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Hello, dear MDL readers! From the moment I saw the title, I smelled something was brewing up: a party for fantasy lovers, like myself. So without further due, I invite all of you to sneak a peek! Please, come inside!

Fair Warning: This article contains major spoilers for episodes 1-4! 

(Scenes are included).

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A complex and mysterious fantasy story that pendulums between drama and a hilarious comedy, engraved with countless real-life situations, that involve workplace abuse, greed, corruption, hatred, revenge up to good deeds all experienced by the living and the dead which are carefully monitored by Weol Joo, a woman who has the amazing ability to enter into someone's dreams by using a sacred wine from the Afterlife, to solve whatever tortures them during the day. However, in the present, she already has over 500 years of existence, due to the fact she received harsh punishment for the unforgivable sins she committed during her youth.  Ever since then, her soul and heart stood frozen in time, giving her, in the end, a cruel, hot-tempered personality, thus not letting anyone close enough to even chat casually. Even, Gwi who is a former grim reaper that has stood by her side all these years still seems to be sometimes at a loss for words when he witnesses that fiery attitude of hers. But, everything starts to change, when Weol Joo, has the chance to meet a young man, named Han Kang Bae who has a hidden secret...

Hwang Jung Eum as Weol Joo

A prickly and ill-tempered woman. with a sharp tongue. that made a grave mistake in the past: she took away her own life due to her burning hatred towards humans, along with 100.000 people, whose souls were tied together with an old Sacred Tree. Thus, as a punishment she needs to spend at least 300 years in the human world to resolve the grudges of all these lost souls, earnestly and slowly becoming a counselor that does not belong in the living world, nor in that of the dead. To her, there is no crueler punishment than this. Nowadays she only has solved the matters of the heart for the last ten people, but due to her temper, she stumbles upon on a big problem: none of the costumers she encounters are willing to open up and slowly tell their issues, no matter how hard she tries. What will become of her, if she won't succeed? 

"They should be desperate enough to kill, or they can't die because of their grudge, or be in a life and death situation. That's what you call a grudge."

(GiF image credit goes to: belsmultifandommess on Tumblr)

Yook Sung Jae as Han Kang Bae

"If you solve problems, can you even change a person's temperament?" 

Kang Bae is one of the key characters in this tale because he has a unique and intriguing ability to be able to make people instantly open up, with the single touch of his hands. Without him, who has packed inside a burning passion, which make him want to succeed in everything he does, along with an essential and bottomless stream of empathy, Weol Joo would not be able to find more customers and effectively solve their seemingly never-ending inner problems, especially now that she received an ultimatum: if she won't manage to find 10 more humans and amiably resolve their grudges in one month, she will have to go in Hell! Tough, at first, Kang Bae seems like a happy-go-lucky person, but in fact, he feels terribly lonely because he refrained himself from touching any person, to avoid hearing personal wishes, issues or frustrations. But, let's not forget he has hidden scars of his own since we get to know, he is actually an orphan. Thus, being able to have a workplace at Weol Joo mystical bar will help him come out of his closed off-shell, changing his personality and views on life in more ways than one.  

Honestly, it's the best comic tag team, I've seen in a while!

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Choi Won Young as Chief Gwi

Even the actor himself revealed that Gwi's, presence "may seem insignificant as he works at the mystic bar without a big presence, while being treated poorly and bossed around by Weol Joo,  but he’s actually a very important character.”  With him you'll find yourself between the boundary of laughing with tears one minute and crying a bucket the next scene,  because Gwi is someone that's filled with love for humans in general, who comes right away in the nick of time to the rescue, using some exceptional hidden talents and always offering a drink for his customers, making all their exhaustion and the never-ending stress that accumulates inside,  each day, to go away swiftly, like an ocean breeze.    

"You used to be a detective squad chief catching evil spirits."

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The plot is actually so diverse and faced paced, filled with a lot of suspense, it might be hard for some viewers to catch up. Still, one thing is for sure, that's the reason why this ride it's so entertaining! Simply throwing inside, lots of fantasy and mystery spoons, plus three-quarters of salty drama and a slight of rosy scented romance that stems up all the way from a long and forgotten past life, making this one of best watching recopies ever! So, If you are hungry for something fresh and fun, then Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a must-go destitution for you! If you still don't believe me,  here it is funny. casual interview with the main cast, that hopefully, will convince you:

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Official music video:  Dive by Jung Jin Woo (정진우)  OST Part 1.

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Other cast members with supporting or guest roles are included here:  Cast

Have I managed to convince to watch this or not? 

I am patiently waiting to know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section, down below.

#StayaHome "Saying something nice to someone and sincerely helping someone all come back like this. That's the way to live."

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Clingy best friends versus a heartfelt first love. Take a pick.

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