by Kairi of the Sky, October 10, 2021


There are people who have such bones but not beautiful skin. 

Or have beautiful skin, but not bones.

One and Only is a story of the ill-fated love of Zhou Sheng Chen (Allen Ren) and Cui Shi Yi (Bai Lu), who met as master and an apprentice and gradually developed feelings for each other, but due to their respective responsibilities, their relationship cannot be granted.

What makes a story unforgettable and enjoyable lies in the execution of the plot itself. Not losing the importance of each character, the flow of the story was intact, and each decision was understandable.

Even if all the viewers knew the ending, it's noteworthy to give it a try for those who wanted to experience a lovely story of camaraderie, friendship, and eternal love. And if you are still hesitant, do not worry; there is a continuation of their story as modern drama.

These are the reason that can trigger your curiosity and bring that coffee out and start binge-watching it.



When you are fighting side by side and experiencing the same pain, fear, and victory, a strong bond is formed. A strong sense of commitment to protecting the nation builds up dignity, even sacrificing their own life for the safeness of the people. 

Gender or age is also not an issue. Gaining their trust and respect was far more important. Helping each other, and they got your back in critical times.  It's just mesmerizing to watch.


Sometimes we neglected that an oath was important in the past. The word is sharper than any double-edged sword. From the start of the drama, we already know Zhou Sheng Chen's desire to support the current ruler and protect the nation from the conquerors.

He understands what is needed to do, even sacrificing his own happiness. His selflessness and self-sacrificing reflect in his subordinates and the people around him.  That's what he is.  He got a strong resolve and dedication. 

Is it fascinating to think that in our lives, you will never know what the future holds?

This is one of the reasons why this drama is so great and makes Allen Ren perfect for his role. His strong will of commitment makes you wonder if it will be the same as the other drama that he will just abandon it for the sake of his own happiness. 

Whether we are frustrated that this vow was one of the reasons that our lead was hesitating the whole time, but it shows that they understand the weight of the promises and affects the whole system of the nation.


I was so delighted that they wrote the female here was capable and strong. Not only physically but also they got strong-mind and have their own firm attitudes and opinions, and are not easily influenced by other people.

They can lead the army, become the head of the household, even manipulating the throne. They are all here.  


When I watch historical dramas, I continuously reminding myself again that in the past, having the luxury to choose your own destiny was almost second to none. You must understand that the survival of your clan was a top priority, and everyone must give their fair share of sacrifices. 

This is why I adored this drama. You cannot always have a happy ending (Maybe I am a masochist already. :) ). It was really rare, and sometimes what I hate is when a plot became no sense just to have a happy ending. It is heartbreaking, I know. I cried a lot and was sad for a few days, but sometimes it's inevitable.


Due to many circumstances, our leads cannot have an all-out show of affection that sometimes frustrates me but is beautiful at the same time. A simple gesture and exchanging sweet words through poetry or analogy makes my heart flutter and happy. 

What's so special about these bones? Even the royal family fears them, and all the people in the land praise them.

This is a good representation of how the glance can have a romantic meaning, and walking side by side is enough to feel the intensity of their love for each other. They respect each other, knowing their boundaries to protect their virtues and moralities.

This is me every time these two leads are on screen.

I laughed, cried, and most importantly, I enjoyed every bit of it!

 King Ping Qin is my personal favorite... :)

You can never be disappointed with Allen Ren when it comes to the fighting scene, and he really oozes class. Perfect for a Royal Blood.

"If you need me, I'm here. I've been waiting for you. 

I can still remember the voice that never faded.

I can hear it again and again."

"If you don't look back, you don't expect to return. You have no attachments.

This way, you don't fear death."

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