by lo_ve, February 16, 2021

B1A4's Jung Jin Young in talks to join the upcoming romantic comedy KBS drama "Police Academy".

Media outlet Sports Chosun reported on February 16 that Jung Jin Young will return to acting with the upcoming KBS2 drama "Police Academy". 

His agency BB Entertainment responded to the reports and stated, "'Police Academy' is one of the works Jinyoung is reviewing."

"Police Academy" will narrate the story of the growth and romance of youth set in the Police University. It will tell the story of a 19 year old boy named Kang Sun Ho who's not greedy for anything. He will discover himself, his dreams and love through his friends and the professor in the university, Yoo Dong Man.

If Jung Jin Young confirms his casting, he will play the role of Kang Sun Ho, a freshman at the National Police University. He lost his parents in a car accident at the age of 10 and has since lived alone. It made him mature much faster than his peers as he faced the cruel world alone. Years later, he's grown into a man who's not ambitious until he sees a girl bawling for not getting a gold medal despite having won silver.

Jung Jin Young will be discharged from the military on April 9, 2021. If he accepts this role, it'll be his comeback project after enlistment. After leaving his former agency WM Entertainment, Jung Jin Young is more active as an actor than a B1A4 member. He's known for his roles in "Love in the Moonlight", Netflix's "My First First Love" series, "The Dude In Me" movie and more. 


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