by Badass Bunny, January 18, 2019

We all love Korean TV series! We adore them so much, that we don’t mind to spent a whole day binge-watching this one drama, which makes our heart flutter and our cheeks red. Of course as your ‘partner-in-crime’ I also succumb to this craze and spend my free days watching dramas till my eyes literally shut down. 

But have you ever thought if it’s healthy?

I started watching Korean TV series when I was really young, well practically a small kiddo, who am I even kidding here! I spent hours watching them and my mom was for some then unknown reason very angry at me. At that time I was clueless and didn’t know why she was so mad, but as I got older I finally realized why she yelled at me, or showed displeasure in my watching routine. 

When I say that I realized it later, I mean really later….

Some of you might know that I am a nursing student, currently in my second year and I must say nursing school mostly opened my eyes to the anatomy and diseases of the human body. I am a very anxious person, so often I would do useless check-ups on me to verify that indeed I am okay! 

I am not okay.

Yes, blood screening shows how literally PERFECT I am, but honestly, don’t get fooled. Blood tests can’t really predict what might happen in the next twenty-four hours, so instead of being excited that your blood tests are good, think about your life-style first. Because guys, you have to make sure that the blood results will be awesome even at your next check-up!

Today I will tell you about the possible consequences your marathons can have on your body and trust me, even if your oppa is handsome, he won’t be able to save you if anything happens to you. 

1. Heart problems

Cardiovascular diseases are still trending in the mortality rate, which means that the percentage of people dying of stroke is really high. I know most of you must be shocked that heart problems made it on this list but it’s true. Long sitting can cause creation of a thrombus which is simply said a blood clot inside a blood vessel. Thrombus can be formed whenever our body is inactive for a long time and trust me it can be very dangerous. Imagine what would happen if this little blood clot blocked one of your main heart arteries. To prevent the creation of such a blood clot it’s very important to move around and when you do stand up after sitting for hours, please do it very slowly.  To prevent blood clots you can also wear compression socks, which medical staff uses on daily basis. It not only stops the creation of a blood clot, but it can also help you with your leg cramps! 

2. High Cholesterol

Earlier I talked about blood tests and it was for a good reason! In basic screening there is a tab for cholesterol and if it’s high, it’s not really a good sign. Some of you might have heard about the term LDL (low density lipoprotein) and that’s the cholesterol which can clot your blood vessels and cause heart problems ‘cause remember my number 1 up there? Yeah, these two walk hand in hand. I won’t lie to you, a lot of people have high cholesterol because of the food they eat. 

I know that a lot of people are struggling with diets and all the gym boom as I call it. I don’t expect you to all go to gym now, because I'm not fan of those either but let’s state a basic fact. When you don’t move, which you don’t when you are watching, your body doesn’t burn a lot of calories, thus your food might be digested slower and the ‘leftover’ energy can create fat. 

I know, it’s hard to not eat when you are watching some amazing Korean drama where the main leads are eating, but please be reasonable and ask yourself if you are really hungry! Also, even skinny people can have high cholesterol, so don’t think that you are an exception, okay? 

In the end of this point just remember to have a healthy balanced diet and ask yourself if you really need that ramyun when you are watching that drama. Don’t eat because others are, but when your body feels the need to do so.

3. Back problems

I think everyone could guess that this would be a point on this list. We sit for long hours, often changing sides or places, but still I highly doubt that anyone here is sitting properly. Honestly my back is ruined already and I am terrified and mad at myself. I sit hours translating mostly or watching and my back isn’t straight. Once I was on my shift in the hospital just sitting and one nurse asked me, if I don’t feel pain when I am always bent forward and my reply was simple.

‘’I feel pain when I’m sitting straight.’’

Indeed, I feel pain when I am sitting straight and my back is so weak that it can’t hold still in a straight position, it always forces me to bend forward, which is a very bad sign. Currently I don’t know what to do so if you have any advice for me, drop them in comments I would love them!

Guys, don’t be like me and sit straight if you decide to marathon another Korean TV series!

4. Dehydration

When we think of the word ‘dehydration’ we often imagine people in the desert dying of thirst, but the reality is worse and we often witness people having kidney problems, because they don’t drink enough. I am part of the community and I have a huge problem with drinking. 

I often find myself drinking my FIRST glass of any liquid in the afternoon and only because I remember that I have to drink. After years I stopped feeling thirst, which is very uncommon and mostly elderly people stop having such a need, but here I am young and already experiencing it. 

Guys, even if you are not thirsty I advice you to drink and at least get up to 1.7 L a day! Your body will be forever thankful to you. When you are sitting down always have a big bottle beside you. Most of us forget to drink because we are too lazy to stand up and get a glass of water. Don’t say  to yourself that if you drink, you will have to pee meaning standing up from the currently watching episode. 

Guys, do it for your body!

5. Obesity

This topic is sensitive for all of us and mostly for women I would say. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that it may have a negative effect on health. Obesity can be measured through the BMI index chart. As I said before, when you sit for a long time and eat a lot, your body won’t burn calories meaning you will eventually get fat. I won’t even sugarcoat it because obesity is each year killing hundreds. I’m not a model and skinny like those Korean actresses, so I’m not saying you should be 45kg. 

Obesity walks hand in hand with multiple psychiatric disorders so it’s not easy to treat. But whatever you do, even if you are obese, you should make a first step which is called ‘love yourself’. Because when you don’t take this step, the ‘transformation’ will be useless. Tell yourself that you love yourself but also tell yourself, that you want to live and be healthy. 

Your body wants to love you as well, so take this step together!

Mind and body are hand in hand towards health and beauty.