by Fumi , May 17, 2020

Hello everyone!

Here I am again after a long time, doing my best in writing an article after a few failures.

This time I want to tell you why you should start watching a drama called When My Love Blooms, airing on Saturday and Sunday on tvN since April 25th.

  • CAST

At first, the only reason why I wanted to watch this drama was because of Jinyoung. I was totally impressed by his acting in He is Psychometric. I couldn’t wait for him to get a role again.

After the first episode, I knew he wouldn't going to be the only reason why I’m watching this. Yoo  Jitae’s acting is amazing as expected. I saw him in Healer and Mad Dog, and I knew he’s a good actor.

I was totally surprised by Jeon Sonee’s acting, but of course, surprised in a very positive way.  I can’t wait to see more scenes with her.

I was also surprised by seeing Park Shiyeon in this drama. I know you might not like her character here, but you have to agree that her acting is impressive. I loved her in Innocent Man, and I love her here too.

  • PLOT

As you might know, this drama tells a story about a pair of very unique people who meet during their college years, then part away and meet again in their adult life. There are so many secrets and surprises in their relationship. We get to see their relationship in 1993 and how different they became in present times. They are older, have much more experience and had many unpleasant situations in their life. I am very interested to see what happens to them now and what happened way back in the ’90s, during their college life.

Besides that, we also get to see some relations between rich and poor people, how cruel people can be, and what they do to take care of their loved ones. We get to see how people fight for their rights and their future.

  • OST

Korean music from the ’90s, classical music and sweet OST sang by GOT7’s Choi Youngjae and Choi Jungyoon. Anything you could think of, you have it here. The right music in the right scenes. I have to say that if you see some flaws in this drama (and you probably will because every drama has some flaws) music is just perfect. Just sit comfortably and enjoy.

here's the OST link ---> 빠져드나봐 

  • 90’s VIBE

If you hadn’t experienced the good old times, you can see how it looked in this drama. From old Korean music to interesting title movies and fashion. You have everything here. Just sit comfortably and enjoy.


Sometimes at the end of the episode, we get to enjoy some beautiful and meaningful poetry. It’s actually a small bonus in this drama, but it somehow makes it better.


That’s all, I hope I got some of you a bit interested. If you already saw some episodes, let me know what you think!

I wish you all patience and health in these difficult times. <3

Edited by: Cookie (1st editor)