by Kairi of the Sky, May 23, 2020


That Perfect Glam Entrance :) 

Five Enough is a hilarious, dramatic and life learning journey drama that made the TOP spot for family drama on my list. Sorry Smile You and My Father Is Strange :(. 54 episodes of excitement in building foundation and love between the involved families. 

Hats off to the main leads  Sangtae (Ahn Jae Wook) and Ahn Mijung (So Yoo Jin) that provide a strong personality which the viewers will enjoy. Sangtae is one of the best characters that I've ever seen.  He is kind and gentle but he also stands firm on what he believes. He's perfect as a son, husband, brother, co-worker, as well as a son-in-law and witty and strict Ahn Mi Jung who can handle her in-laws very well.  They really are the pillars of support between the families...

You will never get bored watching it because every episode will make you curious to what will happen in this complicated family. 

Here are 5 reasons why I love this drama. :)

Warning: Scene Spoilers.

In every family drama, there's always a character that you will hate, but somehow you will understand their feelings because they just love their family and just wanted the children to live a happy life. Moreover, it is a story of learning to live in harmony with the new member of the family, forgive and move on from the past and helping each other however they can.

The telepathic conversations between the characters gave an additional color to this drama. Whether it's from your enemy or loved ones, it was just an adorable scene. Well, it's not just about the words, the facial gestures are enough to give your message to everyone.

One of its strongest point of the drama is the writer meticulously providing connections with every character in this drama.  It adds flavor and excitement in every episode, knowing that somehow they will eventually find out how their lives intertwined in many circumstances.  

In some way, you will hate most the characters except Sangmin (Sung Hoon). Oh!! And SangTae's father. I can never hate his abeoji. :) Sangmin is one of the unique characters in drama land. 

You will see him as an overwhelming self-assured guy, but he is one of the purest, kind and warm hearted, as a brother, friend, boyfriend and as a professional. 

His straightforward and sassy personality made me love him so much. He never backs down even if he gets rejected by many people. He knows what he wants and he gets it. Even his childish and immature behavior was pretty hilarious. He may act like a child sometimes, but he was the mature one out of all of them. I adore him from start until the end. :)  A well-developed character. Good job, writers!! :)

I would like to praise the writer for creating these amazing characters. Since it was a 54 episodes drama (trust me, I was never bored watching it), there are lots of opportunity for each couple to develop and blossom their relationship, getting to know their partners' amazing personality and accepting their flaws as well.

The feisty and strong Ahn Mijung with calm and reliable Sang Tae. 

The self-centered and overconfident Sangmin with shy and reserved Yeon Tae. 

The kind and sweet TaeMin with spoiled but tenacious JinJuu. 

The hyper and ambitious Hotae wit supportive and sweet Sooyoung.

Each couple has a different situation and will give you a lot of lessons on how to handle it. It's not always the love at first sight and live happily ever after kind of stories, it's about their love journey, the good and the bad.

There are lots of reasons to watch this drama, the side characters, love between the siblings, witty and adorable children and many many more!! 




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