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Colorful Throwback: The King: Eternal Monarch 

Hello, dear MDL readers!

This time around, let's embark together into a journey that will lead us into a fascinating parallel Universe, where will recall the most enigmatic moments and touching quotes that fall down like the petals of a colorful flower! 

   Warning: This article contains major spoilers up to the finale, episode 16!

(With scenes included).

"Do you believe in fate? You can never know what will happen in life. But if there is a place you want to reach even if your life may be at risk, that is fate."

Maximus is stunning and lovely! 

The most trusted aid Yi Gon will ever have, right by his side.

(Note: The plot is mentioned in combination with the first character description. In this story, many actors play double roles, so I will offer a few details about their counterparts later on, as we go down through the pages. For now, let's continue further, shall we?)

Lee Min Ho as Yi Gon

"How many kilometers did I fall?"

Yi Gon is the third King, in the lineage of his family and keeping a prosperous reign for a modern empire,  the Kingdom of Corea, that seems to come alive out of the pages of a fairy tale, is not an easy mission to accomplish. Although being respected and loved by his citizens, at first, he hides his true self behind a childish attitude, being talkative and sensitive, towards almost to everyone that comes in contact with, except for the Head Court Lady, the person who raised him and his only loyal friend, the Royal Guards Captain, Jo Young, who knows his most deep wound from the past, ever since childhood: his father died, because of a plotted act of treason which was started by his own uncle. Shortly after that, he was appointed as the new ruler of his country, but as a way to avoid the hurt, that's been lurking in his soul all these years, he starts neglecting his own obligations for a way to find an answer to the question that's been on his mind, since forever: "Do you think it's here? The reason why I survived that day." Unexpectedly, one day while riding in a mysterious forest after following a suspicious figure, he discovers a bizarre gate, that actually holds the key to another different world: to be exact, a parallel Universe. And so, his true journey into the unknown begins...

(GF image credit goes to: liveasbutterflies on Tumblr)

Kim Go Eun as Jung Tae Eul / Luna

"I'm someone who still doesn't believe that the Earth is round."

Jung Tae Eul is a stubborn yet kind detective, with a fiery temperament attached, making her perfect for the job, especially when she has to go into an undercover mission to catch different criminals or gamblers. Growing up with her father,  while learning Taekwondo to protect herself, from the dangerous, outside world, thus biding up her own set of strong morals and beliefs. One or two down points about her would be she's too impatient about solving her cases and usually has a very bad habit of keeping a one-track mind when it comes to finding answers. One day, everything starts crumbling down, because she happened to meet Yi Gon, a suspicious young man with no definite identity. Will Yi Gon be able to make her see other colors in her life, other than black and white?

Woo Do Hwan as Jo Young / Jo Eun Sub

"Was it that day? The moment I didn't want my master to be lonely."

Being appointed by Yi Gon, to be his "Unbreakable Sword", the most suitable one to take on the position of Captain in the Royal Guards, Jo Young also became in time his most trusted adviser and a truly loyal friend, that would be willing to give away his life, in order to protect the one who always trusted him. Having a very serious attitude when it comes to duty and honor, Jo Young is not the type of person who has flexibility or humor in his conduct, but, often everything that seems out of place and has to do with his King, seem to provoke his inner feelings, right away, almost like a switch. That's not quite a bad thing in this case, but maybe in time, he will try to learn to be more expressive with his own feelings, when it comes to other people, as well.

Jung Eun Chae as Goo Seo Ryung / Goo Eun Ah

"I've got the best academic background and got the news at 9 o'clock as an anchor."

Being the youngest Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Corea, Goo Seo Ryung, has class, dignity, pride at a full scale and strong self-esteem. In short, all the qualities any successful career woman would desire to have. Still, don't get fooled by her pretty and alluring smile, because under this "mask" hide greater ambitions and a never-ending thirst for power, that manifests along the way:  having a long term crush on Yi Gon, it's no wonder she slowly started craving on the thought of actually becoming the Queen and creating her own empire. In the end, Seo Ryung's jealousy, blinded her, bringing out the worst in her.

Lee Jung Jin as Yi Rim 

"My nephew finally stands before the legend."

Yi Rim is the Emperor's half brother and an uncle to Yi Gon, who was repatriated because his mother didn't receive the title of the empress and died shortly after that. Feeling that all this was unfair, he began having a very dark mindset, because of the greed that started to grow in him, ever since the beginning, wishing to obtain unlimited power and even the eternity itself, by becoming a deity, himself.  In his vocabulary there nothing unjustifiable he can't do or make it up, if necessary, all for the so-called "greater view" he pictures in his evil mind: not only did he kill his doppelganger, from the moment he arrived in the Republic of Korea but also his own future self, who returned back in time, to warn his foolish past counterpart of imminent danger. This might just be the complex antagonist role, portrayed in the last 10 years. I am not exaggerating, because everything Yi Rim thinks or does, just sends actual chills down my spine.

Kim Kyung Nam as Kang Shin Jae

"It was a nightmare when I woke up from a nightmare."

Shin Jae is someone who did not have a good childhood because his father was arrested for embezzlement, quickly becoming poor, while always on the run due to the fact his mother became a gambling addict. During his teenage days, he met Tae Eul by chance, and since then he began to wish for a different change: training and studying he became a policeman, who got promoted faster, working eventually as a detective, in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. Being a fair person, persistent and blunt this job fit him like a glove, even though, he hides his growing feelings towards Tae Eul,  in hope to continue remaining friends, he had no way of knowing that his daily life, would change one day, in a split second.

The entire cast is here| "Come with me. To my world."

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol) | Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

(Side note: The most used filming locations were Gwanghwamun Square, in Seoul and the renowned Bamboo Ahopsan Forest, in Busan, among others. See this article, if you wish to know more).

Taking a leap of faith, while diving deeper into the volatile dimension of feelings.

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol) | Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

Get ready for some gorgeous, heart wrecking, yet sometimes cheesy lines:

"Because you existed somewhere, I was less lonely for the past 25 years."

"You've just became a reason. The reason why I should stay in this world."

“I thought it was a name that wasn’t meant to be said, but it was meant to only be said by you.”; "It took me a long time to realize this. When it's fate, there are no coincidences. Your fate is determined by the choices you make, but there are times when your fate chooses you...but I decided to love my fate, which chose me." 

"Tomorrow doesn't exist. That's why I hope today will be a very long day."

"We only live today, that's why I hold your hand."

"Say you won't let me go."

"I won't. I will find you no matter what. Just wait for me.""

"Please just be there, no matter where you may be."

"You are the one, for whom my heart lives for. I love you."


Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

"If I'm late, it means I'm on my way. I crossed the Universe for you. 

If that gate closes, I'll open all the doors in the Universe. And...I'll come to you."

(GF image credit goes to: moonsolVideo source: The Swoon, Netflix.

The meanings behind of a "Forget Me Not" flower would be the following ones:

True and undying love; Trust and respect; Remembrance during partings or after death.  

A long-lasting connection, through time, that can not be shaken or broken by anything or anyone.

Fidelity and loyalty in a relationship, despite separation or other challenges.


One of the poems that were featured in this drama is 

"Invocation" written by Kim Sowol. 
(Source: | Translated by David R McCann.

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol

Yi  Gon has one more identity as he is also the commander-in-chief of his Korean Empire. One day this role was put into action with the arrival of an unexpected war with Japan, which approached slowly but surely. My guess would be that Yi Rim, done something to influence this whole situation, be it directly or indirectly because as if he already knew something, says: "It seems that a typhoon is coming." However, elsewhere, Yi Gon began stating with a calm and composed manner: "If countries are honest with each other, there will be a war. If Japan is this honest, we should be honest…that we're not just going to stand by." Even though it was a dangerous situation at a large scale, he was more worried about the well being of his citizens, rather than his own safety: 

“From now on, I’m the only one who worries about myself. 

What you must protect is not me, but this sea.”

(GF image credit goes to: moonsol) | Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

(Note: This particular scene, strangely  enough, reminds me of the fairy tales and legends with King Arthur, I used to read once, as a child.)

Initially, all of us must have wondered about this: how it was possible for Tae Eul, to enter once again in Yi Gon's world and more importantly, why in such a hurt state? The answer lies actually right at the start of the story: Yi Rim was the one who kept on shaking the balance of the Universe, even more so, when each time he made deals with the doppelgangers, by replacing their original places where they once lived, in exchange for something, but his actual purpose was to gather more followers on his side, hoping to gain even faster the ultimate power to control everything and everyone. Be patient, you'll get to meet Luna soon enough. 

Comedic duo, with a one-man show:  Woo Do Hwan as Jo Young  / Jo Eun Sub.

One of the most comedic "teams" this summer. Everyone loves these two, and it's no wonder why! But first off, let me introduce to you, this time to Jo Eun Sub.

He is just an ordinary social worker, with a playful and really humorous attitude, but with no fighting skills, whatsoever. Pretty much, the complete opposite of Jo Young, because he is also quite goofing around while caring on his shoulders up to 62 dreams that he would like to achieve someday as he takes care of his lovely siblings. In short, an innate dreamer, with hidden passions, that are waiting for the right moment to be unraveled. So when these two finally get to meet, it's like two magnets start to pull each back and forth. Who knows? Maybe this time around, his next dream might just get fulfilled.

This is me, at this point, already crumbling with laughter in my room. Hahaha!

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol on Twitter)  | Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

The mystery behind the flute, Manpasikjeok. 

(Source: doh4dan on Twitter)

The legend of Manpasikjeok, a magical, ancient flute with tremendous powers, resides in the Korean Folklore, something that's engraved in their cultural heritage and even encountered in history, during the reign of the 30th King Munmu of Silla. (For more information regarding this folklore, you can keep on reading here and here). The aspects I've tried to understand at first, are already demonstrated through specific quotes, which will be mentioned later on. The mysterious Yo-yo boy is actually the flute, being is a personification in human form, that can manipulate time, dimensions and even rewriting fates, while modifying the memories of different people, only possible if he is in full form, but being cut down in half, during the coup, his power was also bound to be diminished: the entity cannot move as freely as he would have, between dimensions: 

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol

"I" m trying to restore balance." and "There is only one of me. I went to the other world...but "I also want to save myself and become whole." Even Yi Gon reaffirms it later on: "The time axis can only be formed when the Manpasikjeok becomes whole. With only half of it, I can only move laterally". Fate is usually uncontrollable, but in the presence of this God-like being, the fates of everyone are slowly changed each day, in an active way.  This means it's also an indirect reference to the Greek Mythology, mostly there 3 major figures: the once who creates the length of destiny, the other entity who spins it, and the one cuts a thread, but here it does not have the meaning of death as even the Boy said this himself: "I thought this would break. But it sprouted instead. Should I break it? Or should I let it be?" (referring to the course of fate between Tae Eul and Yi Gon). 

The Cinematography and Heartfelt Acting: 

"All those radiant memories are engraved deep in my heart." 

“Among 17, this is the 10th rule. Don’t get scared ahead of time. That hasn’t happened yet.”  

Every scene simply "shines like a jewel" so I will let the flowing images do the talking:

(PNG photo and the 1st GIF image credit goes to: moonsol(From the 2nd GIF image onward in this section are from here, here, here and here)

"I missed you so much."

"There's no way fate can be broken so easily. The larger the fate, the more you need to walk to reach your destination."

"Among real numbers, zero is my favorite. You have the nature of that number. 

Usually, a zero means there is nothing, but it’s actually a number of absolute power. 

It can nullify any number or take everything away from it. What makes money powerful is not the number at the front, but the number of zeros behind it. 

A number trapped in a root symbol can escape under only two circumstances. 

They need to have a square root, or meet the powerful number, zero. "

Some basic theoretical aspects, encountered in the drama.

1. Prime number and the exponential duration of time freeze.

(Source: apocalypse_chc  on Twitter)

2. The exponential increase of time freeze from the first moment it began and traced in Yi Gon's calculation, which is the second moment it happened afterwards.

(Source:  minhowluv on Twitter)

3. A more detailed explanation of the Euler's number of e - the natural language of infinite growth. (Video source:  Numberphile on YouTube  

I'll let you figure out the mathematical conclusions yourselves since I'm nowhere near "friends" with math, especially when it's about complex topics like this one. I prefer being honest since I've studied more in the foreign languages department. ^^ Still there one thing that stands out even to me: If either Yi Gon or Yi Rim passes through the gates of these both worlds, the time from one of them will stop for a moment. The only difference is Yi Rim had known about this rule from the start, while Lee Gon figures out this change in episode 7. So, even if Yi Gon wants it or not,  he is the only one who must stop the flow of these "cracks" of frozen time, or else, someday everyone will become solid statues, unable to move an inch, except him and Yi Rim. 

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol| Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

A doppelganger is someone who looks much alike to another person, a face double, so to speak, but they are not biological twins! Keep in mind this aspect: there are bound to exist some obvious differences.

(GiF image credit goes to: sofarawayinthemilkyway on Tumblr)

Luna is a lost soul without any identity at first, until she decides to borrow the name of a beautiful stray, alley cat. She is also the mirror of Jung Tae Eul, in the Kingdom of Corea, when it comes to appearance or even reflexes. But it's a whole different story, when personalities contrast come to light because, in fact, she is a wanted criminal: having a full record of theft, impersonating someone with a fake identity, and even murder. Why is she living so recklessly and in such a terrifying way?  Because she even said it herself once: "Do you know what's good about having nothing? I have nothing to lose." (Even her own life was reduced to only three months because of terminal cancer), still, I believe she was somewhat kind initially, but her environment and circumstances forced her to make some really bad decisions. Tough, at this point, her actions are unforgivable. It was even more unfortunate for her since she had no one by her side to guide her on the right track like Tae Eul had while growing up. But if I ponder a bit seems that the Yo-yo must have guided her in an indirect way, since they knew each other. I guess everything, that's written out in the stars, can only be truly changed if the human is strong enough in the face of danger, but as always it depends on how the God decides.

As for the hidden mystery behind the scars and the tales of other doppelgangers, I'll let you figure these parts on your own. I can't spoil quite everything since I already revealed a lot up to this point. :D 

 Let's end this small chapter, with smiles!  I won't forget these two fellas for a long time to come! Or should I say, this fella!? No idea, 'cause I'm still amazed by this wonderful performance... Hahaha!

(GIF image credit goes to: moonsol)

Here are my two favorite picks from the official released OST list, up until today.

A powerful melody that is gonna linger in your mind. 

Song: Orbit by Hwasa (화사)  OST Part 2 

 Official Music Video in the image below. Spoilers are included!

(Source: Stone Music Entertainment) | English lyrics are here.

Versus an emotional track that will move your soul...

Please Don't Cry by Davichi (다비치) OST Part 6.

Official audio in the image below.

(Source: Davichi (다비치| English lyrics are here.

The entire official audio playlist from YouTube is here: 

[Stone Music PLAYLIST] 더 킹: 영원의 군주 OST 몰아듣기

Or you can choose any title you'd like to hear, 'cause the timestamps are here

0:00  Zion.T – I Just Want To Stay With You

3:29 화사 (Hwa Sa) – Orbit

6:35 김종완 (NELL) – 연 (Gravity)

 9:44 용주 (YONGZOO) – Maze

13:27 하성운 – I Fall In Love

17:17 다비치 – Please Don't Cry

21:12 선우정아 – 꽃이 피는 걸 막을 순 없어요

24:45 폴킴 – Dream

28:49 개코, 김나영 – Heart Break

31:59 지코 (ZICO), 웬디 (WENDY) – 나의 하루는 다 너로 ���득해

35:40 거미 – My Love

39:59 황치열 – 모두 잠든 밤

43:41 임한별, 김재환 – 너는 나의 시작이자 마지막이다 

The entire official soundtrack list translated in English is here:  DramaWiki. 

The music chapter continues, see what I selected next, to flow with the mood of the article.

Click on the image below to listen to this amazingly romantic summer song.

Melody: Timeless by Landon Austin (Official Lyrics Video) 

  This photo was found hereLoosely inspired by my own previous article

"Feel free to rave on or criticize a drama, but never a person, no matter who that is."  

(Quote by Hessa, MDL Staff)  

Every story is bound to have good and bad parts, so here is a friendly advise: start any drama you would like to see, with low expectations and you might end up liking it in the end. Anyway, I hope my article was able to disperse some confusions many of us had along the way. With that being said, I'm patiently waiting for your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

#StayAtHome "No matter what kind of a door opens before us in life...And even if the moments we share make us sad at times, I wish to be able to love tirelessly."  

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Click on the second image, for a  surprise with quotes, from every story written by Kim Eun Sook.
(GiF images credit goes to: gimme-a-chocolate on Tumblr) | Video source in the 2nd GIF: The Swoon, Netflix.

 Video source: The Swoon, Netflix.

(GiF image credit goes to: moonsol on Twitter

Behind the scenes.

A special message from BTS for present or even future graduates. 

How I'd wish I would have heard such an inspirational speech during my graduation day...

All the more reason to be worthy of sharing, for more of you, to hear it out! 

Goodbye for now, and thank you for stopping by! 

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