by dramaworld, February 14, 2020

This guy is the biggest mistake in my life

It’s been a while for me since I saw Japanese dramas. I don’t even remember ever watching a currently airing one from the first week. It’s always been binging Jdramas for me, but somehow I ended up starting this one from the first week.
This intriguing and unique drama is a manga adaption and honestly reading the synopsis I almost went, NOPE, not doing that.    
You see, you can tell many things can go wrong in the drama just from reading that synopsis, and I could get easily angry, or my mind aimlessly drifts to the “oh would it be funny if the genders were reversed” thing. 

But I still tried this one (I blame my drama slump) and guess what; so far it’s really entertaining and somehow promising. It’s a silly, funny type of drama. The execution is done pleasantly, so I am rarely complaining. Though it has no mature scenes, the idea itself is more for a mature or seasoned audience.

✘ The Trailer ✘

✘ Who We Got ✘

As we have the genius arrogant CEO with the photographic memory, who’s always been treated like a spoiled king by everyone around him.

Hayami Mokomichi as Amagi Kyoichi


We also have the feisty and very much annoyed temporary worker; she’s a strong woman who doesn’t mind expressing herself in any situation.

Matsui Airi as Sato Yui

✘ What Happens ✘

So, when one-day Amagi met Sato in a bar, everything changed for them, even though this wasn’t a usual encounter for both of them. Sato was mourning the loss of her dog and ended up drunk and venting very loudly with the bartender. In which case Amagi said some really mean words to her. 

So as any strong drunk girl who doesn’t know this man is her CEO and she might get fired for retaliating, SHE TRIPS HIM. And when he falls miserably in front of everyone, she says it’s on PURPOSE and tells him off about his arrogance.

The next day, the drama really starts when we see the CEO calling her to his office and asking to be her to accept him as her slave. YES, you read that right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is my first time seeing a male lead who is definitely a masochist, he’s in love with Sato, and he’s too open about wanting to be dominated. So far, the atmosphere and characters interactions are ridicules and comical without being very alarming.

Amagi shows obsession and stalkerish behaviour towards Sato, so she calls him creepy and weirdo A LOT without being intimidated by his status.
Despite being the person with the power (he’s the CEO), he tilted the power scales that now she (the temporary accounting worker) has most of the power.
So far he’s still respectful while appearing creepy, for example, in episode 2, she asks him to stay away and ignore her, and he follows her order to the T. So the dynamic works, the CEO who wants to be a slave for the temporary worker and the temporary worker who keeps confidently rejecting and scolding the CEO saving no punches or jabs.

The drama uses these unconventional characters to create silly absurd and funny situations.

The episodes are concise, 23 minutes, which is something I both like and hate. I don’t think we have a final number of episodes yet, but we are guessing 10 with 6 confirmed.

✘ The OST

Cute yet somewhat intense (lyrics and official MV wise) OST by Reiji Kawaguchi

The entry song is (I Am Slave For You), and its video is a representation of their different worlds link. While the ending song is (STOP) that is played in a refreshing new way, with a clip of the whole episode going backwards in high speed which never fails to remind of these last-minute cramming sessions before the finals. It’s like the episode highlight reel so be careful viewing that, it is a spoiler for sure. Link to episode 1 ending clip.

✘ Finally

It’s a very light silly manga adaption, so if any of you, looking for some hardcore dramas to watch just go away and don’t waste your time. But for those of you who are looking for a light drama to watch, this one has 3 subbed episodes so far that you can enjoy.

Though watch out it can be a "so bad I can’t stop watching" kind of drama or not your cup of tea kind of drama. As some might think, this drama theme can hide violence behind romance, but the presentation of consenting, eccentric, adult characters is delivered in a comedic, over the top, non-offensive manner which is by no way worrying.

That said, I can still see it as a tough watch for some, specially non-seasoned and young watchers. It doesn't get worse than the trailer, so if you can handle the trailer, you probably can handle the drama. So tell me what you think. Did you try the drama?  What do you think of it? Are you watching it?

Trigger warnings so far:
Light violence (the ML welcomes the FL’s shoulder throws and jabs), Light drinking, Drink Spiking (in episode 2 by minor character but the crises is quickly averted) and Obsession with somehow respectful stalkerish behaviour somehow. 

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