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Please Love Me, might just be the next fluffy drama you are looking for. This Chinese drama I am currently watching finished airing and still isn’t on the radar of most of MDL watchers. This Mango TV web drama is rated G - All Ages, and has 24 episodes. So I thought I’d just tell you all about it because it sounded like a potentially good binge to me.

 First of all, it is a very cute drama with lots of familiar clichéd tropes as you can see in the summary (I didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t already revealed in the MDL synopsis).


Despite being two strangers with extremely different lives and personalities, the popular idol Yi Han and manicurist Pei You You accidentally get entangled, and they are forced to pretend to be in a relationship. It leads the two to end up in a contractual relationship as a way to help each other.

When the couple develops feelings for each other, the situation with the public gets more complicated. Conspiracies brewing to destroy them become even more threatening.

Main Leads

 A famous idol/actor known for his temper and his crush on his manager. His childish personality and acts are a thing he's known for; though he tries to appear cool to maintain his image.
   A very honest and independent woman that works as a talented manicurist. She’s ultra-focused on working hard to save every penny and buy her own house.

They have this innocent and funny dynamic. The childish teasing and bickering is amusing so far and shows how secretly comfortable they are with each other.

Supporting Cast

Kido Gao as Lin Tian Nuo, an award-winning director. He’s also the childhood friend of You You, with a crush on her.
an idol manager for 10 years. She’s a strong woman who was more than capable of building the career of Yi Han and controlling his temper.
Together they can make a couple with a big dynamic contrast to the main couple. Evidently, their creativity and maturity united with their strong, confident characters can only lead to fun interactions.
a student on vacation visiting his roots. He’s looking for a job during the summer. He’s You You's half-brother who came looking for his family.
a famous actress working with Yi Han. She falls in love easily and hard. She’s a very enthusiastic and passionate character.
This supporting couple offers a third relationship dynamic using the poised, mature man and the spirited, energetic actress with a crush on him. So, of course, we can only expect fluff with these two.

Current Overview

As most of you can tell by now, this drama has most of the romantic tropes fans look for. The fluff and light atmosphere of the drama is evident with the sweet chemistry of all these couples. (Yi Han even becomes a very affectionate boyfriend after his confession).

✔  SO, we have cohabitation.

✔  We have a contractual relationship.

✔  We have a famous idol with a non-celebrity.

✔   We have a love/hate teasing relationship.

✔  We also have a childish male lead who acts cold, but he’s secretly nice, and the nice, honest, hardworking female lead.

✘  We don’t have a love triangle ㋡ , but we have the illusion of it; basically, the best of both worlds; it's probably due to the maturity of Tain Nuo, so some of you need to be careful of SLS.

Do you know of this drama? Are you watching it? Did you complete it?

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Note: I wrote this as a Currently Watching article, as I am still in the middle of watching it. So I am not sure about the development of the drama. Do discuss it in the comments if you completed it, but don’t forget the Spoiler Tag.

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