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Hi guys! :) 

Today I want to introduce and talk a little about the new C-drama "Rattan". There are some episodes out already, but the official English subbed version started airing only recently on YoYo channel. ^-^ And since I'm currently watching this drama, I thought I'd share a few things about it with you guys. As I am writing this article, I'm currently at episode 4. Hope you enjoy it! 

Warning: This article might include minor spoilers of the first 4 episodes. I won't give too much away tho. ;)


Episodes: 30
Duration: 45-50 minutes
Aired: 8. March - 4. April 2021
Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance
Director: Li Mu Ge

The English subbed version is airing on YouTube from Wednesday to Saturday on YoYo English Channel with one episode per day.

The drama is adapted from the Novel "Si Teng" by Wei Yu.

Synopsis: Qin Fang and his companion travel to Darna to search for his benefactor. Due to some unpredictable events, he ends up in an accident and unknowingly awakens the demon girl Si Teng, who was hunted down and sealed in the forest many years ago. The cause of this resurrection leaves him no other choice but to help Si Teng live in this modern world and regain her memories. Together they start looking for answers, caught up in their own fate. Still curious? Check out the trailer: here.

Sally Jing as Si Teng/Bai Ying

Si Teng is a demon, also called a plant-alien hybrid. She has the powers to use plants (especially rattan) at her will, as she is half-plant herself. She lived many years ago and got hunted down by some kind of sect, called Xuanmen hunter. She seems to be very strong,  dominant and self-confident. But I bet she also has a very kind and generous side. I'm very curious to see more of her. :) 

Vin Zhang as Qin Fang

Qin Fang came to Darna to search for his benefactor. Apparently, he is an architect from the city. He is described as kind and tender, towards Si Teng he seems to be pretty annoyed tho. xD He might also be a little scared of her at first. But overall there is not much revealed about him yet. Neither about his character - nor about his relationship to the other introduced characters.

Zhang Yichi as Yan Furui
Latest heir of Xuan sect. Qiu Shan's apprentice.
June Wu as Wang Qian Kun 
Latest descendant of  Li Zhengyuan, related to Xuan sect.
Kanazawa Hao Kim as Zhi Gang 
Seems to be an acquaintance or friend of Qin Fang.
Daisy Li as Shen Yin Deng
Biu Pan as An Man
Shao Feng as Qiu Shan

And many more! :)

The Opening
One of the special things about this drama is definitely the aesthetics. Starting with the opening/intro, which doesn't consist of your usual pile of spoilers - instead, we got some pictures of very beautiful illustrations and photos, which are very pretty arranged with the credits. Here is an example:

The Location
Another very beautiful and pleasant views are the locations. The first few episodes are full of breathtaking sceneries, filmed in the Chinese Yunnan province. Filming locations were Xishuangbanna, Dali and Shangri La. Here some examples for you:

Another very beautiful thing is the OST "Falling Star" by Mian Zi. That's my favourite so far. :3

Check out the song: here.

My Opinion

I enjoyed the first 4 episodes a lot! :) The scenery is very beautiful and the plot seems interesting. It's funny, and I like the interactions between the Main Leads. Yet, I feel a little lost... There are a lot of things we don't know yet, that still have to be revealed. And there is pretty much going on so far - lots of characters. So sometimes I felt like "Who is this even?" or "What's going on? Is this an important hint I should remember?"... you know.^^ The background and the character of the ML are very unknown, too. Though, I like his acting a lot. Of most characters, we don't know the origin yet - or how they will influence the story. Of course, I have a vague idea, but I don't completely see where the plot is going - yet.^^ So I'm confused and curious at the same time. :) I think they might slowly reveal one piece after another for the bigger puzzle. I'm looking forward to that! Also, the FLs dresses look stunning! The location is very beautiful, and I hope they won't go to the "modern" city too soon. Can't wait for the next episodes. And I hope this drama can keep my interest until the end.

How about you? Are you also watching this drama or are you planning to? How do you like it so far? Let me know in the comments! :)

I don't own any pictures. The character posters are taken from the MDL site and all other pictures are screenshots from the actual drama on the official YoYo English Channel. Credits to the respective owners. Rattan png from here.

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