by Randz, September 8, 2020

Hello, dear MDLers!

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Every day we keep seeing a lot of dramas or movies with our favorite actors out there, but then there are some pairings that we wait for but never really happen! 

I will list down several actor pairings that I would love to see in the future as I believe they will have great on-screen chemistry, maybe even include the genre of the drama that I would love to see them with.

Note: there may be repetitive actors pairings as I see them fit together or so. Here we go! =D

Number one pairing goes to my favorite male actor:

                                             Yoo Ah In                                                   And                                           Kim Tae Ri

I mean just look at them these two will certainly have explosive chemistry, and no need to mention their acting skills, both are very versatile actors that I would not mind watching them in any genre, I would love it if it were similar to Yoo Ah In's drama Secret Love Affair, not theme wise but depth-wise, something that clings to you even after a while.

2nd pairing goes to: 

                                                 Kim Go Eun                                         and                                 Ryu Joon Yeol

I consider them both as an A list actors, both are one of those young actors who don't mind jumping in any genre of movie/ drama and try out new things, they are one of the most versatile actors out there, and I truly admire that in them, I would love to see them in something in similar to My Mister in a slice of life and humane kinda theme. 

P.S: I would also Love a pairing of Kim Go Eun and Yoo Ah In, maybe in a movie if not a drama.

3rd Pairing:

                                                    Jo In Sung                                And                                      Nana        

This man hasn't been on the screen for a while, and I would love to see him in a new well-written drama. I understand that Nana may not be the best actress out there, but I believe she will have great chemistry with Jo In Sung.  Maybe it's their height and aura? Something certainly makes them appeal to me, I have no specific genre in mind, anything that would bring out their chemistry would be good lol.  

4th pairing: 

                                                                Gong Yoo                                            And                        Song Hye Kyo

Since they are both known and respectable actors I don't know why they haven't been paired yet, but I certainly would love to see them together probably in a melodrama something similar to Gong Yoo's movie  A Man and a Woman, again not similar in the plot as I understand a lot of people don't like the "affair theme" but rather the atmosphere and indie vibe. 

5th Pairing: 

        Lee Joon ki                                 And                                Park Min Young 

 I still remember seeing a video of them both in a variety show or something of the sort, and their chemistry was on point, so I would love to see them paired in a rom-com since I haven't seen Lee Joon Ki in this genre before, which I believe he would do great in. 

6th Pairing: 

                                                       Jang Ki Yong                                  And                           Seo Ye Ji


This is one of my hyped pairings I must say, I would love to see them both cast in a mystery, psychological, romance drama something that would make me want to smash the screen like Save Me. Or something similar to Flower of Evil and its atmosphere.

7th Pairing:

                                Kang Ha Neul                                                 Lee Seol                                                 Woo Do Hwan


No romance, No second leads. Just friendship and a slice of life drama about youth would fit those 3 in my opinion. And if not that, then a dark drama as those three act with their eyes and deliver heartfully/ express emotions that I believe would get the full attention of the watcher. 

8th pairing:

                                                        Yeo Jin Goo                             And                             Kim Da Mi 

Both these actors have great potential and acting abilities, therefore, I would love to see them paired in horror, mystery, and psychological kind of drama/ movie which both would nail. 

9th pairing: 

      Park Bo Gum                         And                           Park Bo Young  

I would certainly root for a rom-com for this pair as they seem very... cute together?

An additional bonus to that is pairing of Park Bo Young with Ji Chang Wook as I remember seeing a music video of them both, but not to be cast in a rom-com but rather one that is set in the '80s or '90s!   


10th pairing: 

                                                      Lee Je Hoon                                 And                            Han Hyo Joo 

As I recall they both were cast for an advertisement and they seemed to have excellent chemistry, therefore, I would love to see them in a romance/fantasy drama, or I would go for a mature/ adult love story. Maybe something similar to her movie Love, Lies as it was so beautiful.

Now time to wrap up the article by a last and a bonus pairing of that of an age gap that not everyone may agree on: 

1st one is: 

                                                Kim Jae Wook                                  And                                                  IU 


I was doubtful about this one but had to add it.
I understand that the age gap might be big and not appealing to others, but I would like to see them together in a dark yet healing kind of drama, both have a similar vibe to them in my opinion, and I believe that they would pull it off.

The 2nd and the last one is a noona romance:

                                     Shin Min Ah                     And              Ong Seung Wu              Or                    Lee Jun Ho


I personally like a good noona romance something similar to Something in the Rain, and I think Shin Min Ah would be fit for this role. As for the ML I chose two, I have seen Lee Jun Ho before, and he is one of the best idol actors in my opinion so he would do a great job. But then I have never seen a drama for Ong Seung Wu, but I heard good things about him in his previous drama, yet I have seen his music video Didn'tSay Anything with Baek Ji Young, and he seems like someone who can deliver the raw and subtle emotions of a noona romance? Maybe because he reminds me of the Japanese actor in Chugakusei Nikki? Not sure really but he seems to be fit for it. 

Let's end the pairings here. If I want to be honest, I would love to cast everyone according to my preferences. I mean, who wouldn't? Haha 

Hope you enjoyed my first article =D

Let me know in the comments section below which pairings you liked the most, and what are your actors' pairings that you would like to see in the future?  

Until next time, dear MDLers!

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