by Kairi of the Sky, March 14, 2020

Why bother spending lots of hours just to watch a tragic and painful drama's ending? 

Truthfully, I'm one of those watchers that check if it ends like a fairy tale: that "THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER". It took me a very long time to push myself to watch a historical drama as they are too long, and most of the time, don't have happy endings.

Fatefully, I pushed myself to watch a historical drama because I love the male lead but didn't check the ending. I was so engaged and attached to the character that it was so painful, and I cried so much. I remember being sad for a few days thinking about that tragedy ending. Somehow, it became a gateway for me to open and discover wonderful and great drama.

Now, I've already watched many dramas that have a tragic ending. It was so addictive that I cannot switch into rom-com right now. So I stick to historical dramas - mostly from Mainland China - and watch it whatever the outcome is.

So drama fans out there, I dare you to watch this top five teary-eyed, heart-crushing drama. It was worthy enough to show that soft side of yours and brave enough to stick until the end.


The love story revolves around the 9th Princess of Western Liang as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfil a marriage alliance with the Crown Prince. It was a very beautiful story of two people that were destined to love each other, but the circumstance hindered them from having that happily ever after. But still, it was a satisfying ending. Do not hesitate to watch this! The journey of their love story, the good and the bad made it wonderful and memorable.


Another historical drama that gave me a heartache because of how miserable his life is! It follows the story of Lee Dae Gil, a man of high birth, whose family was ruined when Won Ki Yoon, a slave, burnt down his house and escaped with his sister Un Nyun, who was in love with Dae Gil. Dae Gil became a slave hunter in order to find his lover Un Hyun and somehow entangled with many hardship and heartache until the end.


I wasn't expecting the tears I shed for this movie. Well, because it is mixed with a lot of laughs, I had never anticipated how it would stab my heart with that ending. Lee Yong Gu is a mentally impaired father with the intellect of a six-year-old, who lives in a run-down house along with his six-year-old daughter, Ye Seung. He was accused of murdering the little child and was sent to prison. The story evolves on his life at the prison with his cellmates and an unexpected guest.


The first historical drama that I've ever watched and the only wuxia that I like. Well, I started this because I love the main lead and I've never thought that the ending would hit me so hard that I've been depressed for a few days. Starring one of the finest actors Wallace Huo and Zanilia Zao, it is based on the novel by Fresh Guo Guo. It tells the story of Hua Qian Gu and her master Bai Zi Hua on the journey of their blossoming relationship while dealing with their status and obligations as the leader of the sect. This is actually the only drama I know that should have a painful ending like this as the ML owes it to the people who loved him.


The title lives for itself. I remember waking up like a panda after finishing this wonderful story. It is a story of the 15-year-old Ikeuchi Aya, an ordinary girl, soon-to-be high schooler, and the daughter of a family who works at a tofu shop. However, she had been falling down often and walking strangely when she was diagnosed with a disease in which the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat. Let yourself dive into the journey of her fate and how she touched the heart of the people around her.

What did I learn? Sometimes it needs to end that way. 

It has to be! It gave more impact and a realistic view of the drama. 

You will get used to it and appreciate more the journey of the story.

So build your Top 5 dare-to-watch-drama on the comment section.. :)

Edited by: Cookie (1st editor), Yuanwei (2nd editor)