by Cryssy Anne, May 24, 2020

Colorful Throwback: When the Weather Is Fine (2020) 

Hello, dear MDL readers! This time let's have a look back, together, at the most meaningful moments and quotes from this heartwarming tale, that will refresh your soul all year round, not only in the winter!

   Warning: This article contains major spoilers up to the finale, episode 16!

Main Cast:  Park Min Young as Mok Hae Won "Irene"

Previously also known as:  I'll Find You on a Beautiful Day"Can I lean on you? To that place where you are."

No longer being able to cope with the tiresome city life and the emotional storm that's been slowly building up inside of her over the years, Hae Won, who is a beautiful and talented cellist, began to slowly lose trust in people, after others started to approach her, for various selfish reasons. Because of this, she ended up losing even her own way in life, not to mention her self esteem at some point and reached rock bottom. So, in hopes of finding some peace and setting the broken pieces of her soul back together, she ends up returning to the place where her roots are, the good old hometown of her childhood. There she reunites with an old acquaintance, Eun Seob, who is the owner of "Good Night Bookstore". His boring and mundane routine is about to be painted with different colors and emotions that come to life, when he least expected it to happen.

Seo Kang Joon as Im Eun Seob

"There is only one reason, why I like winter. The leaves that were covering my window have fallen, so I can see now your window across the street. And because of Christmas, and the New Year's day you...come back to this town and spend a few days here." 

"She is back." (Thinking to himself, then asking her directly.) "How long are you planning to stay this time?" What he didn't have a clue about, at first, is the fact that Hae Won was deeply hurt and deceived by other people repeatedly while working as a music tutor for cello in the heart of Seoul.  But something deeper was hidden underneath the surface...

Seemingly cold at first, he tries to distance himself from her, but his heart just won't obey him. The fuzzy and painful feeling of an unrequited love comes into the picture since he liked her ever since they were children, all the way to their high school days: "Even if she was right in front of me, I wouldn't be able to say it."  That feeling still lingers somewhere in the depths of his heart and he even dreams of her. She starts to make his life a little warmer: "I'm so happy you are here, Irene."

(Note: Even the most plain words are coated with hidden meanings, due to wonderful surroundings and the powerful acting skills, that make this story, a true hidden gem).

The drama embodies a way to mend your heart, that makes you want to start coming out of the bottomless dark into the endless, bright, warm and healing light. This aspect is reflected like a mirror in Hae Won 's message: "I know a warm person. When I'm next to him, I feel warm, like a  kettle on top of a stove. To be honest, I didn't even know I was cold. But I realized it when I came back home. That... I was really cold." (Here, Hae Won, indirectly refers to her dark past that once tied her down: her mother was imprisoned for the murder of her father. Thus Hae Won ended up living with her aunt since high school) It's obvious, that Eun Seob was the one who made her feel needed and loved since she started to open up her soul much more than before. Everything seemed just fine, until Eun Seob starts to hide away from Hae Won, because of the fear of getting hurt again, if she learned about his own buried secret: being adopted as a child.

Here is a meaningful blog post that summed up everything: "I was the son of a vagrant who lived in a mountain... and one day, I was abandoned. Although I don't think of that as a weakness, some people expected me to be hurt by it. Do I have to live a miserable and sad life as they want me to? I thought about it long and hard, and the answer was no. I realized there's no reason to be miserable...when I feel grateful to so many people."

"But... but the thing is, Hae Won...

...losing the sun that's been shining on me all along, having the light fade away and not being able to see the dazzling sun ever again. It would have been better if I never seen it. I know the warmth. That's why I'm afraid. Still, Hae Won...I like you."  Get ready to receive aunchanging miracle of love, that opens up a door, even to those who carry the most heavy heart on their sleeves.          

Some memorable life lessons that are engraved in this drama are these: 

Let me show you how I see your soul, through my own eyes...A deep message, worthy to remember it by.

1. No matter what heavy burdens your past holds if one person still accepts you as you are, with all your flaws, the hurt will surely go away someday. "All warm and sweet things always made me anxious. Once upon a time, there lived a boy who was hurt by people around him. So he started watching people through the wolf's silver eyelash. He wanted to find real people in this fake world." There would be no greater comfort or a bigger solace than this, if someone said to me these words, like Hae Won did for Eun Seob:  

"You were as cold as me. Can you come to me...and hug that I can hug you too?" 

(Note: Even a virtual hug is good these days, but in all seriousness, everyone needs to be really careful with the corona virus. It's a world wide crisis now)

2. Being braver with our own feelings: expressing the way we feel is never an easy thing to do, especially for those of us who are more introverted or shyer than others. But a very true aspect to keep in mind is that some things in life can remain forever unknown if we don't gather up to say them out loud, such as a sincere "Thank you", "I'm sorry" or even a warm "I love you". Be sure to grab every chance to say it, since life is always unpredictable and such moments can become even more precious or unforgettable...

3. Finding your own meaning of happiness:

For me, true happiness can always be found in the small things, since heartfelt words and warm hugs are far more precious than anything materialistic, money can buy.

Still, sometimes life can have detours just like it did for Hae Won, after she found out a painful truth about her past, that was like a double edged sword (to understand better, what I'm referring to, you need to see episode 14, 'cause I don't plan on revealing everything). Hae Won slowly began a journey to rediscover herself once more, though this  time it took a few years to come to terms with her newly opened up wounds.

"Happiness, it's hard to notice...and even if you do, it takes a lot of care and make it yours. Happiness, it's hard to get hold of...and does not stay with you for a long time. one can predict our future. I believe...that day will come."  "I believe it too. I believe that day will really come."

#StayatHome Take a few sips of a chamomile tea or something fruity flavored and enjoy this emotional roller coaster, along with some tissues next to you.  

"This sight. I don't think I can forget it for the rest of my life."

Goodbye, for now! 

 Thank you for reading! ^^

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I hope this article and story will bring some peace of mind to everyone, in these turbulent times.    

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