by Ankita, November 6, 2018

Can chaos ever be calming? I was forced to think about it after watching a few episodes of Matrimonial Chaos. I really want to know if other people who are watching this drama feel oddly calm watching this. Hit me up in the comment section. 


This drama revolves around two couples in their mid-30s. The first couple, played by Cha Tae Hyun and Bae Doo Na, were married for 3 years when suddenly out of the blue they decided to call it quits. The other couple, ex-girlfriend of the male lead, and her husband, played by Lee El and Son Seok Koo, have been married for 6 months but haven't told anyone about their marriage. Between the two couples, there's a lot of drama, friendship, love and cheating.  

Here’s a list of reasons to watch Matrimonial Chaos! 


For most of us who are in their early twenties, we are beginning to realise adulthood is nothing but a nightmare from which there is no escape. I am tired of dramas which glorify adulthood with at least one of the characters successfully growing up, giving us hope that there is a chance for us. NO. JUST NO. Successful growing up is a myth. We all are struggling, each one of us. So let’s just put an end to the ‘Larger than life’ backdrop of ‘slice of life’ drama.

The plot of this drama is as chaotic as life. When one thing goes right, it’s inevitable for the other to go wrong. But just as the chaos of life is beautiful so is this Matrimonial Chaos. You start understanding the characters and then their actions. There’s a sense of comfort when you see these characters find friendship and love amidst this chaos. 

This is an ultimate slice of life drama sans the glamorous quotient, as it should be.


This drama pushes you to analyse different relationships shared by the characters. The relationships are unconventional, yet it’s not difficult to understand their feelings. For many of us who haven’t experienced much of life’s struggles yet, we have certain principles which we think we would never deviate from. Like, does marriage really complete love or would you put up with a cheating spouse? For me, I have always been very headstrong about it. I thought, I absolutely would never condone cheating and would always advise the same. But as I am watching this drama, although the view has remained the same in my context, I have realised the same principle cannot be applied to all lives. There’s no one-fits-all rules for life. In this drama, you can understand where the characters are coming from and where they are going. In one way or another, you can relate to them. Even if you can’t relate to them, you learn from them. 


On a lighter note, where are my Something in the Rain supporters at?! This is a perfect pick for the takers of Noona romance. Bae Doo Na is the female protagonist whereas Wi Ha Joon plays the younger second love interest, who is also a musician. So get ready for a warm musical romance. 


Although not much has been hinted upon, there’s a speculation that one of the characters is either closeted or hasn’t really understood her/his sexual preferences. If this is so, this drama would not only focus on the complexities of heterosexual relationships, but would also show those of homosexual relationships.

I hope you liked this article. Thanks for reading! 

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