by Drama_woman, July 27, 2020

Genres: Adventure, Romance, Martial Arts, Fantasy 

The Legends was the first drama that really got me into longer dramas. If there were more than 30 episodes, I was out. I stumbled across this as it was airing and got hooked. I went in for the concept of saving the Demon King's son and stayed for the female lead. She's strong, she knows when wrong is wrong and is prepared for the impossible odds at revenge. The female lead blew me away. 


This is a fantasy story of a demoness that is betrayed during the height of her power, and by her most loyal subordinate. Years pass, she is then granted another chance at life, as a ghost thn as taking over another person's body. Right, she's ready to get close to that subordinate, now the new head of her sect, and get sweet revenge. But, was everything really as it seemed and did he really betray her?


The range of characters honestly captivating. I found so many of them endearing, even when they were clearly on the wrong path. I'm definitely going to follow these actors! Such presence and charisma!

In no particular order, there's: demoness, devil king's son, inner demon, captain of the guard, "he can bring you back from hell's gate" doctor, sect disciples, mischievous and directionally-challenged strongest follower. There were so many characters and each by their own story-lines were brilliant enough to be main characters. I absolutely loved how they weaved them all in. That's what really drew me into this longer drama because they had space for each character to shine.

Lu Zhao Yao played by Bai Lu.
Mo Qing / Li Chen Lan played by Xu Kai.
Qin Zhi Yan played by Shane Yan.
Jiang Wu played by 
Lu Shi Qi / Lu Xuzhi (Eastern Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect) played by Zhang Xin.
Gu Han Guang (Southern Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect) played by Xiang Hao.

Soundtrack and Visuals

The soundtrack for the ending actually drew me in so much more! What do you think?

Cue to some of the visuals!

Good Sect and Evil Sect: The Martial World

The "evil" sect and "good" sects are often fighting disputes that you would think are the fault of the "evil" sect. Well, that would not really be accurate for this drama. There is revenge, and it does take things maybe too far. There are also people and actions that you just can't accept, but it might surprise you what side they fall into. How cool is Liu Su Ruo (Holy Saintess Chang Yu of Jian Xin sect) played by Viola Mi! She's the first gif on the left.

Revenge plots and the Novel

So this drama actually comes off the novel Ostentatious Zhao Yao (招摇) by Jiu Liu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香). I'm not sure which cover you're familiar with, but these seem to be the top two. And, gasp, I haven't finished reading the novel. So, I'm not too sure what the differences are! There are also quite a few novels under her belt. In the same world are: "Heart Protection", and "Master Series".

When at first, you don't succeed, try again. Thank goodness the Demon King's son has time to show Zhao Yao his good sides. But how do you appeal to someone that you know hates you and is constantly thinking of your fiery death?


I'm in for the long run. While the images below make it seem all fun and games, they have a lot of personal growth to go through. Zhao Yao is intimidating, and Zhi Yan is like a frightened bunny. Their ghost connection is hilarious and scary at the same time but, as you'll see over time, Zhao Yao is truly kind. She just also gets back as much as she's given, if not more. 

The other place

I also really liked the other world that exists for those that have experienced death. The connection with the trees and just everything about it really. The mirror scene absolutely. The bartering for good deeds and restrictions on those that did evil deeds. Brilliant!

Do you see the top of this screenshot? It was subbed by the lovely Alice, and I'm so glad she did! There were snippets of scenes and explanations before some episodes for when there was an odd transition between scenes or episodes. I would devour the episodes as they came out until I couldn't bear for the whole series to be over but then forced myself to wait so I could watch the others in one shot!

Oh, the reveals that happened in this place. It's so beautiful and carefree. The bartering and kong kong pills just kept going. You really should check side-effects before you use them as medicine.

Jiang Wu

When Jiang Wu is in his element, he shouldn't be this alluring, right? Just me? His personality fluctuates so much, but I really enjoy seeing his entrance into almost every scene. He just steals my attention.

And then there are times like these.

He's enjoying this human interaction so much, but everyone draws me in! Jiang Wu's rare pure delight and nothing evil happening. Zhi Yan trying her best to imitate Zhao Yao and her bravado. And Zhao Yao seeing where this is all going but unable to help. Life as a ghost sucks. But then again, it has its perks at times.

So what do you think about this drama? Finished it already? Started and somehow managed to stop? Read the novel? Please let me know in the comments below!

What are your thoughts on this drama or novel?

Thanks for reading!

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