by lo_ve, February 4, 2021

On Februrary 4, iMBC reported that Go Kyung Pyo will make a special appearance on the upcoming Netflix original series "Deserter Pursuit

The actor recently participated in the filming of the series in Busan. Go Kyung Pyo acted in one of the movies helmed by the director and it seems like his appearance to "D.P." is because of his loyalty and support to him. No further details were revealed about the character he will portray.

"D.P." (Deserter Pursuit) is based from the famous Lezhin webtoon by writer Kim Bo Tong. It is about the story of Ahn Jun Ho, who's currently serving in the military just like other young men when he is suddenly assigned to be part of the special squad to chase the deserters from the military. 

Jung Hae In will play the main lead named Ahn Jun Ho who is a calm private and is not good in adapting to a new environment. He will be joined by Koo Kyo Hwan who will play as the team leader of D.P. squad named Han Ho Yeol, Kim Sung Kyun as the officer in charge of the D.P. squad named Park Bum Goo, and other casts Son Seok Koo, UKISS Lee Jun Young, and Shin Seung Ho

Go Kyung Pyo was discharged from the military last January 2020 and his return project was the 2020 JTBC drama "Private Lives" with Girls Generation's Seo Hyun, Kim Hyo Jin and Kim Young Min. His next project after the drama will be the upcoming film "Determination to Part Ways" together with Park Hae Il, Lee Jung Hyun and more.

Netflix's original series "D.P." will be helmed by Han Jun Hee who also worked for "Coin Locker Girl".  The drama will be written by the original webtoon writer, Kim Bo Tong.

"D.P." will premiere sometime in 2021.


Are you excited to see Go Kyung Pyo in this series?