by thsisneo4u, December 17, 2020

I have always been a little old school (!!*Cough* Metalhead Rocks *Cough*!!) when it comes to my music preference and never could get into the modern pop music. So although I love Asian dramas and have been watching then since almost last 7 years, it's very rare  for some soundtrack to catch my attention. But over the years there has been a few jems which not only was able to catch my attention but was able to stay with me long after I finished watching the drama. Some because of the excellent use of the track in drama and some purely based on their musical quality. So for my first ever article, I wanted to put a list of my favorite tracks from Korean Dramas and find some common ground with people who love modern K-pop music. And make some friends along the way perhaps?

Before I begin, just wanted to convey that this is purely personal preference and in no way I am undermining tracks that are not in the list. Please feel free to share your favorites in the comment. 

With that out of the way, here we go.....

This one is a classic (No pun intended!!). An amazing fusion of folk with classic rock. Simple and clean chord progression matches with some soulful guitar solos. Listening to this song always somehow takes me back to the older and much simpler days.

This song was covered by Mido and Parasol in the 2020 Drama Hospital Playlist (You can find the cover Here), but ah well, nothing beats the classic (Again, no pun intended!!!!)

  This one is pure folk. The use of violin along with some Korean traditional  instruments complements Younha's soulful vocal perfectly. The sound of this song is sure to remind you the charm of simple day to day life of ordinary people.

This one kinda feels like R&B. It starts in a quiet contemplative way for the first two verses and then the introduction of orchestra in the chorus section turns it epic. The entire song is like a roller coaster ride which takes you from the quiet tears to screaming pain and back again.

This one is a love ballade. Quiet piano accompaniment with emotional vocal of Bernard Park. A heartfelt confession and promise to your beloved.

This is very much Alternative Rock. The composition gives a Radiohead vibe throughout. This song actually made me keep a lookout for SaltnPaper which I rarely do. 

Again another Love Ballade. This drama was a treasure trove of popular soundtracks but this one stayed in my car's playlist even after 4 years.

Another SaltnPaper masterpiece. The track is an inseparable part of the story and has become synonym with the drama for me. A deliberate indie vibe made the song even more emotional. Whenever I listen to this song after finishing the drama, it transports me to the beautiful streets of Cuba for my own "Roman Holiday".  This song has another version by Saya in the same drama (You can find it Here) but I prefer the SaltnPaper version.

My Guilty Pleasure Song. 'nough said.

This is one of the very few Hard Rock tracks I have found in Kdrama universe. It's in this list for that reason only. As I said earlier, I am a big time Rock fan. I was not able to find much information on the Artist/Band though. I would really appreciate it if someone can give me more information on them.

This haunting track make you empathize with the longing of the characters in the drama. The composition stripped away all the unnecessary instrument as if laying bare the pain of the characters. Sometimes the music is almost inaudible and all you can hear is the lonely vocal of Elsa. It tugs at your heartstrings.

I Fell in love with Kim Yoon Ah's voice after listening to this bluegrass/country track. Damn, this lady does have gravity in her voice. It's like magic. Also the use of slider on the Resonator Guitar is simply brilliant.

Although "You are My Destiny" is the more popular track from this drama, this ballad felt like a hidden gem. It was only present in a single scene or two I believe but it was impactful. I still listen to this track often.

This track also has a beautiful Sliding Guitar Solo. For that alone it was worth it. Moreover this moody track perfectly captured the emotions of the drama.

From this drama both the tracks by Janet Suhh is amazing. This is the first time I have listened to her music and I gotta say that she has a very unique voice. "In Silence" is somber while "Lighting Up Your World" is  uplifting. And as P.B. Shelly said "Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought."  Thus I chose In Silence. 

Well that's about it I guess. May be I will do a similar article on Chinese Drama OSTs in future. Feel free to share your opinion and favorite tracks. And may be we all can find some hidden musical gems together.

A huge thanks to my editor @devitto for his help. 

Peace Out!!!

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