by kdramahooked_lady28, March 24, 2020

I don’t know if it’s just me or if many have also noticed it. It is another drama of Yoo Seung Ho about memory. The first one is Remember, and it was also a great drama. Anyway, the title Memorist is catchy for me plus I saw Yoo Seung Ho in their poster, so I thought of giving it a try. I think I had watched for about 5 minutes (till the scene where Yoo Seung Ho appeared) and then I stopped. It was late at night, and I felt really sleepy. I came back watching it after 2 days maybe. No, it was not boring, and I believe it will be interesting. The reason it took me a pair of days to watch it again is that I want more episodes available before I restart watching it. That first time, it has only 1 aired episode, so I decided to watch other drama while waiting. I don’t want to be in so much agony while waiting for the next episodes. 

Back to it. The first scene was exciting. I liked his new power. Though the plot is almost the same as the He Is Psychometric drama, it is still unique in its own way. I love the fact that his power doesn’t go beyond reality. I mean, yes, he can read memories but only when the person is alive, and I appreciate that the writer didn’t make it possible in situations when the person is dead. 
Another thing that made me hooked in this drama is the presence of Lee Se Young. I was so impressed by her in Doctor John, and seeing her in the first episode of this drama made me feel more excited about it.

The first episode is more like an introduction of all the characters and briefing of their capabilities/jobs and their situations. They deal with a case – a big one, but it is most likely to be the main case of this drama (I guess).

The first two episodes are very thrilling, especially the second one, which focused mainly on the case. The MO of the killer is not new, but his motive is a fresh one for me. If you love crime/mystery genre, then you will enjoy this drama. It has been so thrilling that I have to keep moving forward because I can’t take the suspense. But if you are like my friend who doesn’t like this type of stuff, I don’t suggest this one because the thrill and the suspense that you will feel are not at the medium level.

Edited by: Cookie (1st editor), Yuanwei (2nd editor)