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Hoppipolla Members Profile (Updated!)  

It's been a long time since I have written a fan guide, my last one was about the rookie actor Kim Dong Hee, and I invite you guys to take a look at it here, click the link below : 

==> Fan Guide To Kim Dong Hee <==

note: click at the name of the song to listen to it on YouTube.

Lately, during a discussion with a friend, I noticed that there a lot of singers that we've never heard about them or got the chance to enjoy listening to them but not their faces, singers that " some of them " are not that famous and popular. And that's the reason that I decided to make a series of " Fan Guides to OST singers " and the first singer that I'll introduce is a singer that I have fallen with his luxurious and sweet voice. 

No Jeong Hun is known as I'll 

Name:  No Jeong Hun 

Native Name: 노정훈 

Height:  181 cm 

Nationality: South Korean

Birthday:  November 13, 1994 ( age 27)

Brother: Noh Min Woo  

Instagram account: @i_ll13 

Web site: I'll artist  

Group: Hoppípolla 

 He majored in piano at the Boston Berklee College of Music

No Jeong Hun debuted as a  solo singer and song-writer in 2017, with the single album Maybe We Are, produced and arranged by his brother 

Are You There [Digital Single]

1. Are You There

Maybe We Are[Japanese Debut Single]

1. Are You There

2. I Don’t Want U Back

3. My Love, I Still

In 2018, he has made his single album To My Dear and his single Las Winter 그 해 겨울 ( my fav song <3) 

To My Dear [Digital Single]

1. Shining Love

2. To My Dear

3. Last Winter(Solo ver.)

그 해 겨울 [Digital Single]

1. 그 해 겨울

In 2019, I'll joined JTBC's audition show SuperBand and won with his band Hoppípolla. The band released their first digital single, "About Time", on November 16, 2019.

Original Soundtrack

Partners for Justice 2 (2019)

No Jeong Hun contributed to the original soundtrack of the drama Partners for Justice 2 for the first time  with a song called "Poison" written and produced by his brother  No Min Woo 

Vagabond (2019) 

In October 2019, I'll performed the soundtrack "Breaking Dawn" for the television series Vagabond. I discovered him through this OST. His voice is majestic and unique, no one can sing the way he does, I truly cannot find the right words to describe it. you should listen carefully to his songs and you will understand. The first time I listened to his singing, I really cried at that time ^^

Oh My Baby (2020)

 I'll has lent his voice to the original soundtrack of the tvN South Korean television series Oh My Baby; " Love Is All Around"

Zombie Detective (2020)

Lately, No Jeong Hun performed the soundtrack "Be Ok " for the Comedy, Fantasy, and thriller drama Zombie Detective  

I hope you guys will give I'll a try and listen to his songs and enjoy his amazing and angelic voice <3  



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