by Chaerul , March 5, 2021

If you are used to gentle female characters in Korean dramas, some of these ladies are guaranteed to turn your eyes around. Today's Korean dramas are no longer just showing female characters who need help but instead presenting brave characters who are willing to risk their lives to save the world and the people around them with their intelligence and greatness in their actions. 

Here are eight 'super' female characters in Korean dramas who are ready to amaze you with their toughness! 

1. Gang Seo Hae  (Park Shin Hye)Sisyphus: The Myth

As a survivor of a war-torn future, Sisyphus's Gang Seo Hae (Park Shin Hye) learns to defend her life. With her prowess in both fighting and shooting, Seo Hae becomes a female hero who helps the male character in his quest to save the world. She can also remain confident and optimistic even though her life is at stake.

2. Seo Yi Kyung  (Lee Si Young)Sweet Home

Seo Yi Kyung (Lee Si Young) in Sweet Home is a character that does not exist in the webtoon version and was made especially for the series. As a former firefighter, Yi Kyung always makes wise decisions to protect the residents of the apartment and shows her leadership. She is also brave and voluntarily takes on dangerous missions regardless of her own circumstances. One of her most amazing scenes is when she fights a spider monster in the ventilation hall!

3. Do Ha Na  (Kim Se Jeong)The Uncanny Counter


Do Ha Na (Kim Se Jeong) is a counter who has superpowers and is able to detect evil spirits from a distance. Even though she looks fierce at first, we can immediately see a side filled with trauma and guilt from being the only survivor of the poisoning that killed her parents and sister. Tough and agile, she also always supports So Mun who is the newest Counter in their team. Her fight scenes in the elevator are sure to impress you.

4. Jang Man Wol  (IU)Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna also features a fiery main female character through Jang Man Wol (IU). Before becoming the owner of a ghost hotel, Man Wol was a cruel soldier who killed many people. Apart from fulfilling her obligations as a hotel owner for more than 1,000 years, Man Wol is also brave and adept at defeating evil spirits.

5. Go Hae Ri  (Bae Suzy)Vagabond

In the action-packed series Vagabond, we will be blown away by the figure of the female secret agent NIS who lives a double life named Go Hae Ri (Bae Suzy). With her intelligence, she was able to reveal the truth behind the fatal plane crash with Cha Dal Geon. Her special training is also useful when she is chasing enemies and running away from risky situations. Hae Ri is even ready to go to jail to find out what happened to Dal Geon.

6. Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) – Mr. Sunshine

Go Ae Shin in Mr. Sunshine was a brave freedom fighter and member of the aristocratic class. After her parents died fighting for Korean independence, Ae Shin continued her parents' footsteps and learned to use rifles skillfully. Although her position as a noblewoman allowed her to lead a comfortable life, she chose to be brave and move against her enemies for her country.

7. Cha Soo Hyun  (Kim Hye Soo)Signal’

Cha Soo Hyun is a detective who leads the investigation team for unresolved cases. Showing two different timelines, we can meet Soo Hyun as a shy new cop in 1989, as well as an experienced detective in 2015. She also never gave up on uncovering the case of her mentor who went missing even though 15 years had passed. It seems like the world will be a better place with a figure of truth and justice like Cha Soo Hyun.

8. Ahn Eun Young  (Jung Yoo Mi)The School Nurse Files

In the series The School Nurse Files, school nurse Ahn Eun Young struggles to protect students with her supernatural abilities that let her see jelly-shaped creatures. She is able to destroy various evil jellies using her toy sword and BB rifle. Even though she sometimes doesn't like her special abilities and wants to be normal, Eun Young still wants to help people who need her help. 

Which 'super' female character is your favorite? You can watch all of their action on Netflix!

Editors: Cookie (2nd editor)