by lo_ve, January 28, 2021

APink's Oh Ha Young will star alongside Kang In Soo and Choi Jung Won for upcoming web drama "Love Trigger"

On January 28, producers of the upcoming drama (The Queen AMC and Mystery Friends) shared that they have finalized the casting for "Love Trigger". They will showcase a youthful romance drama.

"Love Trigger" will be helmed by actor Kim Seung Woo, who debuted as a film director in 2020. 

The web drama will tell the misunderstanding and struggles of a student seeking a job and accidentally loses her phone.

APink's Oh Ha Young will play the female lead role named Choi Soo Yeon. She is a bright college student who currently lives with his uncle. Choi Soo Yeon's parents passed away due to a car accident when she was still young that's why her uncle is the one taking care of her. Kang In Soo will be playing the role of a dashing cafe owner named Kye Han Sol. Meanwhile, Choi Jung Won's character Yoo In Hae  is a musical diva who treats Choi Soo Yeon (Oh Ha Young) like her own daughter.

This web drama will mark the return of APink's Oh Ha Young to acting since 2018. She has been busy with her individual and group activities as a kpop idol APink. She last appeared in the web drama entitled "Love In Time" with Go Yoon. Kang In Soo last appeared in the 2020 series "WISH YOU : Your Melody From My Heart" as a main lead. On the other hand, Choi Jung Won recently appeared on the variety program "Master In The House" to teach the members of the show about musical.

After the confirmation of casting, "Love Trigger" is set for filming. 


Are you excited to see Oh Ha Young in this series?