by azyjtevol, April 7, 2019


Hi, MDL'ers~ 

I'm azyjtevol and my name might sound familiar to some of you as I'm also an editor here. :D I'm also active on the feeds here and there. If not, then it's my pleasure to greet you all through this article. ~hihi~ This is my first official article so I hope you can bear with me. :P I'm open to any constructive criticism in the comments! Also, hopefully, I can convince you to check out this hilarious drama. ~hehe~ I've started this one mainly because of Kim Nam Gil, one of my favourite actors in South Korea. xD The rest of the cast is also pretty impressive!

So, I have to be honest... the storyline here isn't this drama's forte. It is pretty cliché. But, oh well, here it goes!

A not so ''mysterious'' death occurs and the main leads get entangled in the investigation. They'll (very slowly) uncover the truth behind the event and discover the corruption that goes on behind the scenes. Will these misfits ever get together? How's their teamwork even going to be functional? Find out by tuning in! ;)

This drama stands out thanks to:

  • A good amount of inside jokes (e.g.: pay attention when Lee Honey appears on-screen with a jingle that goes Honey honey~)! The actors go all in with the comedy. They outdo themselves every week. :D There's no hesitation on sacrificing their image for it.
  • Endless actions scenes, a real feast I say! There's at least one of them in each episode. 
  • ''Subtle'' mentions of social issues (Burning Sun club = Rising Moon club) going on in South Korea.
  • Random utilization of CGI effects to look forward to. The editing team is having a whole lot of fun with it!

I think this is where this drama distinguishes itself the most. :) The main characters are not your typical good guys, they're quite nuanced. They each have their own intriguing past that leads them to be who they are today. (Yeah, like any Korean character you'd think, but please hear me out. haha) Their flaws are all accentuated and that is how their journey gets interesting as they get to grow through it. The actors' chemistry with each other is also remarkable! You have to see it for yourself. >.<

Kim Hae Il or Father Michael (Kim Nam Gil) is the main character, he is a real troublemaker but he aims for justice. He is very hot-tempered (as the title suggests haha) and doesn't hesitate to use his fists whenever he judges that it is necessary (which might end up being a little too often ^^'). 

Goo Dae Young (Kim Sung Kyun) is a detective, but he is renown to be quite bad at his job... He's a coward. Even in his attempt to help, he ends up causing more trouble (and mostly to himself). He's of a shy nature and is quite the opposite of Hae Il, he seems to value his superiors' orders more than justice itself.

Park Kyung Sun (Lee Ha Nui or Lee Honey) is a well-respected prosecutor. She's an efficient lady at her job and has a gorgeous fashion style. ;) She's self-confident with unconventional morals. Her character is quite hard to read. She often butts heads (literally) with Kim Hae Il and gets swayed in her plans all because of his beauty (who can blame her?). 

Hwang Chul Beom (Go Joon) is the gangster turned businessman. He's the subordinate to the ''big ones'' and does a great majority of their dirty work. 

*left-to-right*: Jung In Ki, Han Ki Joong, Kim Hyung Mook, Jung Yoo Joo and Go Joon.

There's also a huge lineup of villains played by some awesome Korean veteran actors. You'd think how the hell are the good guys going to win over them? Me too...

A huge shoutout to the precious side characters making this drama so much more enjoyable! They're real scene stealers. :)

For the full list of cast (click here).

Fiery Priest's ratings are gradually going up as the weeks pass by and most recently reached: 20.9% (Seoul) and 18.5% (Nationwide) on March 29th.

The main actor Kim Nam Gil has suffered multiple injuries (fracturing his fingers, wrist and ribs) due to his numerous actions scenes, but he insisted on resuming the filming process because he didn't want to delay it. :(

Kim Nam Gil and Lee Honey have already collaborated in the past. She played his mysterious secretary on the melodrama Shark.

Fiery Priest is actually SBS' first drama of the Friday-Saturday time slot, previously occupied by the variety show Law of the Jungle. In doing so, they're trying to rival the cable dramas' successes such as Goblin and SKY Castle that were previously airing at that time slot.

Geum Sae Rok (supporting actress, playing Seo Seung Ah) was recently a guest on Running Man (Episode 442). She was there to promote the drama since both shows are from SBS.

I'm sure everyone loves it when a drama is shot beautifully and surprisingly enough this one does an excellent job at it! The cinematography is just so pretty~ But a picture's worth a thousand words, so I'll just shut up now and let you take in the picturesque screenshots.


Here's a fanmade video to promote the drama without spoilers. Disclaimer: Song contains some curse words!

Now that's pretty much all I can say to promote the show without spoiling it. xD 

I hope you enjoyed the article and that I've at least piqued your curiosity on the drama. 

Don't hesitate to share your own impressions in the comments. 

I'd love to read your thoughts on this underrated drama! 

Psst, you can still catch up if you want to watch the finale as it airs. ;)

Credits to the gifs' owners, all found on tumblr! Some pictures were from Google and MDL. Most screenshots are mine though. :) The FMV video is credited at the bottom of it.