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If you are an Aroha (Astro fandom name), you know, obviously, the singer from the awesome boy band ASTRO, Cha Eun Woo.

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Lee Dong Min, known as Cha Eun Woo, born on March 30, 1997, in South Korea (23 years old).

Eun Woo made his debut as an actor with his support role as Ah Reum in the movie My Palpitating Life in 2014.
His second appearance was in the web drama To Be Continued where he along with the other members of his group ASTRO and the Korean actress Kim Sae Ron.
The drama is a teen fantasy story that tells the story of a male idol group ASTRO that suddenly slip back in time just one day ahead of their debut stage.


And there the debut of his acting career!! 

After his debut in the boy band, Cha Eun Woo has got diverse roles: support ones as well as main ones. 

His biggest hit was the adapted drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty where he acted as Do Kyung Suk.  A cold and intelligent handsome guy that all the girls fell in love with him. 

 But secretly harbours emotional scars from his unhappy home environment. He is indifferent about what others think; however, he does have a caring side with him. In particular, he does not care about beauty or physical appearances despite being praised for his good looks. 

The story is centered on searching for true beauty meaning!
Plastic surgery has become part of daily life in Korea. Anyone can easily find subway ads featuring images of women with big eyes and sharp noses. These ads also come with a message that says "you can look this way, too," in the country with the highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery in the world.

    (source The Korea Times)  

I liked the lesson from the original webtoon. After having cosmetic procedures to overcome complexes, Kang Mi Rae ( the female lead character ) has to face another complex because of her too obvious Gangnam beauty looks," producer Choi Sung-bum said at a press conference. "I hope to convey the lessons from the original webtoon through the drama without getting too serious."
Cha Eun Woo said "I hope that My ID is Gangnam Beauty becomes a coming-of-age story that stirs up viewers' heart-fluttering memories of campus life. Please look forward to the stories of realistic characters and the emotional growth of Kang Mi Rae and Do Kyung Suk, who will overcome their wounds together."

His breakthrough in this drama was incredible  that he won many awards in 2018, and here some of them: 

  • Best New Actor and Hallyu Star Award at the 11th Korea Drama Awards
  • Most Searched Rookie Idol Award at the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 
  • Male Idol-Actor Award at the Korea First Brand Awards 


More recently, Cha starred in the 2019 South Korean historical drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung as the male lead, Prince Lee Rim. His performance won him the Excellence Acting award at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards.

The story takes place at the beginning of the 19th century. Goo Hae Ryung is an intern to become a palace historian. However, it was not acceptable for women to write historical records at that time. She takes one step at a time to create her own destiny in Joseon, where Confucian ideas are deeply rooted. She wants to fulfill her duties as a historian and prove to the world that everyone is equal. Along with the fight of the female palace historians, the drama will tell her romance with Prince Lee Rim, who has a secret of his own.

For the first time, Cha Eun Woo plays a role in a historian drama. For his first experience, Eun Woo has done his best to succeed in his historical role.  He said, "I think that this is a character with many aspects of the personality." In particular, to have a perfect outer look suitable with Hanbok, Cha Eun Woo also shared,
"I went on a diet and doing exercises to look better in Hanbok as well as to display both the image of a prince and a lovely look. 
(source V Live) 

He plays the role of Prince Lee RimThe first son of the dethroned King Huiyeong Yi Gyeom and the real heir to the throne. Unknowing of his true lineage, he secretly works as a romance novelist under his nom de plume "Maehwa", does not involve himself in political matters, and regards his uncle, King Yi Tae, as his father and his cousin Crown Prince Yi Jin as his older brother. 

During the press conference, Cha Eun Woo was asked whether he felt pressure about the nickname "face genius," which refers to his stunning good looks.

Cha Eun Woo responded, “It does feel good, but I actually think that each person has their own unique individuality. When I was growing up, my mom would tell me, ‘You’re not that good-looking’ and ‘Don’t be vain.’ I think that everyone has their own taste when it comes to good looks.”

He added, “There’s an extrinsic side [to my character], but I hope that viewers will be able to see how Lee Rim grows and changes as a person too.”

(source: Soompi) 


Up to this point, the roles of the actors are still unclear and unspecified, and changes may occur in them, but according to the search that I've made and the article that I've read this is the confirmed cast for the adapted drama  True Beauty 

True Beauty is a famous Korean Webtoon the story is about a young woman who doesn't want to be caught without makeup on, and she experiences a heart-fluttering love story with a man who is the only one who knows what her bare face looks like. 

The drama will be directed by Extraordinary You director Kim Sang Hyup. The script will be written by Rude Miss Young Ae's Lee Shi Eun. 

Cha Eun Woo was offered the role of the handsome Lee Su Ho. He is a perfect man who is the top student at school. Although he steals the spotlight wherever he goes, he is not interested in anyone and is not amused by girls lining up to confess to him.

On April 23, news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that Cha Eun Woo had been cast as the male lead of the drama True Beauty. In response to the reports, Cha Eun Woo's agency  commented, "Cha Eun Woo has received an offer   in the drama 'True Beauty,' and he is currently reviewing the offer." After that, his agency confirmed his acceptation 

 (source: Soompi)

Moon Ga Young will play the role of the female character Lim Jugyeong  She is a high school girl who turned into a popular 'goddess' thanks to her makeup skills.
According to various media outlet reports on June 23,   Moon Ga Young's agency confirmed that the actress received the offer and said that she was positively considering the role. 

      (source: AllKpop)

Still, the role of Han Seojoon is unconfirmed.
According to the votes, 90 % of the fans want Know Hyun Bin as Seo Joon.

On Apr. 27,  5 actors were suggested that would be perfect for the role of Han SeoJoon: Kwon Hyun Bin (VIINI), Lee Jae Wook, Stray Kids' Hyun Jin, Lee Do Hyun, and Kim Young Dae. The fans voted for the actor of their choice. Looking at the result, Kwon Hyun Bin received 90% of the votes making him the undeniable most wanted actor for the role. He received a total of 95,180 votes.

(source: KpopMap)
Kang Soo Jin is the cool and feisty "goddess" of Saebom High School. She has both beauty and brains, and she is also from a prominent family. 
On June 24, an industry representative reported that Park Yoo Na would be playing Kang Soo Jin in the drama.
In response to the report, her agency commented, "Park Yoo Na was offered the role of Kang Soo Jin in True Beauty. She hasn't accepted it yet, but she is positively considering it."

 (source: Soompi) 

I'm really excited to watch this drama that it will air MAYBE in December 2020 (the airing day is unconfirmed yet). Personally, I'm satisfied with this main cast, just the role Seo Joon is missing, and I'm sure that a good actor will be presented for this role.  

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