by kailin, October 2, 2020

I am not a fan of Zombies. Haven’t watched World War Z, The Walking Dead, or Train to Busan, only one episode of Kingdom was enough for me to go: Nah! Thanks, I’ll pass.

If there is ever a Zombie apocalypse going to happen, I might wait a couple of months to see whether it can be contained. If not I’ll say farewell to my friends and family and run out and join the party. I would rather become one of them quickly than trying to smash other people’s brains and still get eaten in the end.

What I do like is a good Zombie comedy though. Zombies can be inherently funny and I am not talking about the Chinese jumping Zombies – though they make for some really hilarious comedy.

The way Zombies move, their noises, if you like some dark humor, the fact their bodies break and fall apart but still moving around – all of this can make me laugh. 

Shaun of the Dead is one of my favourite parody movies because it captures so well the essence of what normal people would do in a zombie apocalypse. Because who of you guys have a gun and other weapons at home and are ready to fight the battle of death? ( ... unless you live in the US. Sorry, kidding :P) Warm Bodies was also an interesting take on how much humans might be left in a Zombie.

Weapons of choice to smash the Zombie's brains

So far I have watched only 4 Episodes of Zombie Detective, but in my opinion, it has already delivered well on the comedy part and equally on the dark suspense part of the storyline.

As what has been written in the Drama description, hasn’t all happened yet, I hope none of you mind the minor spoilers about these first episodes I am about to drop.

Introduction of Characters  

He was trying to get away, but couldn't ;D

Choi Jin Hyuk as the Zombie/ Mr. Unknown, who takes the identity of private detective Kim Moo Young after watching the latter get brutally murdered.

I love his voice and as someone commented: yes even as a Zombie he is hot – especially the eye colour, that makes him look kind of mythical but also animal-like. After he realizes he woke up as a Zombie he tries to kill himself, is pissed it doesn’t work, gets annoyed that he is walking too slow, is disgusted by his new eating habits, and frustrated there’s only growling and moaning noises coming out of his mouth when he is trying to speak. He’s got to be one of the most relatable Zombies in existence.
After training himself for one year to be more human-like he steps into the world of mortals again and is still awkward AF and I’ve got to say Choi Jin Hyuk does a great job at portraying the struggles - being kind of clumsy yet still giving off the beast vibes.

One punch girl

Park Joo Hyun as Gong Sun Ji is a reporter for a news show – the kind where they report real crimes and you wonder is it for the scandal or to actually help solve the crime?

My first impression: typical annoying (self-)righteous female lead. Coming off strong, acting violent and pestering others, but of course, she seeks only justice and wants to help people – blah blah blah... Okay, I see we have to have a morally driven character, but hers is nothing new and already rather annoying me. I am honestly hoping there will be more to her interactions with Zombie-Ajusshi to give us some good comedy and not deserving the nickname given by him – a turd that he wants to avoid stepping in. So far I am sorry to say I see nothing special in her character and hope for more development as the story progresses.

Oh boy! Cutie-pie Police guy

Kwon Hwa Woon as Cha Do Hyun is a friend of Gong Sun Ji, working for the police and it’s hinted he has a thing for Gong Sun Ji, but honestly, I couldn’t care less. I know the drama has a romance tag, but I don’t think a love story should be anywhere near this – I believe it could ruin the plot, but let’s see.

Yes those are toilet paper rolls - gotta save money

Then there’s Hwang Bo Ra as Gong Sun Young, Gong Sun Ji older sister (love Hwang Bo Ra, I am expecting more from her) then her husband and son, who is Zombie Detective’s first customer, the weird rival detective from across the street, with his Chinese assistant – I am assuming some more comic banter and fighting for cases will ensue.

rocking that hipster/mobster style

That's just some random picks, so far the side characters have only been shortly introduced, I am looking forward to them getting more screen time and the main duo’s detective collaboration to kick off.

The first case involves this ugly little guy. Look at his face! Isn’t he so cute and so ugly?

We already have some mystery 

What is the male lead's identity and how did he become a Zombie?

A clear hint for a brutal murderer around 

Who is the guy that killed Kim Moo Young? Who is Santa? How is Zombie-Ajussi related to the case? 

so there will be some suspense and hopefully a good crime story to come. 

But so far I am already pleased with the comedy part and hearing Choi Jin Hyuk’s narrator voice. Honestly, he rarely interacting with people and then narrating his own thoughts to the audience, makes it all the more hilarious and gives off this old-school detective story vibe.

This Drama is for you if you: dig the Zombie comedy style; love Choi Jin Hyuk; like detective stories and a little suspense on the side

This Drama is not for you if you:  don't find Zombies funny; although it’s a comedy and some stuff is blurred out, it might still be a little graphic for the faint at heart

sorry for the crappy quality of pictures, I just cropped them while watching

This is just my first impression after binge-watching the first few episodes. 

Are you watching?  What do you think?

I read people mentioned about some references/parodies - I must be blind to those, so please enlighten me! I mean the dancing to Heartbeat was funny when he doesn't have a heartbeat anymore :D  

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