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Attention - Article Warning! The following article may contain minor spoilers for episodes 1-4 about the storyline, plot, cast, music, and diverse triggers such as emotional wounds, stress and depression.

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The Cast:

Cryssy Anne:  Chae Soo Bin as Han Seo Woo

I can’t believe how dedicated and versatile this actress is. This time she takes on the challenge as a classical recording engineer. She must have endless hours of practice for sound, tuning and listen to music constantly. Her bright and lovely smile will be forever engraved in my mind because even her most complex character was brought to life with a single gesture.

That’s a rare talent found into a diamond in a rough like Seo Woo will develop and bloom in the near future, despite all her previous setbacks.

Jung Hae In as Moon Ha Won:   This actor finally found his perfect fit into this role as an Artificial Intelligence programmer. Why is that? Because we’re finally able to see a wider range of emotions than his previous works, since it’s a new challenge for him with the unrequited love portrayal, that’s intertwined with the modern technology of decoding and planning in 3D. But will his character Ha Won be able to accomplish everything he plans in terms of work, and also free himself from the painful matters of the heart?

 Only time will tell.



Lee Ha Na as Moon Soon Ho:
At a glance, there is a lot that we could miss behind the persona of Soon Ho. She’s kind, helpful, puts her heart into plants and keeps them alive. She also seems to be innately curious when it comes to some matters. 

Feeling the need to escape her previous daily life and settle somewhere more city than country, she asks Ha Won to help her get to Seoul. She finds herself in a role much more technical than a gardener, yet similar in how she sort of help nourishing those who cross her path. Her new role is that of the owner at the classical music studio where Seo Woo had previously been fired from.

Kim Sung Gyu as Kang In Wook:  For those of us who were first introduced to Sung Gyu in Kingdom, this role may come as a very surprising one. He portrays a pianist overcome with guilt from something he did in his youth, which caused someone to get into an accident. The guilt from then only manifests into the present when he hurts the one person he cared about more than anyone in the world. Although we do not see much of him on the screen just yet, the moments we do are overflowing with emotion and a certain heaviness that is not easily portrayed on-screen, yet he does so wonderfully.


Cryssy Anne:  The story revolves around a passionate and talented youngster who dreams of soaring to higher goals in the AI industry. Even though he is well known in this futuristic field, he seems to have a deep wound hidden in his heart.  He longs for warmth and his first love, who shaped his entire youth with a span of 13 years! Like a fateful strike of lightning, life separates him from his loved one (Ji Soo), but somehow he gets to meet unexpectedly Han Seo Woo who is a lovely and lively girl on the outside but with deep-rooted scars on the inside. Will time really be able to mend their souls and refill the lost taste of happiness they both had, long ago? 

Hideyourheart:  Han Seo Woo is our female lead who exudes a lovable nature with a heart of gold. 
Though she deals with a painful past, we see her try hard to push through. A character who truly looks at everything outside of herself, all the while longing for a place she can call her own, and feel needed in. She not only feels very strongly for both Ha Won and Ji Soo but doesn’t miss a beat when either of them feels pain. Essentially, I have felt sort of like she represents some emotions that we, as viewers, may feel at some points. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

The plot:

Cryssy Anne:  This point gets even more compelling because everything in life is meant to have a purpose behind it all. What Ha Won actually intended to do was creating an advanced AI Device which has the ability to perfectly imitate the voice and personality of any person close to one’s own heart, for various reasons like the distance between the feelings of two lovers, that can suddenly reach to the dimension of a lost or “isolated island”; emotional issues such as anxiety, depression; or even for people who suffer from Alzheimer Disease. But his trials always seem to end in failure, until one day he meets Seo Woo, the girl who will slowly change his cold and paused world into a whole different Universe, that’s only waiting to be opened when she starts to lend him a hand.

 Hideyourheart: Seo Woo had originally become accustomed to not knowing whether she was needed or not in work, in her living arrangement and among those she knew. Although she treats everyone with a kind and caring heart along with a hard-working nature, she seems to wish to hear one word in return, but it never comes. At least, that was until she met Ha Won and Ji Soo. After meeting the two, her world drastically changes and for what seems to be… For both good and bad. With the help of the AI device that Ha Won has created; Seo Woo slowly begins to realize that her feelings and emotions are evolving into something called a “one-sided love”. 

This is a revelation that she wishes to keep secret, but what can she do when that secret is the reason this AI is opening up and becoming more of the ideal type that is needed during such an important “test” run?

Personal opinions and the music: 

Ha Hyun Sang - Slowly Fall Official Video (A Piece of Your Mind OST 1) 

Cryssy Anne:  This drama is a slow burn tale, I’m gonna enjoy thoroughly and remember it for many years precisely because of its unique concept, that shapes well with the casting and their excellent acting skills. There is not much left for me to say, except that “A Piece of Your Mind” will open up new horizons for those who are by nature calm and patient. All you need to remember is to start listening to this melody, and you’ll find yourself thrown into the never-ending cycle of unrequited, first love! Even for the people who are living at a frantic speed mode, this story comes as an unexpected remedy for the mind and soul. All the more reason to try and watch it!

Hideyourheart:  As of episode 4, I find myself completely entranced by the two leads as well as their journey. The pain from the second male lead is very moving, and my curiosity about the second female lead continues to grow. As a huge fan and avid lover of Jung Hae In’s projects - I find that this one may be very top tier and up in the top among some of his best. Chae Soo Bin began to awe me in I’m Not A Robot, and I have found yet another character that continues to move me in her struggle. Both main leads give such characteristics and emotions to their roles that it’s hard not to wonder where the time has gone while you’re watching an episode. I have to agree with Cryssy about it being an unexpected remedy for the mind and soul; on days when I feel frantic and like life is way too hectic - I tune the new episode, and I feel a sense of ease and calmness.

“A leaf, without anyone noticing, lands right on my shoulder. 

The Universe placed a hand on my body. It’s so light.”

Whatever you do, follow the inner voice of your heart, but indoors! 

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