by Kairi of the Sky, March 19, 2021

It's SCARY. I know. Trying low rating drama is a RISKY and BOLD move because you will invest time and emotion. Even if it is your favorite actor, sometimes it's hard to push yourself to watch it.  Been there, fellow watchers, but it's such a joy when you find a hidden gem in those low rating dramas, that you will be rewarded at the end.

So grab your popcorn and give these low rating dramas a chance!

Note: I considered below 8.0 as a low rating drama.

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(For Historical Drama Lovers)

Rating:  7.7

"This is the story of Baek Gwang Hyun who was the first oriental medicine doctor who practiced surgical treatments while surviving on the bottom rungs of society, encapsulates the deep humanism that he practiced when healing patients."

Behold! Fellow Jo Seung Woo fans! This is a must watch historical drama for you!

I never imagined that a medical story in 50 episodes could be this good and intense without the many fight scenes that we usually watch. Horse Doctor was a hidden gem. Hidden from viewers because of the low rating. But if you have a little interest in medical drama or if you're just a fan of Jo Seung Woo, you need to watch this. Horse Doctor gave a pure and perfect story on how a young veterinarian became a Royal Physician in a world full of discrimination and where status in life was very important. 

Warning: if you are not used to watching a bloody and heart attack surgery, well you must prepare yourself. Well, I think it's not a problem for Historical Drama fans as it's normal to watch bloody wars.


(For Medical Drama Lovers)

Rating:  7.6

"This is the story of Dr Lee Kang Hoon, ambitious to become the director of his university hospital. He has sworn to become the best neurosurgeon in the country, that's why he is obsessed with success, which is probably his greatest strength since it makes him steely and fierce."

Dr Lee Kang Hoon portrayed by A TOP CLASS actor. A stunning performance by Shin Ha Kyun.

I am very blessed that I found and watched such a good drama. This will be, for a very long time, my favorite medical drama and the MOST unique plot and characters that I've ever encountered. 

Why? Because he's the guy that you expected TO HATE, BUT YOU CAN'T. His tenacity, confidence and ambition made him the best in his field. He's not the goody-goody Male Lead, but it's like watching and knowing the side of anti-villain. This drama is flawless and gave me a big lesson in life and career. It taught me that it's not always about being good, but you need to have a strong will to stay strong whenever the world pushes you to the ground and learn from your mistakes.

The Village: Achiara's Secret

 (For Horror/Thriller Lovers)

Rating:  7.8

"It is the story of Han So Yoon who discovers a buried corpse. As the townspeople speculate on the identity of the dead person and the reason she was killed, So Yoon and Police Officer Woo Jae attempt to find the truth."

When I saw the poster of The Village: Achiara's Secret, it gave me a weird feeling so I went with it.

It's rare for me to find a drama of the HORROR genre that can keep me engaged until the end. I thought The Guest was the only drama that could give me horror vibes. But, truthfully, this drama also scared the hell out of me when I watched it.

It gave me a creepy and terrifying feeling. It was a great experience because this is the first horror drama that I watched at night (yeah, I'm a wuss :)). The suspense was consistent enough until the end and I was satisfied with it.


(For Rom-Com Lovers)

Rating:  7.6

"The story of two politicians in different parties: Kim Soo-Young and No Min-Young. They begin to have romantic feelings for each other." 

I save the best for last.

Perfect punch of comedy, it's just pure entertainment.

I know why you are hesitating to watch this one. First of all, the poster is not that enticing, and the rating is really low for Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung fans. Or maybe you just don't like the political genre or story. Brace yourselves for discovering one of the best rom-coms out there!

As one reviewer said, All About My Romance is the perfect example of a rom-com done right.

It is so beautiful that it made my heart filled with happiness. The title speaks for itself. It's all about their romance and the political part was so funny that it became one of the ingredients that made this wonderful drama a perfect rom-com for me. Building the foundation of their relationship, mature ways to handle things, their chemistry, natural acts of love, all the problems and their fights were solved in a realistic way because they know that they love each other.

Even the supporting characters were amazing.




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