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Have you guys watched Kingdom?  I definitely have seen it, as I am sure you have! As most of us know, Kingdom is a drama that depicts a zombie outbreak during historical times. Similar to that drama, we have a drama that depicts the zombie outbreak during  modern times. Which drama is it? It is...

Dark Hole

Warning: Some images/gifs may not be suitable for some users.

May contain some spoilers from episodes 1-8!

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Duration: 60min
Airing Schedule: Apr 30, 2021 - Jun 5, 2021
Days Aired: Friday & Saturday
Status: Ongoing
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

Network: OCN & tvN

This show is about a group of survivors who have to fight for their lives against mutants that are created when humans breathe mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole. Lee Hwa Sun is a police detective in the Seoul regional investigation unit. Lee Hwa Sun’s life is turned upside down when she receives a phone call from her husband’s murderer, telling her to come to Mujishi. However, the people in Mujishi have been transformed into monsters after breathing in a mysterious dark smoke. Lee Hwa Sun must not only fight to survive, but also battle her fear in order to capture her husband’s murderer. Yoo Tae Han is a native of Mujishi and a wreck car driver. He has a carefree personality and likes to joke around, but he has a strong sense of justice. He quit being a police officer due to a scandal caused by a misunderstanding, but he is proud of his days in the force. When he meets Lee Hwa Sun in the chaos of Mujishi, he devotes his life to saving others from danger.

For me, getting to know the process is the most important, so let's start with that.

Now what process? The answer is: The process of turning into zombies. As you can see in the gifs provided below, when the black smoke  in the air goes inside the nasal passage of a person, it starts to control the person's mind. It makes them see their weaknesses or the people they hate the most. 

As we see here, the man's face wasn't good, and that was his weakness. He had to hear a lot of  people tell him that he was a monster or he was ugly. So, when the black smoke went through his nose, he started to see his childhood and his wife who always scolded him.  Their motive then is to kill the person they see.

Now, how is their motive to kill every person they see when they hate only a particular person? That's because even if they are seeing someone else, they'll see the person they want to kill or the person they hate the most.

As we see in this gif, the old lady doesn't see the detective standing there but the person she hates or more likely the person she wants to kill. This is the reason the zombies kill unknown strangers in this drama.

This is The Dark Hole

So, apparently, this is the hub or, as some might say, the home of the black smoke. This is the place from where all the black smoke  in the air comes. If you go near it, then there is a much higher chance of that black smoke entering your nose. Because of this black smoke, all the survivors have to wear a mask in order to prevent the smoke from coming in their nose. Just like this

What controls the zombies is a ball like monster with huge tentacles living inside this dark hole. It takes over and controls the minds of all the mutants. At some point, it may even stop the mutants, at which point the people thought it was over, but when those survivors came out, the mutants started to attack again.
When it takes over people's mind, their eyes completely turn black and they can't be taken out of that situation.

Lee Hwa Sun (Played by Kim Ok Bin)

Lee Hwa Sun is a detective who was married, but suddenly one day, her husband was murdered. She knew the girl who was behind it and was trying to chase her. The girl was a serial killer who used to kill people after injecting them. She puts a mask over their head and draws a face with a red lipstick.

While chasing that girl she met a person who suddenly came in front of her. That person was a zombie, and then the zombies started to increase in numbers. She started to protect some people while protecting herself, still while trying to find the girl behind her husband's murder.

She went to take shelter inside a school and started helping the school by risking her life to bring the much needed medical supplies.

She once went in front of the dark hole and the smoke did go into her nose but she was able to suppress its control because she had people around her that didn't want her to change.

Yoo Tae Han (Played by Lee Joon Hyuk)

Yoo Tae Han was a police officer, but due to allegations against him that he received bribes from people, he was fired.

After that he decided to start a tow truck business wherein he used to go and pick up cars that were in an accident. He even had a little brother who died in an accident.

He ran the business with his close friend Nam Young Sik. But, when his friend went up in the mountains, the black smoke entered his nose and he became a zombie. After that, even his friend died.

He went to take shelter inside the hospital and started helping other survivors who were outside the hospital or those who had an emergency.

Choi Seung Tae (Played by Park Keun Rok)

He is a teacher at Mujishi High School. His father is the director of the school and he suppresses him and is always against him.

Choi Seung Tae wanted to save all the people so he made an announcement, telling everyone to come to the school for shelter. But his father got angry at him and broke the announcement system.

He is a teacher who likes to help every person in such a situation without fearing for his own life.

Park Soon Il (Played by Im Won Hee)

He is a police officer who works at the same station where Yoo Tae Han used to work. Yes, he is Tae Han's sunbae.

He took lots of loans from a money lender and is not capable of paying them back. So, the moneylenders surround him everyday asking for their money but he just delays each time.

He took a shelter at the hospital and along with Tae Han went to help needy people.

Kim Seon Nyeo (Played by Song Sang Eun)

She was a Shaman. Shamans have a ritual in which they dance on some blades, and one day while dancing on the blades, her feet got stabbed. From then on she started to disregard her deity.

After that, people started to turn into zombies and she discovered the dark hole. From then on, she found a new deity to worship 'Him,' aka the monster in the dark hole.

She is also at the Mujishi hospital with Yoo Tae Han & started to make people believe her new deity. She keeps saying "Those who don't follow me will die."

She says that the deity tells him everything and that she was the chosen one.


Han Dong Rim (Played by Oh Yu Jin)

She is a student at the Mujishi high school. She was constantly bullied by her classmates but one day, the bullies took her in the forest near the dark hole and some of them inhaled the black smoke. She ran away and took shelter inside the school

She too went with Hwa Sun to take the medical supplies that were needed. Later, the school was completely destructed, so the people from the school went to the supermarket, but she disappeared.

After sometime she finally reached the supermarket but there Hwa Sun realized that Dong Rim inhaled the black smoke.

Jung Do Yoon (Played by Lee Ye Bit)

Jung Do Yoon's mother used to work as a nurse at the Mujhishi Hospital. She used to stay home alone while her mother was at the hospital.

But suddenly, one day, the zombie outbreak started and a zombie came in front of their house. Her mother told her to remain calm and still. At the time her mother was with Hwa Sun.

Later, both Hwa Sun and her mother reached there to help her, and while helping them her mother was caught by the zombie. After that she became Hwa Sun's responsibility and followed her wherever she went.

First of all, I am a lover of thriller/horror/crime/investigation dramas. So, of course, an upcoming drama in these genres would be on my list.  Secondly, if the cast list has Lee Joon Hyuk, then it's definitely going on my list. After watching The Kingdom, when I saw the zombie apocalypse as the tag, I immediately decided to watch it. The drama starts off with a really good plot. The first two episodes were wow. But, from the 4th episode onwards, it became kind of boring. That's mainly because they added a lots of elements in between. The main focus of the plot should be the zombie apocalypse, but in between they added elements of their personal lives. That's not a problem in itself, but dragging it on for too long is the problem. When I start to understand a character, they would come up with another character's story.

The zombies aren't shown that much as well; it's mostly the disputes between people in the hospital and in the school. They mostly talk about the black smoke which is good, but I want MORE of the zombies and the running away from them or fighting them. I have high expectations because of Kingdom, and I hope it gets better.


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