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Dramas That Made Me Really Angry (and for a Good Reason!)

I think that we've all had our fair share of dramas that love to play with our hearts. There has been a handful of drama's who have torn my heart to pieces. It takes me a long time to get over whatever it was that hurt me so horribly, but when I do end up calming down, I finally realize how good that event made the drama for me.

One thing about dramas is that whenever you finish them, you either feel sad, happy, angry (but in a good way), satisfied, or in the unfortunate case where you don't like the drama, dissatisfied. Do the dramas that make me really angry at the end get a low rating? Not all the time.

But, let's get right to it! Here are all of the dramas that made me angry (for a good reason, of course).

WARNING:  contains minor spoilers!

Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo

This one was difficult for me to watch. Not because it was terrible, but because a lot of the things that the female lead did were quite... questionable. Itazura na Kiss is a manga adapted Japanese drama that tells an exciting love story between Aihara Kotoko (Yahagi Honoka) and Irie Naoki (Furukawa Yuki). Aihara is a cheerful/hyper high school student who has had a crush on dear old Irie-kun for a whopping 3 years. Impressive to be capable of loving only one person for such a long time. I mean...not even backup?

Ehm. Anyways, the thing that angered me about this drama was as I just mentioned. The female lead. This is one of those dramas where the girl (while being adorable) does not know when to stop annoying their unfortunate old unsuspecting crush. Not only does she stalk the boy, but no matter how many times she was rudely turned down and embarrassed, she kept going! Even though it's kind of cute, there is always a line that can't be crossed. But of course, Kotoko doesn't care. :)

Not only that, but everyone around her that didn't completely hate her encouraged her to do these types of things. Come to think of it, would Kotoko ever have been able to keep it up without her friends watching her every move?

I always had to stop for a moment during a scene because my brain couldn't comprehend what was happening. While ripping my (damaged) hair out, I would think:

  • "How on earth is this man capable of enduring this girl?"
  • "So is it completely normal to casually stalk someone whenever you don't like what they're doing?
  • "Why am I still watching this?"
  • "Girl, he literally just embarrassed you! Stop it!"
  • "Oh...her pride...her poor pride."
  • "Wait! What? Marriage? Why?"
  • "It's almost over. You're almost there. They'll definitely get together. It's okay."

Image result for itazura na kiss kotoko japanese drama gifsImage result for itazura na kiss kotoko japanese drama gifs

Go Kotoko, am I right? But either way, you should still watch it if you already haven't. It's also pretty fun, and there's a lot of cute moments that make you squeal. But because I'm weird, I would sometimes pause the show and act out the scene (in a much cooler way). It was the second drama I watched!

The good part about all of the anger I experienced was, of course, the outcome of all of her misfortune and embarrassment. Lovely.

The K2

Image result for the k2

I had my ups and downs with this drama, and I was extremely close to dropping it. But of course, for my one and only (Ji Chang Wook) I had to finish it. This drama basically revolves around politics and a load of running coming from the female lead. I mean a whole lot of running. To this day, I still wonder how on earth her ankles didn't even sprain. Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is a former mercenary soldier known as "K2" who was wrongfully accused of killing his girlfriend and goes back to Korea only to be hired as a bodyguard for Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah). Ko An Na (Im Yoon Ah) is basically just... a hostage. A hostage who likes to run a lot and has a very complicated family. Sort of.

Now that all of that is out of the way let's get to the main stuff.

What angered me the most about this drama? Let me tell you. THE STAFF. THE LOGIC. Just everything about the insane amount of security guards not being able to keep one girl inside as a hostage properly just grind my gears. I mean, seriously. She's a frail girl who they consider multiple times to be a CHILD when she is a literally grown woman. What?! But then, I realized that An Na wasn't all that stupid. At least the poor girl had the guts to try and getaway.

Another thing. Je Ha was so easily able to completely destroy an entire SWAT team every single time he came across them. I know he's introduced as a really well-trained ex-mercenary who has the skills of a God but come on.

Want to know the great part of this show? This.

Image result for the k2 gifs

I don't know man. Seem's pretty worth it to me. No matter how many annoying, weird things are happening. Without all of the odd things, what would a drama even be? It's those moments that make us laugh the most, I think. My favourite part of it all is to see the angry reactions in the comments — pure gold.

Now for the things that I thought while ripping my hair out:

  • "So you're not going to ask her to turn around? Why?"
  • "Why is she always wearing the same dress whenever she's running?"
  • "The best team you have available isn't even able to properly apprehend one man. Great."
  • "What are you doing?? Run!"
  • "Wait wait, slow down. My brain is too small to understand all of these politics."

 Haha... yeah. Still one of my favourite K-Dramas though. You have to admit it. It's not all that bad. I mean, yeah. He's able to destroy a team of soldiers without even trying. But that's good, right? Stay strong, my friends. You always end up liking it. I think.

Kill It

Image result for kill it

It will be hard to get around this one without spoiling everything about it, but I'll do everything in my power to make sure I don't ruin it for those who haven't watched it yet. Kill It doesn't include much romance, but it's there. Though, that's not what made me angry. No. This show is basically about an assassin with a rough past who becomes a soft vet and a female detective who just so happens to come across him while investigating his very own murder.

What made me angry were all of the points that the writers failed to address later on in the show. A lot of points from the first episode were utterly ignored, one of those being Kim Soo Hyun's (Jang Ki Yong) unique eye colour. They seemed to be a pretty important thing in the beginning, but once Soo Hyun covered it up with contacts, we never got to see them again. I mean, never.

Not only that, but Do Hyun Jin (Nana) just seemed to be completely clueless sometimes. Yes, she was very independent, and I absolutely loved that about her character. But there were so many red flags coming from Soo Hyun. I don't understand how she wasn't able to immediately tell who he was. Just a vet? I don't think so, ma'am.

This show was actually really good. I can't reveal much about the ending but know that no matter how angry it makes you, it leaves you feeling pretty satisfied. And darn, both leads are gorgeous. Especially Nana.

Things I thought? Simple.

  • "Come on, Hyun Jin. How can you not tell? It's so easy!"
  • "I'm going crazy. Absolutely crazy."
  • "Wait, no! Why? Why him?"
  • "Okay, now this is just cruel."
  • "Awh, that's so cute!"
  • "Chemistry... so much chemistry..."

This drama stayed as my number one favourite for a very long time. That was until I watched a different one that we will not get into today. But hey, it's still really great. Jang Ki Yong agrees! So does his little friend.

Image result for kill it kdrama gifImage result for kill it kdrama gif

Well, it seems I've run out of ideas. Just a quick note for all of those who have taken the time to read this article (thank you), this is my first one! I look forward to writing more if possible. All three dramas listed here are worth watching. They all have their ups and downs, but they were all so entertaining to watch!

If you're into romance and action dramas, make sure to have a look into these. For those who have watched them, what are your opinions on them? Was there anything that I didn't mention here that angered you from one of these dramas? Anything on here that you can relate to?

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