by Bloom C, March 6, 2021

As discussed in part 1 of "Ladies Who Did The Chasing", it is the year 2021 and despite all the craziness happening in the world at the moment, at times it's nice to see how far we have come in life and in society. More women hold CEO positions and long gone are the days where women waited for men to court them. 

Confidence is attractive and if you want that man then go after him! The ladies below surely did and succeeded.

The Beauty Inside - Kang Sa Ra

Kang Sa Ra is the daughter of a rich chaebol who is a cutthroat leader of the family’s company as well as a cold step-sister to the male lead, Seo Do Jae. Having no friendships or any relationships besides her family, which she is also distant from, Sa Ra lives a pretty lonely life focused on work and taking over the company from her step-brother. A new distraction appears in Sa Ra’s life however, and that is Ryu Eun Ho, a close friend of the female lead.

Sent by his friends to distract Sa Ra, Eun Ho effortlessly does so using his innocently beautiful looks to a great success. It's pretty entertaining to watch the laser focused Sa Ra  lose that focus with just a flash of smile from Eun Ho. Unfortunately for her Eun Ho is determined to join the church as a priest and therefore can not entertain any romantic relationships. Our girl would not be as successful and ambitious if she was in the habit of taking no for an answer, and she does everything within her ability to persuade him to change his mind. I won't spoil the drama for you; however, one can only hope such level of effort leads to success.

Flower of Evil - Cha Ji Won

Cha Ji Won is probably my favorite chaser in this list, not because of the process of chasing but because of how she maintained the relationship after the chase. Technically speaking, Ji Won chases her man in the beginning when they first meet and she falls for him at first sight, and again later in the drama. While studying to become part of the police force, Beak Hee Seung (male lead) walks into her life and she becomes determined to become close to him. The male lead for his own reasons is not receptive to her advances but she bravely chases until she wears his stubbornness down and he becomes no longer able to resist.

As a police officer, wife, mother, and daughter, Cha Ji Won is naturally tenacious and she exhibits these characteristics in her investigations, her mental strength and the love she has for her family. She is an inspiring woman who goes through a great ordeal throughout the drama and remains consistent in her strength and her love.

Goblin - Sunny

When it comes to ladies chasing after the object of their affections In K-dramaland I cannot think of anyone who has had as difficult a time as “Miss Sun Hee”. Life cannot be easy when one falls for the grim reaper himself and especially one as clueless as Kim Woo Bin. 

The two fatefully meet on a beautiful sunny day at a vendor stand selling a ring that catches both their eyes. Sunny immediately falls for the reaper and asks for his number on their first meeting. Throughout the series Sunny is seen waiting for him to call her and visit her (which he does to her unawareness). It takes some time for Sunny to break through the massive wall built around the reaper and as they get to know each other they find that they have a much deeper connection spanning across time.

W - Oh Yeon Joo

Oh Yeon Joo is a very special case on the list because her male lead, Kang Chul, is head to toe her ideal type of man. When they first meet in person, she saves his life and becomes attached to his life repeatedly even to her reluctance. 

W has a very complex storyline which makes describing Yeon Joo’s chase of Kang Chul difficult without spoiling it. I can say that Oh Yeon Joo has a period of time where she works hard to forget him but is unable to stay away. On the other hand, Kang Chul shows no appreciation for all that Yeon Joo does for him and how much suffering she experiences to keep him from harm. Largely this ungratefulness comes from his refusal to acknowledge that he cares for her just as much as she cares for him.

Touch Your Heart - Oh Jin Shin

It is interesting that we should meet this Goblin couple again in a drama; however, Yoo In Na plays a character chasing after a man’s heart so well. Famous actress Oh Yeon Seo/Oh Jin Shin becomes the new secretary to the prosecutor Kwon Jung Rok to prepare for a new role after a scandal. Yeon Seo and Jung Rok start off on the wrong foot but it is not at all surprising to see why she falls for the tall, intelligent and hot prosecutor first.  As the two spend more time together, our female lead begins to work hard in hopes to get through to our oblivious male lead so he could reciprocate her feelings to him. 

Touch Your Heart is a fluffy and sweet office romance drama that is perfect when one needs a break from reality.

If you are to take away one thing from these inspirational ladies, I would say "Go get your man, girl! its 2021!" - May you build up the courage to follow your heart and never let fear get in the way of your desires. This of course does not only apply to one gender but rather to all of them.