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The first installment of my journey was recently published: Part 1!

Cheer me on as I continue my epic journey of watching every episode of Running Man. This article covers the years starting from 2013 up to 2015.

So what has changed for our members?

  • Yoo Jae Suk - during Episode 265, they took an IQ test where Jae Suk got the highest among the Running Man members. All categories of the test showed that he is well-balanced and well-rounded. His focus ability was the best. You should see how the rest of the members reacted to this. They hilariously protested! As for the rest of the members, Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Gary, and Ha Ha got the lowest scores. He has the guts to ask for the scores. It turned out Ha Ha got the lowest score. As a result, he was dubbed the official no-brainer member.
  • Song Ji Hyo - got scouted when she was working part-time in a coffee shop inside a mall. This information was revealed in Episode 263 when she, together with Lee Dong Wook and Park Seo Joon, appeared as guests. In episode 259, when Ji Hyo walked into the room and made her grand entrance in a skimpy black dress and full-on make-up, I was watching Jong Kook’s reaction like a hawk. He had his hand over his mouth in disbelief of how beautiful Ji Hyo was. Sometimes, being around these boys for five years already, they forget that she is a great actress and has a great and slim body. 
  • Kang Gary - In episode 266, when Song Ji Hyo kissed Gary on the cheek during a performance, the Monday Couple was rekindled. I am not sure whether to trust Jong Kook since this so-called gossip comes from his lips. In the same episode, watch as Ji Hyo became the newest member of the betrayal club! Plot twist!

    Running-Man-2             Running Man members 7012 - Kwang Soo, Jong Kook, Jae Suk, Ji Hyo, Suk Jin, Gary, and Ha Ha 

  • Ha Ha - got married on November 30, 2012. He is an ultimate fan of Michael Jordan and Bob Marley. He even decorated his restaurant in honor of Bob Marley. He found himself in a compromising situation as he had to choose between Michael Jordan or Bob Marley as his most favorite person. It was like choosing who he loves the most, his dad or his mom.
  • Ji Suk Jin - his address was revealed in episode 256 when his wife and son appeared as guests. He lives in Ilsan-dong Gyeonggi. His talent for freestyling songs and changing the lyrics is out of this world. He revealed in episode 260, the Millionaires Race, that he sold only 2400 copies of his album.
  • Lee Kwang Soo - As years went by of being together in Running Man, he affectional shows how he takes care of Ji Hyo and how he treats her like a sister. He orders food for her, gives her a towel and stuff. These gestures made some girl guests like Kwang Soo more since he showed his sweet and gentleman side. 
  • Kim Jong Kook - his idea of being sincere and caring is through his unending nagging. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry! Good thing he is cute. He was so funny during the Rival Race episode 275 when he mentioned Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho as his ultimate rivals. Oppa?!! Are you sure? Fighting!

Best Running Man Episodes of 2013

Episode 133 -134 and 136 - Macau to Vietnam episode

What is so great about this episode? Three words, Lee Dong Wook. He went with the Running Man team to Macau and even tested his fear of heights as he bungee jumped off Macau Tower, the highest in the world, to gain clues and complete the mission. Are you sure you are afraid of heights, Oppa? Ji Hyo, as well as Han Hye Jin, did the same. Well done! Another highlight of these episodes was the three-way tug of war game with foreigners. Both our Running Man team and the guests played so hard to win a golden sword at the end.

Ji Hyo-Dong-Wook siblingsSong Ji Hyo - Lee Dong Wook siblings 

Episode 135 - Jackie Chan, the treasure hunter!

Back in 2011, in Episode 72 -73, Jackie Chan only cameoed in Hong Kong. This time, our Running Man team was in for the pleasant surprise of a lifetime when he visited Seoul and played with the RM team in person! Choi Shi Won (Super Junior) also guested in this episode. I am still star-struck as I watched him jump rope in an acupuncture mat. Unforgettable!

Episode 147 - Running Man Athletic Tournament

Kim Soo Hyun made an appearance in Running Man for the second time. Apart from the guests being funny, the three-way tug of war and the spring-chair-swimming mission were epic!

Episode 162 - King of Idols

Some of the games were new and because of Jang Woo Young (2PM). Escape the cage, solve the tangram, and unlock the flag using the earned time.

Episode 166 - The Heirs

I am an avid fan of The Heirs drama and stan Kim Woo Bin, the reason why this made it into the list. One of the missions was to enact the water-splashing scene we often see in Korean dramas. I laughed so hard as Ha Ha and Kwang Soo went through the bit-part of the drama scene.

Episode 175 - Escaping

Who would have thought that our Goblin can do a variety show and comedy? It is the only appearance of Gong Yoo as a guest in Running Man hence deserving to be included in the list. He is definitely athletic and competitive enough to be in the show. Watch this episode to learn a different side of him. 


Will he be able to take a bite off the candy to earn him a point for the team?

Episode 178 - Year-End Special

Running Man made history by crossing the Han River in a boat made of cardboard which they constructed themselves. I have to admire their driving spirit. They never gave up! No matter how tiring it was to row the boat. A negotiation meeting also took place between the production team/writers and Running Man members.  They want some of the games abolished and changed. Can they win against Producing Director, Jung Cheol Min?

Best Running man episodes of 2014

Episode 182 - Hong Kong Fan Race

The missions and games from this episode were designed and conceptualized by a fan who resides in Hong Kong. Playing Janggi with a twist made the whole game exciting and awesome! The games were well-thought off and with a good strategy. It is one touching episode with a surprise at the end. 

Episode 188-189 and 191 - Adventures in Australia

I liked my visual as Rain and Kim Woo Bin appeared as guests in this episode. The segment with the kangaroos showed a softer side of Woo Bin that I love.

Episode 190 - Entertainment Versus Drama

It is one of the heart-racing Running Man episodes. I was literally on my toes as I watched all the RM members, as well as their guests, battle it out during the Firefighting race. Even from the very beginning, it was already an exhausting match! A well-deserved win. 

Episode 197- National University Race: King of Ddakdji

The magnitude of the Ddagji competition among university schools and students is just astounding to watch! The unexpected turn-about of winners keeps my heart thumping in excitement. It looks like a World Cup competition in Ddakdji.

Episode 200 - Dream Cup Race in Jakarta

Of course, I have to include their annual soccer game with Park Ji Sung. It looks like the Running Man team has improved their skills of the sport. Will they be able to hit a goal this time? 

Episode 222 - 223 - Running Wars

This episode is a battle between Martians and Venusians. One of the missions is to solve the puzzle. The first thing to do is to search for the food. I could not maintain a straight face as I stared at Kwang Soo's costume. It was just hilarious! While Ji Hyo alien ensemble with the purple wig/hair was cute! She even has to wear it after the shoot and take selfies in public places.

Best Running Man Episodes of 2015

Episode 228 - Weather Race

This episode was the highest-rated episode for 2015. Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won were the guests in this episode. She was amazingly agile despite her first time in a variety show. I cannot help but blush as Gary and Moon Chae Won were paired-off in the Pepero Game. 

Episode 234 - 235 New Year Cooking Battle 

The cooking battle, Iron Chef Korean Version 2015. It has been a year since the last cook-off where Jong Kook came out as the victor. Will he be able to keep the position? The race started from the deepest provincial forest of South Korea and then to the beautiful island Jeju, where tangerines and the finest quality pork are. The race continued to Thailand and finished off at the food haven Hong Kong. Although it is not the usual name tag elimination, the hardships they endured to acquire the freshest and the best ingredients for their secret recipe is the reason why these episodes made it to my best episodes in the history of Running Man.

Episode 244 - Dangerous Brides

I love both Jang Do Yeon and Jessi together. It was the first episode that Jessi appeared on Running Man. At present, she is the hottest rising star as a singer, rapper, musician, and variety show rookie. I was impressed by Do Yeon's impersonation of Jessi here. She is one talented comedian.

Episode 248 The Polar Opposites Penalty Race


Ji Suk Jin taking the cordless bungee jumping as punishment

To have the members and guests agree to the production team’s punishment and challenges is beyond belief. Nichkhun (2PM), HenryAmberKangnam (M.I.B.), and Park Joon (g.o.d.) were the guests in this episode. It is a heart-stopping episode indeed.

1st punishment - eating while 25 m up in a crane

2nd punishment - swim across the Han River for 30 minutes

3rd punishment - cordless bungee jumping

Episode 250 Dashing Through Time Race

Apart from this episode being way too funny, I love the intensity and thrill of the race. Not to mention Big Bang being their guests! Big Bang team, alongside Jong Kook, acted as gladiators from the Roman times while RM were big merchants from the Joseon era.  As always predicted, the big merchants will do anything to stop Mr. Capable and his team from winning. Kwang Soo's extreme efforts to win the water basketball game are unbelievably hilarious! My stomach hurt from laughing so hard! What started as a fan-idol episode became PG-16 in a second!

Episode 254 - Welcome to the Game World

Bring in the mudflat challenge! Pants falling and the members are ruthless, Ji Hyo is no exception. All the members with their guests enjoyed a rejuvenating time at the mudflat. Even ladies like Girls Generation lost their lady-like stance when a game on the mudflats comes to play. For the first time, a Pac-man game at the mudflats was shown and played. I was amused with the giant Tetris game too. 

Episode 264 - The Legendary Detective Race

Apart from my love of detective games, this episode is considered legendary simply because of Kwon Sang Woo. He seldom appears on variety shows. Also, this is his first and last appearance in Running Man. Together with Sung Dong II, both were so so funny and competitive. Prepare to be surprised at the end of the episode.

Episode 267 - 24 hour confinement Unamity Race


Teamwork at its best in Running Man

The production team thought of every minor detail from the ups and downs, the front and back, the reverse and verse. There were no guests. The only thing they need to do is to complete all three missions and escape. Being locked up together with a full hour until their next quest, I wonder how the members pass the time. 

Ji Hyo laid on the leather sofa and started coloring as she found some colored pencils and a coloring book. Gary joined her amidst the constant teasing of the other members. Later on, he moved to work on a jigsaw puzzle alone. Jong Kook found himself a book and started reading. Jae Suk, Suk Jin, and Ha Ha daydreamed. After a while of staring into space resorted to some indoor game of badminton. 

Our seven members have been running for five years now. Despite all the bickering week after week, it was moving to witness teamwork, trust with each other, and love as a family every episode. One cannot help but be mesmerized by how Jae Suk figured out the exact number in the last mission. Does he have telepathy power now? After what might have been like 10 hours, 16 minutes, and 40 seconds, the members guessed the correct number and escaped. It was a very touching episode deserving of a pyeong, pyeong, and another big heart. 

 Episode 271 - 272 - 100 Heroes versus 100 Running Man

For Running Man's 100th episode, the members were to invite friends willing to do the shoot with them and go against 100 Korea's finest athletes. In the end, after begging and toiling on the phone, they were able to invite 93 comedians, actors, and singers.

The two teams played dodge ball, rolled papers on the ground, and ripped nametags in one of South Korea's university gyms.

Episode 275 - The Rival Race Episode

It is a match between old and new rivals from different professions and fields. One of the guests is the ultimate Emperor Terran of the game Starcraft, the game I used to play with my college buddies. It is with that fact that this episode made it to the list of top episodes. It was so funny when Jae Suk and Jong Kook tried to act as game commentators. Jong Kook did not know anything about the game thus hilariously referenced Zerglings as moth and Terrans as robots! One of the intense matches in Running Man history. What is more intense and much to Jae Suk's shock is when Jong Kook mentioned that Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho are the ones he considered his rival. So funny!

Episode 276 - 7012: Seven Running Man Forever

The chase. The thrill. The codes and deciphering. The diamonds. This episode has all the elements. 

Episode 278 - 279 - X-man Collaboration Special

X-man was a Korean variety show where celebrities fulfill missions to gain clues to find out the secret X-man. A lot of steamy scandals about Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye back in the day. The Tarot card reading for their luck partners during games and fortune for the coming year 2016 is so accurate, your body hair won’t stop standing up.

Just a side note, because of watching Running Man for the last couple of months, I was pining for a lot of game and mission merchandise like:

  1. Mr. Pirate
  2. Lie Detector
  3. Djankji
  4. Toy Hammer
  5. Gonggitdol - jackstones Korean version

So there you have it, my list of the best episodes of Running Man from 2013 to 2015. I will never grow tired of watching every episode of this show. Therefore, I have decided to keep on running! See you in the next episode.

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