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This is my first article so I thought I would do something straightforward and simple. These are some dramas with friend duos or groups that either make me laugh or smile. There are just too many dramas that have great friendships but I picked those that were memorable personally to me!

The drama titles are linked to their original pages if you're interested in reading up more on the context of the dramas. Well, let's get started!


Dong Goo, Joon Ki, and Doo Shik

Drama Genres: Comedy, Friendship, Romance, Life

An aspiring film director, an aspiring actor, and an aspiring writer. All under one roof just doing their best to scrape by. Things take an interesting turn when a baby turns up in the guesthouse they run together. This trio is so fun to watch and I never got tired of their shenanigans. Honestly, they're just iconic.


Joon Ho, Jae Hyuk, and the other prison mates

Drama Genres: Comedy, Friendship, Life

There are just too many friendships to talk about in this drama. Some come and go but overall, characters in this show have such a good dynamic and balance each other out very well. The pictures and gif above are not all the people I am referring to. Some not seen are not just more of Jae Hyuk's prison mates but also Joon Ho's brother and the other prison guard, Lieutenant Paeng (Se Yoon). There is not only witty dialogue and funny scenarios between all of these characters, but also touching ones. If you've not watched Prison Playbook, I highly recommend you do so!


Hwi Young, Soo Hyun, and Shin Yool

Drama Genres: Supernatural, Mystery, Romance, Friendship, Political (politics in 1930s timeline)

I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the show as a whole. Chicago Typewriter deals with two separate timelines and the theme of reincarnation. I find the modern and "current" timeline dull (just IMO) and would not have continued if not for the character, Yoo Jin Oh (Shin Yool), played by Go Kyung Po. I almost dropped it at episode 8 but don't regret hanging on. I love the last 5 - 6 episodes of the drama, and not to mention, their main OST, Satellite (lyrics-only video linked), which always gives me the feels.

Despite the initial boredom, I took a huge liking to the 1930s timeline following the three main characters in their pursuit of a shared ambitious goal (which you can find out more about by watching or by asking in the comment section down below). Their friendship and comradery are heartfelt and meaningful due to the circumstances of their time.


Park Moo Jin and Parliament gang-gang

Drama Genres: Political, Suspense, Mystery

This is a surprising one. Designated Survivor follows Moo Jin, who due to unforeseen circumstances (already stated in MDL's synopsis), goes from becoming the Minister of Environment to South Korea's acting President. He gets to know several members of the parliament and one by one, they become people who not only admire him but become his true friends and advisors.

I like their group discussions and interactions. I love how loyalty was something that I could see increasing one episode after another. I'm not a fan of political dramas but I NEVER GOT BORED. The show takes itself seriously but balances it off with some comedic interactions between the parliament staff. This is close to a modern version of Six Flying Dragons and I highly recommend it!


Kim Hae Il and Goo Dae Young

Drama Genre: Comedy, Action, Crime, Mystery

If I may, I am presenting you the unconventionally hot-headed priest, Father Kim, and cowardly Detective Goo. The two of them start at odds but become partners against crime later on. They play off each other well and I love the development of Dae Young's character. I believe they improve each other as people and  are definitely extremely funny to watch together on screen.

Bonus: Kim Hae II and Han Sung Kyu


Geum Eun Dong, Kim Ju Muk, Pyo Chi Su, and Park Kwang Beom

Drama Genres: Military, Comedy, Romance, Political

Gotta love our army boys. I loved seeing them learn and discover new things together and being my definition of a friendship based on loyalty and trust. Their personality differences allow for a great group dynamic that is entertaining, with its fair share of heartfelt moments. I would've included their captain, Jung Hyuk, and our leading lady Se Ri but I thought I would give these four the spotlight instead! ^^


Kang Bae, Wol Joo and Chef Gwi

Drama Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy, Family

More than friends, I felt that Wol Joo and Chef Gwi became parental figures to Kang Bae. Yet another heartwarming group of friends that evolved into something more meaningful over time. They feel like a family and I like how they stand up for one another in different scenarios.


Bok Joo,  Sun Ok, and Nan Hee

Drama Genres: Comedy, Romance, Friendship, Youth, School, Sports

This is a pretty obvious choice. Our SWAGG trio. I don't have to say much − we just love a supportive friend group. Makes me a little jealous, NGL!


Song Man Bo, Lee Kak (Yong Tae Yong), Woo Yong Sul and Do Chi San

Drama Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Historical, Time travel

I was about to end this article when Rooftop Prince flashed across my mind. The squad in their jumpsuits are hard to forget! This is a rather old drama but it's still such a fun watch. There were many funny scenarios that the four of them got into as they tried to get used to the ways of the modern world.


Well, that's the end of my list. Thank you for making it to the end^^! I'd consider this article more of me forcing some of my favorite Kdramas out there for all to see, hahaha. I am aware of many other dramas with iconic friendships, so feel free to recommend them in the comment section down below! Hope y'all enjoyed my first article.

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