by Minarii, September 2, 2018

Hello! Today I decided to share with you my thoughts about ‘Risky Romance’ – a currently airing drama that seems to get a lot of hate and negative opinions. Yes, it’s not the best drama out there, there are many scenes that will annoy you, and the main characters will make you cringe.  After watching the first few episodes, the only thing that came to my mind is, ‘Why am I watching this ridiculous thing?' I started asking myself if I should continue watching it, is it really worth it or am I wasting my precious time? Well, I didn’t drop it and I made the right decision because it gets better, you just have to be patient.

WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers!


'Han Seung Joo is a neurosurgeon with a strong desire for winning. Joo In Ah is an endocrinologist who's obsessed with hormones. They fall in love.'

Since this is a romance drama, reading this synopsis and seeing that pink poster, you expect a sweet, lovey-dovey romance between the leads. However, the first episodes ruins all of your expectations. 

Instead of a light, funny romance, you have a male lead who hates the female lead and constantly tries to ruin her life because of a misunderstanding. He was so rude to her that I started to wonder how are they supposed to fall in love? Is it even possible? I didn't want them to be together, because their relationship was going nowhere. There was no love between them. The scenes that were supposed to be funny were rather bittersweet. For example, when the male lead was stalking her. I found it really funny, but then, the accident with that bag happened and I was annoyed. Everything was ridiculous.

Gladly, all the things I pointed out disappeared after the first half of the drama. And that's why I'm glad I didn't drop it. Yes, the ridiculous scenes are still there, what is supposed to be funny is still awkward, but the romance gets better. We started seeing a more positive side of the main lead and there are even romantic moments that even made my heart flutter. Their relationship is slowly developing. 

Also, 'Risky Romance' is more romance than medical drama. So don't be mistaken and don't expect anything. I barely see medical elements, which is a pity, because the reason why I started watching this was mainly because I love medical dramas.


Joo In Ah (Lee Shi Young) is an endocrinologist, who is obsessed with hormones. She's a good-hearted woman and always tries her best to help the patients. Although Seung Joo was terribly rude to her, she never gave up on him, her desire to help him never disappears.

However, she is too naive sometimes and gets easily hurt because of that. But I think that is what makes her character more realistic. 

I don't know if Lee Shi Young is a bad actress or whether the role doesn't suit her, (or maybe it's both), but sometimes her acting/role was so bad that I had to skip scenes. It's not like that the whole time, when there is a more dramatic scenes she always pulls it off, but when she has to laugh or make an angry face it looks too fake and awkward. Maybe this is the point of her character, but still.  

Han Seung Joo (Ji Hyun Woo) is a neurosurgeon with an exceptionally rude personality. But is he really a bad person? No. He is just sick. He is a man whose best friend died in front of his eyes and that accident left our main lead with  trauma. 

Seung Joo is a broken person, a lost soul. A man who needs help, but doesn't know how to ask for it. 

But he is still a good-hearted person, although he doesn't know how to show it. 

He is definitely not right to blame In Ah for his best friend's death especially when he doesn't have any proof. But he does all that because he is sick, so consider this before hating on him. (I'm saying this because a lot of people were hating him and I felt like it's not that right to do this)

Cha Jae Hwan (Kim Jin Yeop) was my sweetheart. He brought a light to this drama with his good personality and positiveness. Like In Ah, she likes helping others and he always tries his best. 

He was (and still is to one point) my favourite character and one of the reasons I didn't drop the drama.

However, the writers decided to make him the bad second lead who only cares about the girl he wants. I guess they wanted Seung Joo to look better in our eyes. But it's pointless. 

I still love him and I still hope he will do the right thing at the end.

Joo Se Ra (Yoon Joo Hee) is In Ah' sister. She always seems cold-hearted, but somehow, I find her situation similar to Seung Joo's. 

She hates In Ah because she believes that it's her sister's fault that their parents died. Se Ra feels betrayed. But I think the reason why she's acting like this it that she feels sorry that she wasn't close with her parents before the accident. It may look like she's truly blaming In Ah, but I feel like she blames herself the most.

She also lost her path and she doesn't know how to find it. I believe she's not really that bad.



Their moments make my heart flutter. 

If you like slow developing romance, then you might like this drama. Yes, it was torture in the beginning, but now I can't get enough of them. I'm looking forward to every Monday because of this drama. (and 30 but 17)


Beside the awkward scenes I mentioned, there are really funny ones that worth watching.


I think if you don't take the drama too seriously, you will be able to enjoy it.

And you have to be patient. There are a lot of dramas that started off boring but got better later. (e.g Introverted Boss, Because This Is My First Life, Knowing Wife)

It's enjoyable and I recommend it! With that said, if you are not a patient watcher, maybe this drama is not for you.

What do you think about Risky Romance so far? Do you like it or not?

Thank you for reading!