by Drama_woman, August 3, 2020

Train (2020)

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Crime, Fantasy

This drama also follows the parallel world trend, as well as the doppelganger theory. But what can you do when even DNA matches between worlds and a serial killer is murdering between worlds? Click the next episode, of course! I was also in for the painful love because she's murdered in one world and in danger in the other. I need to know what happens!


One, keep in mind there are two worlds, so most actors play two characters.

Seo Do Won, played by Yoon Shi Yoon. Both characters have the same name, and you can see them on the top left and right. Left: detective. Right: the other world.

Han Seo Kyung, played by Kyung Soo Jin. Both characters have the same name but different jobs. Left: detective. Right: Prosecutor.

Brief world summaries

We start off in the first world where our main guy is trying to atone for his father's sins by taking care of the main girl. She became a prosecutor, and they're both searching for the answers to a series of dead bodies that have been dumped near an unused train station. No CCTV, no witnesses and no leads. 

That is until this prosecutor realises Seo Do Won, her only support, has been hiding the truth about her father's murder. He thinks his own father murdered him and is caring for her to make up for this injustice. Just as she finds leads on both questionable points from her father's murder as well as the strange connection this unused train station has with an impossible train and the current serial killer case, she's murdered.

 The next world we see through overlaps. What will be the same or different in the other world?

And what if these worlds do overlap? How could you know the difference in the people around you?

Struggling for the truth

One, we want to know who murdered the main girl's family and if the main guy's dad really was the culprit. The detective at the scene muddied the waters because she felt bad for the son and the consequences of being a murderer's son. We can see this struggle in Come and Hug Me.

Two, we want to know who is leaving the bodies in suitcases. How are they being murdered and dumped there with no one knowing?

Three, we want to know what exactly is wrong with this train and the two worlds having their train stations connected. In one, it still operates. In another, it's already closed for 5 years.

Four, if we don't know how the worlds are connected then how exactly do you deal with doppelgangers? Would you adapt them into this new society and accept there are two people that are biologically the same? Or would you keep searching for a way back for them to return to their world? In the end, who can even make this decision and what is truly best for each individual and both the worlds? Also, as a side note - why is it always the murderer that comes through with parallel worlds and decides it's a perfect place to get away with murder? I'm thinking of The King: Eternal Monarch. It might just be that people with a sense of justice and morality struggle to answer this, and that's when the story truly begins.

Support network

The support network really failed at the beginning and led to the main girl's death. Teamwork, travelling in pairs and letting people know when you're in danger or having a hard time is very important.

So when it's obvious you need help, what changes?

When a detective knocks on your door

Someone knocks at your door, and you slowly turn. This could be a moment of terrifying news or relief. When a detective knocks on your door, what changes and how do the characters respond?

The victim's family.

The assailant's family.

We have a lot of detectives and prosecutors, so what about their reactions?

Then, how about the characters that are told second-hand that they were murdered - yet they're still alive. Episode two really started to mess with the characters because the evidence all points to two people with the same DNA and fingerprints, but it's impossible, even for identical twins. So, how would you react?

What are your thoughts on this drama so far?

Thanks for reading!

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