by Ankita, January 15, 2019

Well hello, people! 

Today your next door problem solver is going to solve yet another one of the most cribbed problem of yours. Yeah, you guessed it right, I am going to turn your non-watcher friends into K-Drama Watchers. [No credits for guessing the problem, unless for some weird reason you couldn't read the title of this article] 

We all know the feeling where we just want to discuss a drama with a friend but they are not a watcher, still, you try to explain the plot to them and fail miserably, internally thinking with every word you utter, that what you said sounds ludicrous but it flowed so well in the drama. Meanwhile, your friend is reconsidering their friendship with you.  It's an endless cycle. 

So, forget voodoo, this guide guarantees* a 100% success in converting your friend into a k-drama watcher! There are 3 ways to make this miracle happen -

* Terms and conditions apply.  


It is very important for you to introduce them to a drama that is a little short so that they don't lose interest instantly.  Lengthy dramas could sometimes become draggy and have a higher dropping rate.  A drama with 10 to 12 episodes is fine. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it should not be too short. Your friend needs to get accustomed to hearing the language and the multitasking of reading the subtitles and looking at the scenes. If they are too short, they might not get used to this and there's a high possibility they might find watching them tiring. 

So the secret is basically choosing a drama with a story so gripping, that it would make them overcome these problems. 

Here's a list of dramas in alphabetical order with 10 to 12 episodes which you can recommend to them. 

1.  Age of Youth


2. High-End Crush 

3. My Secret Romance

4. Nightmare Teacher

5. Orange Marmalade

6. Rich Man

7. Sassy Go Go 

8. Wednesday 3:30 PM 



Another way of making them interested is by recommending them widely acclaimed dramas. Go for the dramas with good ratings. Don't depend on the television ratings of Korea because many times a drama doesn't suit the tastes of the Korean audience, but works wonders for foreign watchers. It's better to recommend a drama with an 8 or above rating on online K-drama discussion platforms. 

The golden rule here would be always recommending a drama that you thought was a must watch, there's a high possibility that your friend would like it.  

Here's a list of recent popular dramas - 

*For reasons of their wide popularity, I am not mentioning the classics like Boys over flowers, Heirs, Coffee prince etc, because it's a given that they are included. 

These lists in no way are exhaustive, so please feel free to add dramas on. :)

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

2. She Was Pretty 

3. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

4. My Love from the Star 

5. Descendants of Sun 

6. Go Back Couple 

7. Goblin 

8. Cheese in the Trap 

9. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

10. Something in the Rain 


The third way you can lure them into this beautiful world of K-Drams is by recommending a drama with a great OST.  A drama with a good OST is going to make the experience even more memorable.  

Here are few dramas with OSTs that stand out. 

1.  A Poem a Day  

2.  Familiar Wife 

3.  Madame Antoine 

4.  Marriage, Not Dating  

5.  Uncontrollably Fond 

6.  Who Are You: School 2015 

7.  Goblin 


If no option works for you, stop trying.  Send a friend request to me, recommend the drama you want me to watch, and we can discuss it. :) 

I hope this article helped you a little. If you need advice on any other matter, feel free to leave a comment below and you could be responsible for the next article.