by Soju, August 18, 2020

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1hr 35min
Age gap, marriage of convenience, Hate To Love, widower, single parent. 
Earlier remake: 

Marn Bang Jai

Fuenglada (Mookda) is a pretty high school senior who is very close to her father (Ummarin). On the day of her school's sports fest, her father, who was on his way to watch her, collided with Taen's (Weir) car and passed away.

Taen is a rich widower with a daughter and lives with his brother Tai. He offers to marry Feunglada upon finding out that her stepmother Soithong (
Pim), was scheming to use her as payment for the debts she owes to a man (Passin) who runs gambling dens.

The path to a peaceful love is not easy with Taen being suspicious of Fuenglada's family and Soithong trying to make Soun (
Noey) closer to Taen. To find true happiness, they will have to endure it all.
               played by 
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              played by
 Mr. I wouldn't know if a good woman flew and slapped me in the face because I'm too busy running after my lousy hi-so girlfriend.❞
❝ Mr. I'm a well mannered and smart CEO, but I wouldn't know if a lady wanted to rob me off of my wealth — fine, I'll marry her daughter too. ❞

❝ Miss. I love my dad, and I love his murderer 

My humour is going to get me killed one day.

❝ Miss. I'm a great cook and could have married some hot chef, but I fell for an idiot instead. Guess we can't have it all.❞

    played by
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  played by
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 I'm the dead dad.
I can't earn money by myself, but I'm always greedy for someone else's
 The way to a man's heart is through his child.
A poor boyfriend? Is that an endangered species?
I lost my virginity! Can I have yours? hehe

"Duty of the heart" 
by Weir Sukollawat
It is my duty, 
I'm going to love you forever.
Someday maybe you will understand. 
"Is it Love?"
 by Patcha Anek-ayuwat
Every night your image came into my heart. 
"This means love, right?" I ask my heart every day. (2)
"Once in a Lifetime"
by Weir Sukollawat X Zom Marie
Even though I know full well that, in the end, we must say goodbye. Some people might show up just for us to meet once. (3)

⎡If you can get over the age gap, the slow build-up to romance, and the lack of romantic skin-ship... this can be something very pure and beautiful to you.⎦

⎡Again, this could be something very pure and beautiful.⎦

⎡Also for you all... ehem... ladies and gents who have daddy issues a father complex... ehem... you might like this?⎦

⎡Weir may be an uncle. But he's a hot uncle. Uncle, I would like to give flowers to.⎦
Marry me, uncle! ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

⎡The bond between Lada and Than’s daughter is very adorable. It's cute watching them together. I mean in the end, they do make a cute family.⎦

⎡Kids, take note. This is how a stomach chest compression should be. Take notes!⎦

⎡We get a lot of this. The physical and emotional chaos from Lada's side is strong! It's tough for her to trust Than and let him in, so expect level 4 hair ripping side effect.⎦

⎡Dear Producers,
This is not the way to go about marketing your drama. You do not put the FL in a high school uniform beside the ML. Had all the other outfits caught on fire? (┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻⎦

⎡And what would we do without a couple of shameless ladies? 

Lovers of "The shameless lakorn ladies" club, this is the lakorn for you! We don't just have 1 of them, we have 3 of them for you!!⎦

[Seeing Weir act so well mannered and proper is really hard for me. It constantly feels like I'm watching a wolf go about in sheep's clothing.]⎡Me too, Lada. Me, too.⎦

          So far, I think this lakorn is pretty decent. 

              When I think about something I really dislike — at this moment, from the post-production to the plot, I can not think of any. Is it going to stay this way till the end? Maybe not?

                     This is, of course, a lakorn, and I would not put it past the plot having enough power to cause a few dozen strands of hair being pulled out of my scalp because of this show, but it's not the worst that I have seen.

         This lakorn has been established on something that is controversial to many. The girl is a senior in high school, around 18 or 19 if the sources are correct, while the guy is well in his thirties — and although I might not feel as awkward seeing this, some people might not like it.  

                         But if you do give this a try, and you are able to get past the age gap and slow journey to love — you might just end up really liking this show.  ┐(︶▽︶)┌

                     Oh, and the second male lead is a bit of an idiot as well. Gotta keep an eye on that one.

              Finally, while roaming the comments section of this lakorn, I also saw people talking about —

      — how the two main characters fell in love with each other.    

                So while I was watching, I could not help but be extra observant, and I thought I'd share my opinion here. 

                   I think Than fell in love with Lada because of his gradual observation and realisation that the girl before him is not a child but a woman. 

            Before he had even met Lada, he had thought of her as a kid, and that's how she was in his mind until he began seeing more of her. The more he saw, the more he was surprised, the more he was impressed, and the more fond he got of her. 

               Lada, on the other hand, has a bit of a father complex ehem. She clearly began liking him because he is kind, mature, willing to take her tantrums, takes care of her, and is like this big tree that she can always count on for shade and shelter. 

                 However, she has also seen the adventurous side of him. He's not really just an uncle sort. He likes water sports, gyms it hard, and he can fight — he's not all boring, and that's impressive to her hehe.

If you're currently watching, or have watched this lakorn — why do you think the two fell in love with each other? 

All that aside, here are my current ratings for this drama: 

⌜Overall : 9
    Story      : 8
    Acting    : 9
       Music     : 8⌟

I do not rewatch dramas, so I did not include that.  

I hope you enjoyed the article ("• ֊ •"). This is my first time writing a "Currently Watching", and I hope I did alright. 
         Please do let me know if I missed something in the comments section and I will improve next time. 

Thank you for reading!
See you next time,
— Soju


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