by YinYang, September 26, 2020

Heyy, it's YinYang (Yin aka KKdrama and Yang aka Joonie)

  • Name: kkdrama
  • Nickname: Yin 
  • Birthday: September 26, 2001 (almost 19 years old)
  • Gender: Female 
  • Height: 1.67 m
  • Nationality: Tunisian
  • Relationship with Yang: Unfortunately my cousin, my little fellow and the person whom I want to support and protect forever 
  • Description:  drama addict, Lee Joon Gi biggest fan, MDL writer,  drama master, 
  • Word that can describe you: Ambitious 
  • Name: joonie 
  • Nickname: Yang 
  • Birthday: June 6, 2003 (17 years old )
  • Gender: Female 
  • Height: 1.68 cm 
  • Nationality: Tunisian
  • Relationship with Yin: Someone who I can talk with freely. She's my best friend before being my cousin. 
  • Description: Kpop fan, I love BTS, I love many groups, I have many oppa crushes, K-drama newbie, MDL writer, I love writing articles. 
  • Word that can describe you: Dreamer  

Now that you all got to know us, let's get started !! Fighting !!

The types of friends you'll have in life (according to K-dramas ...

P.S.: This is just for fun!! No matter what annoying sides each one of us has, we are the inseparable duo <3

How is it like to have a Kpop fan as a friend?

Hey! It's Yin, the drama addict.

Yang aka my cousin and little fellow used to dislike anything related to Kpop but miracles happen and after watching a video of her fav YouTube channel Ti 3leh about Kpop she decided to give it a go (her mom still thinks that I dragged her into Kpop and whenever she sees Yang acting crazy she would say she will never forgive who caused this while looking at me). She was hooked by BTS - DNA and the rest is history LOL. Ever since then, she's obsessed with Kpop. Every day she comes up to me with dreamy eyes talking about her new fav group, that girl is loyal to no one, well except for BTS. And because I used to be a huge fan of Kpop, I recommended to her some groups and songs she can check out. Hopefully, it will feed the newly found Kpop monster living inside of her. I mean that girl would unplug my life support to charge her phone so she could watch BTS.

1. You Have To See This NOW

the same crazy grin when she's showing 
a new MV to me 
Like I mentioned before, I used to be a huge fan of Kpop but not anymore, and because I'm no longer interested in it, this topic became a one-sided discussion between Yang and I. Plus, I'm not the type to listen to new songs or wait for comebacks. But that's not the case with Yang she would wait for the song and watch it the second it's available.
But that's not the problem, Yang would call me (not checking the time before she does), inform me, send me the link and call me after a while to check if I've seen it or not   *facepalm.
And when we meet, she would replay the damn song till my ears bleed while waiting for my reaction, and the only song I hear, all day, will be that one.

If I was to say no, I'm not in the mood or later, we get to see the 2 methods of convincing for Yang:

                                    the baby-Yoda eyes                                         and            the don't-make-me-blow-ur-head move    


And what happens next depends on my reaction and Lord save me if I said I don't like it!! We get to see the 3 facial expressions of Yang before the overprotective fan mode is activated:

                     The shocked face                    >             The offended face             >                  The angry glare face

2. The Overprotective Fan Showing up 

Wanna know what happens after the angry-glare face? The overprotective fan claws out!! 

Well, that was a bit exaggerated, LOL!! Yang may be overprotective of her bias, but she's far from immature and aggressive, and I like that about her. She may get pissed off if I said directly that I don't like the song or MV, but I say it anyway just to piss her off ( ˘ ͜ʖ ˘) I like teasing her cause an angry Yang is what I live for.

Here are some arguments/replies she always uses in this situation:

What did I expect from you, anyway?    

*Yang: judgmental stare                

As if you sing better!!

    *Yang: scoff 

I understand you are too shocked with how good the MV is, you thought you disliked it.


It's my mistake I showed you such a masterpiece, you're tiny 90's brain can't handle this much!!  


      Pin on memes

Maybe if you'll watch it again, you'll like it!!

*Me: here we go again

Why do I even know you?    

*Me: I'm your cousin 


Ofc you don't like it, you're still stuck with the old generation of Kpop and don't you dare say you like old Kpop groups better.  


Maybe you will like this version?    

*Yang: plays Mic Drop remix, Mic Drop MAMA ver., Mic drop dance ver, Mic Drop Japanese ver, ..

*Me: Please No GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

3. Comeback Sickness N Oppa Fantasies 

Comeback sickness is famous among Kpop fans, including Yang. Well, she's lucky I know exactly how to diagnose this almost deadly fever: 

Comeback Sickness symptoms:

*Yang: super excited and talking non-stop about the comeback before it's even scheduled and whining about having to wait
* Me: trying to focus 
*My brain:

As I mentioned before I'm no longer interested in Kpop so hearing Yang whine about the next comeback and screaming about how excited she is, I simply cannot relate. Plus, I couldn't keep up with her, she talks about BTS then switches to Stray Kids then mentions Itzy and expects me to just guess who's she's talking about all the time. If I don't make the right guess she accuses me of not listening!! All our conversations are about the awaited MV, she would mention it every time she gets the chance.

Not to forget the "Oppa fantasies" I have to bear. She would remind me about how handsome and amazing her bias looked in teasers and pics he posts. And it always leads to daydreams, the creepy smile and the sparkly eyes.

Soon she starts feeling empty and lost without her bias, they do post a few pics, but it never satisfies Yang. I can tell Yang is missing her Oppas when she sighs 10 times a min and nothing interests her anymore, and that frown never leaves her face along with using sad quotes that supposedly meant for separated lovers LOL.

Then, the mood swings & bipolar behavior. Yang will pray, yell, laugh, cry, dance, check the news, sing, jump around, watch all previous MVs to help the increasing fever, count days, hours, mins and secs ALL at the same time. She's like a ticking bomb in Comeback Season, and it keeps getting worse. Tbh it's hilarious to watch her like that.

Comeback Sickness treatment:

Yep, there is only one cure found, and that's the Comeback itself. That day Yang's phone wouldn't leave her hand. It's a legendary moment for her. She would make sure by all means to be one of the first 100 views. And when I said she would watch it the second it's available, I was not joking. Because of the time difference, the new MV would be mostly released in inconvenient time like when Yang is at school or so early in the morning or late at night. But don't worry! Yang got it all planned: she can wake up super early or go to sleep late, she would go as far as watching it during class. I HAVE PROOF because she sent me a pic of her phone hidden behind her book, and I have no idea how she even managed to do it without the teacher noticing. She and her Kpop gang would gather after class to watch it again in the middle of the school while screaming butchered Korean. I feel embarrassed for Yang LOL.

Yang be like (after an eternity of separation from her bias)


The only advantage I get after all the suffering is that even though I'm no longer a Kpop fan, I can still keep up with the Kpop world from the latest songs to new groups to disbanding groups to military enlistment to dating rumors and gossip (even though I hate this part the most) to crazy childish fan wars (n°1 reason why I quit Kpop) to... a never-ending list. And it's all thanks to Yang being the queen of gossip and me being a good listener and half-responding to her.

4. Low-quality But Free Kpop Concert

Yang tends to memorize dance moves and lyrics of her fav songs and spends her morning time practicing. She likes to sing and dance a lot, well, don't we all? But that's not it, Yang needs the audience to make her dream debut concert and guess who the lucky person is? Me!! The good news is it's free anyway, but the bad news is it's a shut-up-and-cheer concert!! It's like watching a parody or a super low-quality ver. of the real MV, but I have to admit it's fun.



Animated gif about kpop in SUNMI by moonlight
The funniest gif compilation of Korean idols - Koreaboo
10 Times BLACKPINK's Lisa Burned The Floor With Her Powerful Dancing -  Koreaboo
And the Grand Finale

In the end, even after falling multiple times, making plenty of mistakes, forgetting some moves, singing the English parts and ignoring the Korean parts of the lyrics, catching me trying to run away a couple of times, glaring at me for covering my ears while she sings, STILL her confidence and ego win. She even dares say she nailed it and that all her practice paid off. If only she dances in front of a mirror!!

Well, guess what? If I cannot complain bc first she's Yang, and second I'm no better, I can still go with the flow and join her!!

As an introvert, it's the best feeling ever to have someone you can trust with your crazy side, someone you feel comfortable enough with to let go of anxiety and fear of judgement and just dance and chase your worries and stress away, someone who's just as horrible as you are when it comes to singing. And Yang fits these qualities just fine!! Whenever we hang out at my house, it's PARTY TIME!! We have so much fun screaming butchered Korean with music at the highest vol. and dancing till we're out of it and then make fun of each other's voices.

How is it like to have a Kdrama fan as a friend?

Korean drama Memes

Hey!! It's Yang!

Yin, aka my cousin, used to watch K-dramas since she was 5 years old. When we were children, I remember seeing her sitting alone in front of the small TV screen, out of the world, watching the dubbed drama broadcast by the channels. And I didn't notice what she did watch, I remember that when she sat in front of the TV screen, she would never respond to you even when you called her ^^ Because she was so concentrated!! Then she stopped watching Kdramas for a while till she was 12. And since then, she never stopped watching them again.

When I first started watching K-dramas, so my cousin could talk freely about dramas with me, I think it was the big moment for her LOL ^^
But there's a lot of things that are so annoying and get me mad at my cousin, for example:


When I first started watching Kdramas, Yin used to recommend me some dramas that she had already watched. 

BUT, she does not only tell me the plot and the main characters.

NO, she tells me the FULL story, the love triangle ( if there is one ), the main lead sad love story, how did he meet the female lead and the episode where they will start dating... And let's say all the details and the things I was excited to watch are ruined !! Thanks, Yin !! 

She cannot be silent about spoilers!

Since then, I've used the saying that "If u want for this relationship to continue, don't spoil me the dramas that I will watch or there will be some serious consequences!!!"


Since my cousin is a big fan of dramas and she has seen many, she certainly had a few dramas that she couldn't stop obsessing over and talking about. There was this one drama (her ultimate obsession) that she had watched two or maybe three years ago... AND she's still talking about it EVERY DAY !!!

This was the case with the Chinese drama Siege In Fog.
When she ended it for the first time, she passed about 3 hours talking about it and kept nagging! Without forgetting the spoilers part, of course. ^^  

Until this moment she's still talking about it, ughhhhh!!
And she also wants me to watch it and I, sincerely, want to watch it because I loved the plot and the main characters. Obviously, I know the story because Yin told me about it 100 times since she watched it. I even know the ending and some scenes that she told me about.
One day, I told Yin that I was planning to watch Siege In Fog... On that day, my cousin transformed into one of the actresses that plays in this drama, she reincarnated a whole scene that she loves from the drama, showing me the powerful female lead. I don't think I've ever seen her happier!


Firstly, Yin used to recommend me some dramas to watch, because, for me, she was a " DRAMA MASTER !" and I've thought that no one could surpass her, but after she showed me MyDramaList site, I discovered people like this:

Then I discovered that my cousin was a newbie compared to them ^^ ( but I'm still proud of her <3 ) 

When I first started listening to Kpop songs and staining K-culture. Yin, as she is a big K-drama fan, told me about some K-dramas to watch, and she encouraged me to start watching them.
Sincerely, I'm so thankful to her, she showed me the streaming sites, MDL site and taught me the basic things to know about K-dramas.
Every time we see each other, I go back home with a new list of drama recommendations that she had seen before.
She gave me so many recommendations that I haven't seen them all, yet!

But, Yin understood (finally) that I have now my own recommendations and my own taste in dramas, and she can't obligate me to watch something, and I'm thankful that she understands me. ^^

Yin: " Hey, do you know this drama?  I've just ended it.
 You should watch it, it's amazing...
The story is about..........

Me be like :

Ah Shit Here We Go Again GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Yin, also used to be like:
"You should watch this drama, it's a good one."
"It's my favorite one you should obviously WATCH IT!!!"
Yes, she looks like this ===>


K drama do bong soon korean GIF - Find on GIFER

Lee Joon-gi Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
This was the case with the awesome south Korean actor Lee Joon Gi, Yin's favorite actor.
When she first told me about him, she spent a whole day talking about his dramas and movies, showed me millions of photos of him: photos of his different roles, photoshoots, Instagram photos...
Also, she shows me millions of videos about him:
Lee Joon Gi in Knowing Brothers, Running Man, Candy In My Ear... In addition to his videos dancing, singing, acting, training, behind the scenes of his dramas...
Seriously she's addict to him!!!

Without forgetting the fan pages that she follows on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...

On the other side, I'm also a fan of him! I've seen diverse dramatic works of his, and I found his skills to be really professional, but I'm not like Yin, she ABUSES! 

Kdrama heirs rolling eyes GIF on GIFER - by Ceswyn
We don't spend a day without talking about him and his upcoming dramas.
Lately, she annoyed me with his upcoming drama Flower of Evil, she is still nagging about it from the day of the official announcement to the day of the diffusion.  
But there's also a bright side of having a drama fan as a friend. ^^
I won't just mention the annoying things, there is also some stuff that I appreciate in my drama fan friend!
something like:  


NEWS LIVE with the journalist Yin:
* In the important headlines today, the famous Korean actor Hyun Bin lands in Jordan to film his upcoming movie "The Negotiation".
* The new tvN drama "Flower Of Evil" had started on July 29.
* For the upcoming adapted drama "True Beauty", the Korean actor Hwang In Yeob has been chosen for the role of Han Seo Jun.
This is the end of NEWS LIVE today, reported by Yin from KBS.

Yes, this is how my cousin is like when she tells me about K-drama news. ^^ 

Sincerely, without joking, it really keeps me updated and helps me a lot.


It's really wonderful that I have someone to do a movie/drama marathon with!
Because firstly it is more fun than being alone, it's more fun to have someone sitting beside you that you can hug if you're scared or take his hand, also someone who will scream with you in the action scenes. ^^  

Secondly, we can have a peaceful discussion (sometimes ^^), after a movie or a drama. We express each other point of view, we talk about the points of difference in our opinions, we analyze every single detail in the movie/drama. Also, we review the positive and negative things in it and the detail that had been messed in it!


The article was a bit exaggerated for fun!! Don't worry, we're not as annoying as you may think LOL!! This article's purpose was to highlight some of the annoying habits Kpop/Kdrama fans have and also the bright sides in a sarcastic way. No offense or harm intended!! I'm sure you can relate to at least a part of it. Sometimes these habits can trigger fights, but it will only last for half an hour, that's how much we can stand being mad at each other, and no matter what we are inseparable and very understanding of each other.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone for reading and we hope you enjoyed it! <3

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