by Chaerul , February 3, 2021

 'Love Alarm' Season 2 is coming to Netflix starting March 12th.

In its second season, the drama has taken four years since the creation of the application “Love Alarm” which allows users to know if someone likes them within a 10 meter radius. Ahead of the broadcast, Netflix also issued five posters showing the characters with excerpts from their lines.

 Jojo (Kim So Hyun), who couldn't communicate his heart because he put a protector on his “Love Alarm” app, revealed, “I liked him for the first time”. This also raises the question of who got this confession. 

Despite having an unresponsive alarm, Hyeyoung (Jung Ga Ram) expressed her deepest feelings to  Jojo (Kim So Hyun) by saying, "Whether it sounds or not, it doesn't matter to me". Meanwhile, Sunoh (Song Kang) who still shows feelings towards  Jojo (Kim So Hyun) said, "From now on, I will only believe what your eyes say". The love triangle still seems unavoidable in this second season. 

Gulmi (Go Min Si) who tried to enter the “Love Alarm” club said, “Who, me? Why? What's wrong with me? ”. She looked like she was having a hard time hiding her embarrassment.Yookjo (Kim Shi Eun)  , Sunoh (Song Kang) girlfriend who knows that her man still has feelings for Jojo (Kim So Hyun), said, “I know that burning feeling. How can I beat him? ”. People who have experienced one-sided love know how it feels.


The circle shape on the poster is deliberately made a little different to suit each character. The storyline in the second season of the series will expand with the romance of the love triangle deepening, as well as the various forms of life and love in the world that have changed since the launch of the “Love Alarm” app. 

 'Love Alarm' Season 2 will show the deepest feelings of the five characters. So don't miss its premiere in 190 countries, only on Netflix!