by Ankita, November 19, 2018

Kids! Today's lesson is about human physiology. We will learn about the outer parts of your body because let's be honest, no one cares about how you are inside. So let's dig into the most superficial part of biology.

Let's start with the topmost part. Shall we? 


So kids! These are hair. They can be long, short, dry or amazing just like dramas. If you understand, now whip your hair back and forth, just like amnesia in 100 Days My Prince

Also, kids, if you ever wonder, how much hair is there on your scalp, just count the number of times female leads have fallen for a narcissistic, arrogant, rude prick. Because let's be a little practical here, girls love the guys who put them in their right place. Am I right girls?!


So, kids, this is called the head. This is the place most of the people have their brains. But not everyone, because as we know science is filled with exceptions. This brain is such a pushover, even after knowing about all the assignments due it is always bullied by the heart into watching the complete drama in over 24 hours. You can relate this to our favourite character Woo Bo-Young from A Poem a Day


This kids, is a pair of eyes. But honestly none of us have such pretty eyes now. Once upon a time we too had nice eyes but now due to our lovely hobby, they are just a pair of eyeballs lost in dark circles and perpetual exhaustion, just like Kim Hye-Jin from She Was Pretty. And just like her, you all are very pretty inside too so everything will turn out to be fine, only if you have a childhood friend of opposite gender who is madly in love with you. If not, you can lay your inner beauty right next to reality (in Korean dramas), both equally irrelevant. 


This is a nose. Now, preachers will tell you it has no place in other people's business. But remember - 








So, kids, noses should always be there where they are least needed just like our beloved Hyun Soo-A from My ID is Gangnam Beauty


This is a mouth. Usually, for your sake and for other people's too it should be connected to the brain before words come out. Alas! some people are just wired differently, kids. In those people, the mouth and brain are as disconnected as Bride of Habaek and entertainment.



This is a human arm. It is very long, almost as long as the Legend of Blue Sea. Just as the used, repetitive and similar plot of the drama, even arms are more or less the same in everyone, with no or little change.

Oh hell! Seriously, why didn't they name Legend of Blue sea as 'The Little Mermaid - Korean Reincarnation'? 


This is a palm. It is one of the most useful body parts. It has various uses - 

  1. When Bitch-Slapping a person 
  2. When handing over money to the boyfriend/girlfriend to them away from the love interest  (Usually done by a parent)
  3. Splashing water/coffee/kimchi/ramyeon etc
  4. Wrist grabs
  5. The awkward touching in the movie theatres when trying to eat popcorns 

Assignment for today - Whoever writes the most number of uses of palms will get an A. 


Legs can have many uses, but in this class, we only focus on the things that are going to help us in the real world. So the primary use of legs is running from your problems. Try to run as fast as you can. You might even escape them one day if you run as fast as time runs away from Shin Joon-Young in Uncontrollably Fond. (~Sorry~) 

That's all for today kids. I hope you do your assignment!