by Brownie, July 15, 2020

Hello/sawadee, fellow MDLers!

Brownie here! It's been a long while since my last article, but this time I wanted to do one on a drama I am currently watching. I wasn't really going to write an article until I saw Yuanwei's post about writers. Hence, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to talk about my favourite drama at the moment.

The contents of this article contain no major spoilers.

Ruk Laek Pop

The plot

Pete, who is in debt, is a social media influencer in our present day. One day, he goes to his great grandfather's old house, and while he is there, he finds his great grandfather's passbook. He finds it only to get sucked into it and finds himself in the past where he meets his great grandfather.


Film Thanapat Kawila as Pete | Pian 
Film plays both Pete (present-day) and Pian (past). Pete is indescribable. I'm not very good at describing, especially when it's a character I've never seen before, but the only way I can think to describe him is: funny, prone to overreact, does extreme things and acts on impulse.

Then, we have Pian. He is basically the complete opposite. The only other (popular) character that I can relate him to is  Lan Zhan. He doesn't react to anything at all, has one facial expression and is very strict.

Vill plays Mae Wan, and I don't really know too much about her character because from the episodes I've seen so far, there's not a whole lot of scenes with her and even when there is, it's rather short. It's almost as if she's in a supporting role, but I hope that'll change soon.

Special Mention

There is someone else in the cast I just couldn't go without mentioning but, unfortunately, I have no idea who the actor is. He is "only" a supporting character but my gosh, he is great on-screen with Film. He plays Pian's right-hand man (also known as a servant, but I really don't like to use that term). His is really funny, and I think he makes everything even more worth watching.

My Thoughts So Far

I watched the trailer a couple of months ago and honestly I wasn't sure about it. I don't really like Thai historicals, but after watching the first few mins of the first episode I fell in love, I was hooked almost immediately. The trailer did pique my interest, but it wasn't until I watched the first episode that I felt truly invested. The location does change between historical and modern consistently, which is something I prefer, especially after recently watching Likit Haeng Jan.

Most people who use feeds will have seen me excessively spamming about this - I feel like I'm the only one watching. So sad... but hopefully this will change after people read my article... no pressure. lol 

There are a lot of Thai dramas airing right now, but it wasn't until I saw the new latest Top Airing Dramas feature which separates each country's top airing dramas that I was quite shocked to find that this one was not listed which mean not many people are actually watching this one - which is when I decided to write this article.

Where to watch

This is a huge issue with lakorns, unlike BLs and other series whereby, it's difficult to find where it's being subbed; however, two places are subbing this. Most lakorn lovers like myself use fansubbers like JAM (justanothermuse), but due to recent development they have had to go private, so the only way to gain access is by donating. Otherwise, there is also VIU as another option. If you have access to VIU, then you'll find it with the English name, The Passbook.

We have reached the end. I didn't want to turn this into an essay lol. Thanks very much for reading! I look forward to reading your comments.

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