by Old_Anime_Lady, March 10, 2021

Harada Tomoyo and Tanaka Kei to reprise their roles in the movie version of Anata no Ban Desu!

In 2019, NTV's murder mystery drama "Anata no Ban Desu" became so popular it was immediately followed by "Anata no Ban Desu Special" and had second season "Anata no Ban Desu - Counterattack" all in the same year. The well-received drama has announced that they will release a movie this December 2021!The series narrated the story of a newlywed couple who moved into a new apartment and found out that residents are required to attend the residents' association meeting every week. The couple's lives become complicated as they get involved in murder cases that take place within the establishment.

For the first time in the history of Japanese dramas, "Anata no Ban Desu" became the number one Twitter trend worldwide during its broadcast. The series also recorded a final audience rating of 19.4% and overall audience rating of 25% on September 8, 2019 (Video Research survey, Kanto). The so-called "AnaBan" has swept across Japan.Akimoto Yasushi will still be in charge of planning and writing the movie. Reportedly, the film will not be a continuation of the drama as the story will take place in a parallel universe. Harada Tomoyo and Tanaka Kei will reprise their roles as Nana and Shota. Making us wonder, would circumstances have been different had Shota attended the meetings instead of Nana?

The film will also be helmed by Noriyoshi Sakuma while Mitsunori Fukuhara will to be the screenwriter.

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