by MissCub, November 21, 2017

So before I get started can I just say that the general description of Mad Dog makes it sound so much less awesome than it actually is! Just the idea of watching a drama about insurance fraud does not sound thrilling to me at all, but this show is AMAZING!

First of all there's this guy:

Woo Do Hwan, where the heck did you come from!? I started this drama having no clue how much of an amazing actor this guy is. How did I not know this before!? Plus look at how good looking he is!!! Lowkey at a glance I thought he was Ryu Joon Yeol because of his photo on MDL but nope he's not and that's okay because it just means MORE TALENT! 

I've completely fallen for him to the point I finished the drama Save Me just because of him and yes I do know he was in Sweet Stranger and Me, I loved it and I loved him in it. He plays a very complicated character Kim Min Joon aka Jan Gebauer

He was adopted by a German couple at the age of seven and seems to have little to no trust or love for other people due to how many times he's been abandoned or hurt by them. This is a character that you will see grow and learn many shocking things about. Woo Do Hwan does a phenomenal job, I'm so glad he got this role.

I cried because of him in one of these episodes, just saying...

Then there's:

Yoo Ji Tae, wow, last time I saw him in a drama was Healer. He's a very, solid, actor if that makes sense? Kind of like the foundation that all the other actors can bounce off of yet he still gives 110% and an amazing performance.

He plays Choi Kang Woo who once worked for a very big insurance company as the leader of their investigating team but due to tragic circumstances he is now the leader of Mad Dog.  This is a team dedicated to finding and stopping those who commit insurance fraud and trust me they go to GREAT lengths to do this.

One of the greatest parts of this show for me is watching Choi Kang Woo and Kim Min Joon go back and forth with each other. Their dialogue can go from incredibly emotional to very funny which I love with all my heart.

Then we have the rest of the Mad Dog team: 

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) and Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) are basically the field agents of the Mad Dog team. They go undercover to get information on various people or companies they're investigating for insurance fraud. They're great supporting roles, Jo Jae Yun brings some great humor to the show and Ryu Hwa Young is great as this strong female character. On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Sung) is the techy hacker guy of the group (for lack of a better description that I can come up with), because every group has to have the nerdy tech guy. He brings this cute/ innocent quality to the team I really like and he also has some sort of condition where he can't be exposed to sunlight or something.

Why Watch This Show?

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is a drama full of interesting characters with a thrilling storyline full of emotion, pain and tragedy. But not only that, it's the characters you get emotionally invested in, and the humor between the intense moments and the chemistry between the actors that grabs me and pulls me in. It's a drama about a team of mismatched individuals coming together to catch people who commit insurance fraud yet so much more.

If I've piqued your interest at all then please check it out! It's currently airing so be warned you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms like I am right now as I write this article waiting for the next episode!

Til next time! ~Cub

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