by Old_Anime_Lady, August 19, 2020

When I first heard of this drama, it was when Hirano Sho was cast as one of the co-leads along with Nakajima Kento and since I am trying to keep up with his career, it went on my Plan to Watch list.  I did not know there was a Korean movie to which this is a remake. I may get around to watch it someday.  It is like many of the spring dramas that got postponed due to Corona but finally got rescheduled and I am so happy it did.

I absolutely love the bromance chemistry these two have on-screen and how the two personalities complement each other perfectly.  

Fair warning there will be mild spoilers for episode 1 in this article beyond this point.  It will not ruin the experience but I am going to introduce the characters and a bit about them and their personalities.

What is the story? I hear you ask.  Well, we the audience are following two recruits as they are interviewed for the police academy, get accepted and then train aaannnd maybe the trouble they keep finding themselves in. : )   They are surrounded by other recruits that have their own personalities, which I like even if they are bit parts. The world is still populated with more than just cotton swabs (nameless extras).  Their instructors get exasperated by them at times but it is to be expected.  It is a Tv drama so don't expect a lot of realism in procedures or reactions of higher-ups.

 Nakajima Kento 
Honma Kai
  • Very book smart.
  • Went to an all-boys school. 
  • Wants to be a hero.  
  • Has not been satisfied with his previous jobs.
Hirano Sho
Ichinose Jiro - 
  • Full of heart and instinct 
  • filling his deceased brother's dream to become a police officer.  
  • Not that strong with book smarts
  • More worldly in his views.
Kichise Michiko 
Oikawa Ranko [Assistant professor at the Police Academy]
  • Very Strict instructor
  •  Disapproves of the boys but slowly VERY slowly warms up over time to recognize their skills even if they are breaking rules

Iseya Yusuke
Katanosaka Yuzuru [Instructor at the Police Academy] 

At first, we don't know what his deal is, over the course of the show his secrets get revealed. But he takes a liking to the boys early on.  He has been an instructor for 9 years but before that, he was one of the best profilers in the precinct he was at.

If you like bromance comedies or buddy cop titles, I highly recommend this drama.  Watching these two get into and out of mischief all in the name of justice and what is right has been the highlight of my weeks since it resumed airing.  I hope you too will give this drama a chance.

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