by Ceki, May 1, 2020

Hi guys! This article is almost a year and a half late (lol), but I didn't want to skip it. I've decided to make a tradition of sharing my favourite dorama OSTs yearly, so this article will be just published, not featured.

So here are 7 songs that really highlighted 2018 in my opinion. There are fewer songs than usual, but I believe they are worth checking out, enjoy!

Sayonara Elegy by Suda Masaki 

Todome no Kiss

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Todome no Kiss was a very popular drama in 2018, and this song by Suda (who had a minor role in the drama) is a fast-paced and catchy rockish song. I liked it at first listen, so make sure to give it a try!

Hatsukoi by Utada Hikaru

Hana Nochi Hare

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It is interesting to note that this beautiful ballad by Hikki is her second theme songs for this series. She also wrote Flavor of Life for Hana Yori Dango 15 years ago. Nostalgic too much?

Prologue by Uru 

Chugakusei Nikki

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This catchy ballad was chosen as the main theme for probably one of the most controversial dramas of 2018. Chugakusei Nikki caused quite a stir that year, but I believe it was also one of the most popular and commented Japanese dramas here at MDL.

Shiawase tte. by Crystal Kay 

Daisy Luck

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Crystal Kay is known as an RnB artist, but she also likes to release upbeat pop songs. This is one of such songs, perfect for the summer. Daisy Luck is a sismance drama anyway, so it fits it well.

Don't Leave Me by BTS 


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You can't go wrong with BTS in terms of quality, and this is a great song for a strong drama such as Signal.

Lemon by Yonezu Kenshi


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With 550 million views on Youtube, this is probably one of the most-watched Japanese MVs ever. Yonezu Kenshi is also a rising star, and this song is a perfect fit for a unique drama such as Unnatural.

Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara by Ieri Leo

Zettai Reido 3

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I'm a huge fan of Ieri Leo's voice, and this upbeat song is really catchy. The third season of Zettai Reido wasn't really popular but give this song a try anyway!

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What are your favourite Jdorama OSTs of 2018?