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The Oddly Relatable Family K-Dramas

The term family has variant meanings in our lives, from strength to support to comfort to awkwardness to odd to relatable, some familiar other unfamiliar.

 And a combination of all these was  My Unfamiliar Family (MUF) a drama that caught everyone’s attention, making us cry and laugh while we anticipated the next twist.

If you are still caught in the essence of the drama, check out some other recommendations of oddly familiar Family Dramas.


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The Realistic Families


||My Father Is Strange and A Family’s Secret||

While one is a 52 episodes Weekend Drama (MFIS) the other is a 1 hour Drama Special (AFS). But both have the most realistic portrayal of a family. Parental responsibility, children's dreams, siblings relations and other common events in all families and, in the core of it all, is a family who is each other’s strength, sticking together through thick and thin.

If you had been missing the crazy sibling bonding from MUF, check out these two, which provides the perfect dose!

Not A Family But Still A Family


||Pinocchio and Jealousy Incarnate||

As the question arises in MUF: "is family are only those bound by blood"? Then, these dramas are the answer to it. A child going through unfortunate and traumatic experiences find his family in another household, where an elderly man, suffering from Alzheimer’s, believes him to be his long lost elder son (Pinocchio). With time, this fabrication becomes strong and sweeter than any real family.

Jealousy Incarnate, though mostly being about a love triangle and friendship, the other half of this show is about two mothers trying to gain back their daughter’s love, a theme very rare in dramas. The efforts and competition between the mothers for their daughter’s approval, being their bother in law (Jo Jung Suk) stuck between them, results in hilarious and emotional turns.


Check out these oddly different families while riding the emotional roller coaster.


How Far Would You Go For Family Families


||Sky Castle and Save Me||

The storm that shook up the whole Kdrama world, Sky Castle, is the ultimatum for how far would we go for family. To provide the best for their children, making them lead a “perfect” life, how far can they be pushed till it starts breaking families apart. Welcome to a messy ruthless family world. 

Save me shows how it’s not only parents but children also who keep a family strong. When everything goes dangerously awry, the daughter steps up to save her family, the two people who mean the world to her. A family drama mixed with thriller that keeps us on our toes.


Special Mention


||The Reply Series||

The Reply series envelops all of nostalgia, love, friendship and family. The roller coaster ride of the drama is among the best Kdrama series till now. Catch it up soon (if you haven’t seen it yet) or rewatch if you already know this Kdrama treasure.

Do you have a favorite Family Kdrama? Do you want to check one out from the suggestions?

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