by HappySqueak, December 9, 2017

Today I am looking at fangirling in dramas and to the fangirls here on MDL, we all love dramas and have that in common in some regard! From a 'fangirl' perspective where do you rank? How strong is your love for your Oppa or your Idol!?

Level 5: A Shy Fangirl 

Are you the kind of fan who shyly admires from afar, or would you venture out and line up for a fan meeting or concert of your favorite? Shy fans in dramas, might have their admiration and crushing downplayed so subtly but it is still there and is usually depicted as a sweet and at times not so secret infatuation.

(image from Orange Marmalade)

Level 4: A Fangirl with a Fan Club Status

Fan-clubbing and maybe a savvy collector of merchandise and limited release items pertaining to your idol! Well maybe you do have some posters or magazine cuts out taped up in your room. Or computer desktop or phone screen saver.

(images from Reply 1997)

You might have joined social media pages and follow your celebrity crush online and line up for fan meets and concerts.

Level 3: A Fangirl With an Intense Level of Fandom

These fangirls might be a little on the crazy side, from lightly to full on stalking of their idol. To spending big bucks on DSLRs to catch the perfect shot.

(Paparazzi style fans from drama Hit the Top)

They might also force their friends to accompany them to see their Idol(s). 

(Image from Twenty Years Old)

This level of fangirling might come off as a little aggressive to other fans. They might even camp outside the home of their idol!  And possibly even steal merch for their collection!

(image from Rush to the Dead Summer)

Level 2: A Fangirl With Borderline Insanity Issues

(A brief moment in Queen for Seven Days - These fangirls tried to chase down the King who was out in disguise because he was soooo good looking)

Has your love for your idol ever been so strong that you're willing to bleed for them?

(Images from Reply 1997)

This might seem a disturbing gesture even among the fan base, would you write your love for your idol in blood? It might seem like a bit much but the extent some fans will go to can be quite shocking.  

While there were many enjoyable moments in the gender bender To the Beautiful You, the female lead still went to an extreme measure of disguising herself as a boy so she could attend an all-boys sports school just to meet with and encourage her idol! She also ended up sharing living accommodations with him. 

If this happened IRL and the Idol was not attracted to or falls in love with the fan, the fangirl might end up arrested lol!

Level 1: A Fangirl Becomes a Spouse of an Idol

While this one is probably a long shot for most, becoming the spouse of an Idol, seems like it would be the ultimate achievable level in Fangirling. In the film so I married an anti-fan (pictured above). Our female lead is not a fan at first, but somehow ends up married to him throughout the course of the story.

It can be a beautiful dream, when the Idol expresses his attraction and affection toward female lead! Super Romantic! (Image from Twenty Years Old)

Pretty much any drama you come across with a lead as a celebrity or idol will be bound to have some fans in the distance or close at hand.

Some dramas with Fangirling integrated in at certain parts of the story but is not the main theme: 

Reply 1997 | Twenty Years Old | Rush to the Dead Summer | To the Beautiful You | You're Beautiful |

Where do you see yourself as a fan?
Have any other fangirl moments in dramas to share? Let us know! 

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