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News Diary For Navillera (2021)

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Also known as:: Nabillera, Like a Butterfly

Airs On:  Monday & Tuesday  | Country: South Korea | Duration: 60 minutes. 

It will also be airing with English subtitles in high quality on Netflix.

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(Photo and synopsis source: Netflix)

No matter what job or career someone has, everyone needs a strand of warm dreams to hold onto in life because each one of us feels the need to be heard out by someone in one form or another. That's how the story of Chae Rok began: a 23-year-old talented ballet dancer who starts to lose his wings and spark that once took him above the most amazing stages as a performer. Due to bitter and struggling situations, he also starts to give up on finding his way in life, because for him lately, everything lost its charm. When he felt more desperate, as one door closed, another two opened up, since he met a kind and unlikely mentor, a former mailman, now a senior reaching his third stage in life at 70 years old, Shim Deok Chool.

Instead, Mr. Deok Chool has never done anything for himself, even if he once dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer, because life always came in his way with different hurdles and challenges that were more pressing and urgent to overcome. In the present day, his whole family is well and stable but quite unhappy about his rushed decision to enroll in a ballet company in order to find his lost dream back again, and not letting anyone or anything stop him because for him, the golden time has arrived, be it now or never!

Song Kang as Lee Chae Rok

Making amends with your past and future is an endless cycle

because life continues with its troubles and joys, hand in hand.

��(Photo and translation source: Soompi and here)

According to the production team, Song Kang took lessons for half a year to prepare for his role in the drama.“While Song Kang was filming his ballet scenes, all of the staff on set stopped breathing”, they recalled, “and we were all drawn into his performance". His acting in the ballet scenes, which came about through an enormous amount of practice, is certain to shock viewers as well”. 

Praising this young's actor acting abilities, the producers continued to say, “Song Kang is pulling off the character of Chae Rok flawlessly, as though the character from the webtoon has come to life. We’re confident that [Chae Rok] will become the role of a lifetime for him”.   

Meanwhile, Song Kang said: “I’d been waiting for a warm and moving story like this, and then I happened to come across Navillera”, he recalled. “I’m learning a lot on set, and I’m really enjoying acting in the drama. There are times when I feel afraid or self-conscious because of all the overwhelming anticipation, but I want to keep going. Since I want to do a good job, I’m going to center myself and move forward”.    (Translation source: Soompi)

He added: “Chae Rok is someone who is bad at expressing himself. He started ballet at a later age than most people, but he has a lot of talent. He loses his way after his dreams collide with reality, but he meets Duk Chool, and slowly begins to mature. I had a lot of concerns about taking on the role of a ballerino. It was important to pay attention to the overall lines of the body. I watched a lot of videos and thought a lot about how to express these lines in detail.” 

(Translation source: Soompi)

Park In Hwan as Shim Deok Chul

Everyone has the power to fulfill their own dreams 

and when you have a strong will, no obstacle can stop you, not even your age!

 (Photo and translation source: Soompi)

Veteran actor, Park In Hwandeclared he truly felt like participating in this drama “At my age, my physical fitness and flexibility are lacking, so it was tough learning ballet”, he confessed, “but I was happy and grateful to be able to tell a warm story and emerge intact”. The process of gradual growth is evoked through different stages in this story, proved by one of his character's most memorable lines: “I, too, want to try flying for once in my life”. He added that he hoped many people would gain courage and joy from watching his character’s story".

He added: “I decided to do the drama to give other people my age the courage to pursue their dreams. At our age, our fields of work tend to become narrower, so this was a very fortunate offer for me. Ballet is a graceful, flexible mode of expression, but my body was stiff, and I found it hard to do it. I even thought it was impossible. But this drama isn’t about Duk Chool becoming a professional ballet dancer. It’s about the meaning of taking on a new challenge. I was embarrassed at first putting on the ballet clothes, but after a while, I got used to it”. 

 (Translation source: Soompi)

Hong Seung Hee as Shim Eun Ho

Breaking out of your shell and trying to spread 

your fragile wings to fly is never an easy task to accomplish.

 (Photo and translation source: Soompi)

"The granddaughter of Duk Chool, Shim Eun Ho, is a perfectly-behaved model student who has always done exactly as her strict, overbearing father wished. She has worked hard throughout her entire life to live up to her father’s standards, but as she begins to realize that there is no end in sight, she finds herself growing tired of living life trapped inside her father’s hamster wheel. When Eun Ho meets Lee Chae Rok, who is certain of his own dream and is determined to chase it, she gains the strength to break out of her father’s mold and finally take the reins of her own life. As Eun Ho’s father’s goal for her is to receive a good performance review from her internship so that she can get a job at a large company, the opportunity is both important and stressful for her at the same time."

The entire crew from this tender and 

heart-warming artistic production is included here: Cast

It's been a long time since I've seen something this cute and really touching: 

these official posters are gonna make you smile and feel good every time!

(Main poster and translation source: Soompi)

"In the newly released poster, Song Kang wears a cute pout—and a post-it with the message “Find Strength!”— on his face as the unhappy Chae Rok. Park In Hwan, on the other hand, is grinning from ear to ear as the beaming Duk Chool, who affectionately pulls his sulking teacher close. The producers said, “The poster gives viewers a glimpse of the close-knit chemistry that is unique to Park In Hwan and Song Kang, a new and unusual ballet student-teacher duo. We are delighted that the two actors’ cute chemistry was illustrated in the style of the original webtoon”.

(Second poster and translation source: Soompi)

"In Park In Hwan and Na Moon Hee's poster, the two actors show their characters’ 

warmth and faith in each other as a long-running married couple. Na Moon Hee holds Park In Hwan’s 

hand tight and says through the quote, “If you want to do this so badly, then I will cheer you on.”

In Song Kang and Hong Seung Hee's poster, Song Kang smiles subtly into the distance as Hong Seung Hee looks on. 

Both of them are on the cusp of their dreams but losing sight of what happiness means when they meet each other 

and feel inspired to take their challenges up again. The quote reads, “Is this, maybe, a date…?”

 (Third poster and translation source: Soompi)

A first look at this series is included in this short trailer with English subtitles:

(Photo and video source: The Swoon, Netflix)

The 5 minutes highlight trailer from TvN is here. Enjoy viewing it!

The producers commented, “‘Navillera’ is a story about ordinary people never losing hope, even amidst the prejudices of others, and rising to fly towards their dreams. The 70-year-old student and 23-year-old teacher will overcome their 47-year age gap and empathize with one another through ballet as they attempt to achieve their dreams. The coming-of-age story that they write together will be even more relatable and heartfelt than the original webtoon.” 

(Translation and photo source: Soompi)

Here is the official schedule from Netflix, that was released recently:

(Screenshot and additional information source: What's on Netflix)

Kindly, keep in mind, the dates might be different 

with various time zones around the world!

Lastly, here is the melody I selected for this drama's theme:

Song: Last Dance by Camera Can't Lie 

(Official audio source: Atlantic Records on YouTube)

"Everyone longs to be loved
What can I say to that?
But the door to the heart is open and shut
Like the warmth of your breath

Everyone longs to be heard
But we tend to get caught in the noise
Oh, what I'd give, how far I'd search
Just to hear your voice

If this was our last dance
I'd wait in the rain
Just to see your face
If this was our last chance
I'd ask you to stay
For one last dance..."

(Album photo and lyrics source:

Have a well-deserved relaxation and a breath of fresh air with Navillera!

 (Photos source: Soompi)

More details from the press conference are included in the source:

(The last photo source: Soompi)

It's said a picture is worth 1,000 words...

[This article was loosely inspired by my first Premiere Recap article that has a fantasy theme].

(GIF image source: gominshi on Tumblr)

A tearful and touching moment filled with memorable quotes!

(GIF image source: Tumblr)  

(Official video source in the 1st GIF: The Swoon, Netflix)

One more amazing scene is included in the following graphic image:

"You work so hard. You'll make it. Just trust yourself and keep going."

(The last GIF image and quote source: gominshi on Tumblr)  | (Official video source: The Swoon, Netflix)

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