by Varric T , August 4, 2020

Good day, drama lovers! This is my very first article and, as the title suggests, I'll be exploring the pros and cons of hype culture. 

We're all searching for our next favourite drama, something that makes us feel truly excited. So when there's a new show with a beautiful cast and interesting plot, it's no wonder that hype sometimes builds to stan levels before the first episode has even aired.

Hyping is fun, it creates a true community spirit and brings people together but do the dramas live up to expectations and what are the downsides for the MDL community?

 Let's kick this off with one of the worst parts of hype culture:

If you're hyped but waiting for the drama to finish airing or aren't able to watch the moment an episode is out, the best plan is to lay low and get ready to avoid the feed for 24 hours after every episode, unless you're happy to deal with spoiler induced rage. Just one post, one comment is enough to ruin it.

When people get so excited it's likely they'll get comfortable talking openly about crucial details, posting steamy screenshots, and generally spewing spoilers like they are common knowledge.

*The majority of people have respect and do use the spoiler tag, but slips up do happen.

There's nothing like hype to get you interested in trying something new!

For me, hearing so many people gushing about Memorist made me give it a try. It's not the kind of drama I usually watch so my expectations were still low, but the rich characters, intriguing plot, and satisfying ending made me so thankful for the hype, without that I never would have found this drama or had as much fun as I did watch it.

It's possible to get all wrapped up in the excitement, episode one might be amazing, episode two could blow your mind, but by the halfway point it becomes obvious that this drama isn't anything special. The anticipation for the next episode disappears, and instead, you're left extremely disappointed and complaining about the wasted potential.

When hype creates high standards and expectations, anything less than perfect can feel like a letdown. 

It doesn't happen often, but very occasionally a drama does live up to the hype. It keeps you completely engaged the whole way through and doesn't let you down.

Sometimes it's worth braving the probable disappointment for the rare possibility that you find a masterpiece, or at the very least something you thoroughly enjoy. 

It can happen, but it's still important to try to keep realistic expectations.  

If you're not in on the hype, it can get seriously annoying! If it's filling up your feed for days after every new episode, it can get old, really fast. It can feel like the drama is being shoved in your face, which turns you off completely.

The King: Eternal Monarch is a great example of a drama that, for me, was hyped to death. I was going to watch it when it completed, but by the end of its run, I was just bored of hearing about it.

Also, with a show being so hyped, it's really easy to see when people go from hyping the living hell out of it to dropping it a few weeks later, it makes you question why it's in your PTW.

This one might make all of the cons worth it. I've met some wonderful people here because we happened to be caught in the hype of the same drama. Even if it didn't turn out to be the masterpiece I wanted it to be, I had made some brilliant new friends to commiserate with.

Hype brings people together, MDL might be a place to organize and make lists, but it's also a strong, beautiful community. A little bit of OTT hype adds spice to the feeds and forums, sharing theories, hilarious memes, or just pure thirst can kick off lasting friendships.

♥(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )♥

Well, that's it, folks, my pros and cons to consider when the hype train passes your station.

This was my first article! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments about your experiences with hyped shows.

Edited by: Yuanwei (1st editor), BrightestStar (2nd editor)

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