer dramas? Yeah, those ones still feel like homework to me. And this really gets to me because does this mean the feel-worthy dramas are so rare now that you might only get 3  or 5 dramas in a year (if you're lucky) that actually make your list if none at all?

Before I go further, please note that this is purely subjective. What I find interesting, you may or may not and likewise. It all depends on personal preference.

Now, where were we? 

I'm starting to believe that maybe there is much more to just the script or directing. 

What if the two main things that are missing from the new kdramas are chemistry and romance? 

Did someone turn down the heat?

Yeah, I said it!!

Where are the couples with diehard chemistry LIKE THESE TWO?

OR LIKE THESE TWO? Where I previously smacked you the face with the feels from this gif! 

You're welcome ;) ;)

Those scenes when they aren't even doing anything special yet still melt our hearts and get us pumped up with excitement? 

What about those sweet things the characters say or those hate to love relationships that make us root for them to get together even if it doesn't make sense?

(I rewatched Secret the other day and I DIED at this scene - I watched this one countless times) 

To be honest, the newer dramas are just . . . boring. 

I don't have any other word to describe them, but they definitely don't keep my interest anymore. 



I thought to have a romance or shippable moments was part of Korean dramas, but obviously, I missed the new memo.

So, which leads me to say, IT'S NOT ME, it's the dramas. 

I haven't changed, but the dramas have shifted in a new direction. What's up with all the legal dramas? Are we trying to create American series now?

They have now moved on to stories that I just don't relate. 

(There are a few new dramas such as Crash Landing on You, Tale of Nokdu, When the Camellia Blooms, Hotel Del Luna, Angel's Last Mission: Love, and Her Private Life that has chemistry between the characters and the story is great in some way)

Also, I still get my fix of romance from Chinese dramas and sometimes an odd Thai drama if you're up for some crazy drama.

To wrap things up, the chemistry between the actors is just as important as the script. 

Strong couple chemistry can SAVE a bad script (sometimes). 

Maybe there's hope for the future, but we can only wish the Korean drama's makers get their act together and make good dramas again! :D 

And ACTUALLY cast actors that HAVE chemistry rather than sticking two popular people together just because they feel it will bring in the ratings. 

For now, I'll be back to rewatching old kdramas that actually bring me joy rather than wasting 16 - 20 hours on a drama that makes me want to head to bed early! 

Honestly, I'd love to have an experience like this while shipping my OTP's at least once while watching a new korean drama. Is this too much to ask for?

But I suppose it's finally time to get over it, suck it up, and move on. 

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you love the new kdramas or wish we had some of the key elements that made kdramas awesome in the past? 

I'd love to discuss this matter with you guys, so please do leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Take care and thanks for spending a few minutes listening to me rant again about dramas ;)