by Tine, May 14, 2021

Do you keep hearing spooky noises at night?  Do you feel chills running down your spine from time to time? Do odd things happen around you quite often like… glasses shattering, chairs moving, dishes flying? Then you should call Ghostbus- ehh.. Daebak Realty! They are gonna hear you out for sure. ;)

 Episodes:  16
 Duration:  1h 10min
 Airing:  14.04. - 03.06.2021
 Country:  South Korea
 Genres:  Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
 Tags:  Exorcism, Supernatural, Smart Female Lead

Sell Your Haunted House is about Hong Ji Ah, an exorcist who runs a little Realty company. They take cases from haunted houses, get rid of the ghost and sell the house again. One day, she encounters conman Oh In Beom, who turns out to be a psychic. In Beom, who needs money, and Ji Ah, who needs a new psychic, decide to work together on solving ghost cases. Soon they learn there is more behind it and there might even be a connection between them both and their mysterious pasts. There is a main plot which runs through the whole drama, and then there is always a different exorcism case for each episode, where you get to know the story of the ghost.

This article might include minor spoilers from the first 8 episodes. As always, I try to not reveal too much! :)

Jang Na Ra as Hong Ji Ah

Her abilities run in her family. She's been doing exorcism  for quite a while now and it hardened her personality. She appears strong, tough, and cool.  She does boxing as balance and vent out from her job. As an exorcist, she senses and sees spirits/ghost who haven't left the world yet. She is able to send them back to the afterworld  with her abilities and tools. There are some side effects, though. She's been trying to send her mother off.

Jung Yong Hwa as Oh In Beom

He is a fraud who conns people into buying his high class technical devices to get rid of ghosts ;D. He turns out to be a psychic, which are very helpful to exorcists. Psychics can be possessed by ghosts but can't see them. He seems to be not just a normal psychic, though - as he also gets some special side effects. He also seems to be connected to Daebak Realty, as his uncle gave him a necklace before his death which keeps ghosts from possessing him.

Kang Mal Geum as Joo Hwa Jung

She is Ji Ahs secretary and helps out with the information obtaining. With this, they can identify the ghosts easier. Something about her seems off, though, so beware of her… just in case. ;)
Kang Hong Suk as Heo Ji Cheol

He is the best friend of Oh In Beom and worked together with him in his fraud business. Now that they are helping out at Daebak Realty, he is also in charge of information obtaining as he is quite skilled at hacking. As a normal person, he neither sees ghosts, nor gets possessed by them.

Baek Eun Hye as Hong Mi Jin

She is Ji Ahs mother who died years ago during an exorcism. She now lives as a ghost at Daebak Realty. Ghosts are vengeful spirits who can't go to the afterlife just yet. They roam around for revenge, justice or other unfinished businesses. Ji Ah has been trying to send her off - unsuccessfully.
Other suspicious people

Ahn Gil Kang as Do Hak Seong

The Chairman of Dohak Construction. He's been trying to buy the buildings of Daebak Realty and around. He and his gangster gang show up now and then to make trouble for them since he always gets what he wants. He seems to be involved in mess of the main leads past.

The ghost repellent necklace.An incense lamp to help the exorcism.
The exorcism stick to send off the ghost.The exorcism gun to keep the ghost in place.
Salt. The willing psychic.

Disclaimer: Don't try this alone at home!


As Jung Yong Hwa is a singer himself, of course he contributed his voice to the drama, too. He sang the OST "I Got Ya", which has a pretty catchy melody and a even more catchy lyrics ;) ~

"Every night I dream of somethin’ bad
You’d better run, don’t be hangin’ around
The sound of your rough breath
That pushed away my disturbing memories
Is suddenly next to me"


Firstly, I have to compliment Jang Na Ra. I've only seen her in timid roles so far and was doubtful about her in the role of Ji Ah. But until now she's been pulling it off! I love her acting and character. The darker makeup/lipstick suits her very well and I love how strong and independent her character seems. She is very beautiful here! On the other hand, In Beoms character seems more easygoing and funny. Secondly, there is always more to every ghost story, and they end up being pretty emotional, which I also really like. Still, the drama has lots of funny scenes, too. Despite it having the Horror Genre tagged - it's not scary, so no worries (for me, lol). I've been enjoying this drama so far but I have to admit there are also some draggy parts sometimes. It's not as dynamic as other dramas I'm currently watching. But I'm definitely interested in the story and looking forward to how it will turn out! :)

Fun Fact: Kang Hong Suk, who plays the role of Heo Ji Cheol (MLs friend) here, appeared in the Korean musical of Death Note as Ryuk (Shinigami). So he didn't only wear a very nice costume (lol) - but can also sing! :)

Are you watching Sell Your Haunted House or are you planning to? What is your opinion about it? Let me know in the comments! :)

Credits: I don't own any pictures. The pictures are taken from the MDL photo gallery and screenshots from the actual drama (KBS). The lyrics translation was taken from popgasa. Credits to the respective owners.